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When most tourists think of Baja California, they think of Tijuana, the fourth largest city in Mexico, conveniently located just south of San Diego. There is a lot to do in Tijuana, but that city is only the beginning. If you drive just 90 miles south of the U.S. border, you arrive in Enseneda, a coastal that has been dubbed Cinderalla of the Pacific. If you have ever been on a Mexican cruise, chances are your ship took port in Enseneda. But it’s an easy drive from California, and well worth the trip.

Just don’t forget Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com! You’ll need good coverage because US or Canada insurance is invalid and Mexico auto insurance  prevents your possible detention in any at fault auto accident.


Ensenada, Mexico

Not only are the beaches of Ensenada a dream, but it’s a wonderful place for whale watching. The gray whale frequents the waters off the coast of Enseneda, making it a popular destination for naturalists and others hoping to catch a glimpse of this mammoth creature.

In addition to the ocean, Ensenada has beautiful forests and mountains, offering an infinite range of hiking and camping possibilities. You can visit the Catavina Caves and see primitive art from as long as 1000 years ago, or visit the areas many missions and view architecture from eras gone by.

Port of Ensenada

A large Mexican flag flying at the Port of Ensenada.

The mountains, valleys, beaches, and communities of Enseneda offer a wide range of sporting and outdoor activities, but Enseneda also has sites for the traveler who is looking to kick back and relax.

If you travel to Ensenada, be sure to stop by the Hussong’s Cantina, the oldest bar in the California’s, dating back to 1882. It’s a great place to kick back with a cold drink and absorb the history of Ensenada before venturing out to shop, dine, and enjoy.

For more information on Ensenada, visit www.enjoyensenada.com

Car Insurance for Mexico – An Online Guide!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

There are numerous differences between US, Canadian, and Mexican Insurance policies. Mexico practice of law dictates that only certified companies can provide liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage done to others. The Republic of Mexico has no policy that dictates insurers to be tested and ranked to evaluate finances or claims paying ability. Your US or Canadian policy may extend physical damage coverage within past the US border for a limited number of miles. (Most do not) Take a minute and check with your US or Canadian insurer before you leave on vacation. Insurers sell car insurance for Mexico on an a la carte basis.

car insurance for Mexico

Buy Car Insurance for Mexico from Reputable Insurers

Numerous unrated insurers limit coverage in order to appear to reduce price, as there is no standard policy coverage. It should not be surprising, that the insurers with the best reputation for paying claims fairly are companies with high ratings. (It’s also safer to buy from a Global Insurer) Claimants may file their claims for Property Damage to 3rd parties on an actual cash value basis. And this is guided by Mexican laws. Review Kelley Blue Book in the US for accurate Mexico vehicle valuations.

Auto accident

Questions You Need to Answer

To everyone insured, he must place the claim South of the Border for insurance coverage to apply. Mexican Auto Insurance, coverage, liability limits, and claims paying ability vary greatly between different insurance companies. You should inquire whether Legal Assistance, Bail Bond, or Roadside Assistance for no extra cost? Are large claims processed in the US? If so, this will make it easier on the insured. This is because there’s no more need to make extra visits back to Mexico to complete legal claims issues. Does your coverage allow you to repair your damaged vehicle in the US or Canada, as well as Mexico? Are you purchasing a snