Mexican Car Insurance Coverage – San Diego to Tuscon to Rocky Point!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Car Insurance Coverage – San Diego to Tuscon to Rocky Point!

For those visiting Rocky Point (or the Baja Peninsula), a vehicle permit is not necessary. However, you still need to acquire a tourist card. Mexican car insurance coverage is now required for highway travel in Mexico.

Legal philosophy and insurance coverages

If you are driving in Mexico, your US or Canadian car insurance will not be valid. The laws and insurance policies are different in Mexico when it comes to car accidents. That is why it is important to have comprehensive Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.

If you don’t have Mexican car insurance, you can be detained (jailed) and your car can be impounded. You will also have to pay for any damages that you cause to other people.

Besides your ability to compensate others for damages you cause, another important thing is considered: your protection. This is why it is important to have quality Mexican car insurance coverage. Enjoy yourself with peace of mind on vacation!

Rocky Point Mexico, also known as Puerto Penasco, has a reputation for fishing and adventure along the Gulf of California. Located a mere 60 miles from the Arizona border, Rocky Point is a popular destination for those wanting to get away for a few days of adventure in Mexico.

For those searching for comfort, luxury hotels and condos are plentiful, and traditional RV parks and motels are also readily available. Just remember Mexican car insurance coverage is required for all driving on freeways in Mexico.

Things to Do

There are numerous entertaining things to do including, sport fishing Charters, Jetski Rentals, day-to-day sailing cruises. Scuba and Snorkeling, Whale and Dolphin viewing, Sailplane Flights are fun. Parasailing, ATV Rentals, and Horseback riding on the beach are local favorites. And don’t miss the shrimp burritos!


In 1810, the retired Lt. Robert Hardy of the English Royal Navy was voyaging by the sea-coasts of Sonora and Baja seeking pearls, ivory, and silver in the sailing ship La Bruja. He named the beachhead Rocky Point and it was identified on official marine maps as such until General Lázaro Cárdenas, president of Mexico in the 1930’s changed it to Puerto Punta Peñasco (Port Rocky Point).

During the early 1920s Americans traveled from nearby Arizona and California to find the enormous flying fish abundant in the nearby waters. For the regional fishermen, Rocky Point provided refuge from storms, thanks to “the hill of the whale” a natural point of refuge, and a beautiful inlet.

Mexican Car Insurance Coverage from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage from

Rocky Point Rally


Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net

We asked one client what he thought of buying Mexican Car Insurance from at one of the booths, gas stations, or roadside stands along the border. Mexican Car Insurance from policies are a far more efficient method of quickly notifying your insurer and distributing policies to you fast by Website, E-mail or by Fax so YOU BENEFIT.

This was Dave’s comment:

“I have “Mexico” vacationed since the 70’s. Most vacationers plan their trip, drive to the border and then remember that they need to by car insurance …then they proceed to buy their policy at the closest roadside stand. This is similar to purchasing groceries at Shell or 7-11. your alternatives are slim, and you do not have any way to figure out about the quality of the insurers that peddle at the border. It’s take it or leave it, the coverage is a la carte, who knows what you are really really getting, AND they somehow add extra FEES! It’s much easier to purchase online, before you leave home!”

San Diego, CA Resident

Also consider this: Whether buying from Canada, Illinois or San Diego, there is a LARGE difference between paper generated policies and Mexican Car Insurance from electronic Internet Policies.

Paper policies, are done in the old traditional way by agents throughout California, Texas, and Arizona in local insurance agency offices or at the border and mailed to Mexico, often through the regular postal US system.

Basically, a salesman will manually fill out the paperwork, make a trip to the post office, and mail your policy. In an attempt to reduce costs, it isn’t rare to see an office wait to send policies until they sell a substantial amount of them. Sometimes this means that (unlike Mexican Car Insurance from your insurance contract is waiting at the agency for a few days before it’s posted.

Next, it can take upwards to a week for the batched lot to get past customs and make it to Mexico City, where nearly all of the major insurers are located. Then it is processed by your insurer’s system database one at a time.

The real question is what happens if you have an accident and (unlike Mexican Car Insurance from,  the company doesn’t have physical evidence of your policy within their system? What happens if you have an accident on a weekend when almost all insurance agents are closed and the ONLY company able to respond is your insurance company?

Since you need to stay at the accident scene and report all accidents, and most vehicle accidents are adjudicated within hours, having physical possession of your certificate, which needs to be verified by each insurer, is important. Mexican Car Insurance from – Savings On The Net, Is Buying From A Website BEST?

Mexican Car Insurance from

Baja California, Mexico

Mexican Auto Insurance – Why Buy On The Web?

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance


Mexican Auto Insurance

Let’s Speak Spanglish

Mexican Auto Insurance  – Why Buy On The Internet?

And why is Mexican Auto Insurance indeed critical for folks journeying to Mexico? The trouble is, even with legitimate U.S. or Canadian coverage, no matter how comprehensive your coverage is, it doesn’t cover financial obligation security for the people or property outside your motor vehicle.

This explains why is it vital to purchase a Mexican Insurance from an officially licensed company with permission to conduct business in Mexico. Basic common sense would dictate you purchase Mexican Auto Insurance prior to entering the country, because you will have a better understanding about what you are getting and just as importantly, you can see what you are NOT getting.

For example, there are insurers at the border who sell annual insurance policies. What they may not tell you is that some policies have a provision which states that if you are in Mexico for more than 90 days within the annual policy period, the policy is void.

Despite the fact that Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store can not secured by vendors near the border, buying your insurance online and ahead of time can avoid unnecessary complications. It will save you time, money and frustration with better coverage and much lower fees.

You should ask yourself;

  • If I drive up to a booth with a nice vehicle, they will know I’m a captive buyer. Will the salesman increase the cost or adjust the Mexican Auto Insurance policy fee based on what they think I can afford to pay?
  • Did I buy the proper Mexican Insurance policy for my specific vehicle and my specific route?
  • Understanding Mexico Auto Insurance is a-la-carte, what do I need?
  • Understanding Mexican Insurance is a-la-carte, what is covered?
  • What is the worst actual exposure in Mexico? (Hint: Where’s my car?)
  • Does my policy cover the States I plan to travel in?
  • Am I getting value for my money, or am I being taken advantage of?
  • Why do some policies add taxes and high fees and others do not?

Purchasing Mexican Auto Insurance over the internet is easily the fastest, most reliable and convenient option. Web Sites with high rated policy choices and sites that allow comparing and customization of quotes are usually the safest, most affordable bet.

Mexican Auto Insurance Policies – Why Buy On The Web?

Baja Mexican Insurance Policy: Choosing Reliable Companies

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Insurance

Driving Adventures In Baja California

Baja Mexican Insurance Policy: Choosing Reliable Companies

To secure a good quality Baja Mexican Insurance policy, savvy travelers begin by reviewing a few Mexican insurance carriers’ financial strength and claims-paying ability as a first step and then comparing online coverage and rates that meet their needs as a second step.

Mexico practices Napoleonic law. You must protect yourself from the possibility of being “jailed” if you are found at fault in an auto accident. All US and Canada auto insurance policies have territorial exclusions for “Liability” coverage in Mexico. Most domestic insurers do not cover collision for your vehicle within Mexico.

Purchasing Mexico Insurance from an independently rated insurance company that combines adequate “liability” limits with value-oriented features and benefits is the goal when purchasing insurance for Mexico. This method is nearly impossible to apply if you buy coverage at one of the border sellers; however, it has been getting easier to research a policy that can be understood and purchased less expensively over the past few years. This is if you purchase coverage online over the internet.  Purchasing Mexico Insurance from specialists is best.

In fact, the best Baja Mexican Insurance policy deals are now online.

At a minimum, look for Baja Mexican Insurance policy companies with an “A” rating or higher. They need to be admitted and authorized to let you purchase Mexico insurance. If any website doesn’t show right on the opening page, their Baja Mexican  insurance policy is “A” Rated by A.M. Best in the US.

Mexico Insurance Companies

This includes Mexico Insurance Companies, and then you can bet that the website is selling policies from an un-rated or poorly rated insurance company. A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s (who rate global, foreign, and domestic insurers) are the industry standard rating agencies.


In fact, many insurance companies do business with other insurance companies (Reinsurance). The minimum standard for all but a very few insurers is an A.M. Best’s Rating of “A” as a MINIMUM. Therefore, when purchasing Mexico insurance, buyers should ask themselves a few questions: Can I buy coverage from an insurer who has an “A” rating for financial strength and claims-paying ability? Or am I being asked by an agent or a broker to accept an unrated Baja Mexican insurance policy?  Will they may pay the agent more commission to peddle bare-bones coverage?

Ratings matter

The size of any insurance company as a measure of strength or claims-paying ability is a questionable measure of fitness.) What is the usual response to this question when an agent does not wish to reveal the true nature of your risk? They say, “Why they are the first, second, third, etc., the largest insurer in (any country).”



First, look at the company rating ( “A” is Standard ), next to the Baja Mexican insurance policy limit and features, and finally, the price. This professional Mexico insurance purchasing method, will help you evaluate and compare rate quotes on a clear apples-to-apples basis. This helps you get what you pay for should you ever be involved in a car accident or lose in Mexico.

Baja Mexican insurance policy ratings are excellent because Mexican Insurance Store sells A or A+ independently rated insurance. In addition, each policy comes with Roadside Assistance at no additional cost to you.


Interesting Facts about Mexican Insurance For Autos

Permits Required For Your Mexican Trip

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

vehicle insurance

Seeing Mexico by car is one of the best ways to experience the culture and richness of the country. But if you plan to journey more than a few miles into the country or beyond the “border zone,” you will need a Mexico car permit.

The “border zone” is typically 20 kilometers inside the border, and cars can travel without a permit in the free trade zones within all of the Baja California Peninsula and the Sonora Free Trade Zone. However, since it can be easy to get lost in Mexico, and since you don’t want to be caught outside of the free trade or border zones without a permit, the peace of mind you get by obtaining a Mexican car permit is well worth the $29.70 (as of December 08) that it costs for the paperwork. Quality Mexican insurance is needed in order to keep you from being detained in case of a car accident.

Tourists traveling into Mexico by car will need to show proof of ownership, including the automobile’s registration and the title to the car. They might ask for Mexican insurance. The name on the title will need to match the name of the travelers, and a valid driver’s license in the same name, issued outside of Mexico, is also needed.

All permits must be cancelled when you leave Mexico, so be prepared to surrender the permit when you re-enter the United States. If you forget to cancel the permit, you may encounter trouble the next time you try to drive into Mexico. Also keep in mind that US and Canadian Auto Insurance is invalid and unrecognized in Mexico and because Mexico follows Napoleonic Law, you could be held until the damages you do to others are compensated. Mexican insurance online is the easiest way to meet this requirement.

Inspection of your vehicle may be required for entering the country. Most border locations have a traffic light system. If the light is green, you can proceed without an inspection. If the light is red, you will need to have your car inspected prior to entering Mexico.

Officials can also decide to inspect your vehicle at will. Keep in mind that you are able to travel to Mexico with items for your personal use only. Keep possessions to a minimum to avoid paying taxes on extravagances at the border. The basic necessities for travel – suitcase with clothing, toiletries, cameras, film, and computers can be taken across the border, as can a limited number of sporting goods and even alcohol for personal use. Any additional vehicles, including boats, dune buggies or ATVS will need car permits, as well.

Before traveling to Mexico, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the country and what you need to know when driving there. Be advised that guns and weapons of any type are not allowed across the border. Accidentally leaving a weapon in the car and having it discovered at the border could lead to a side trip to a Mexican prison, so make sure you are well aware of everything in your car before you make the trip.

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Permits Required for Mexico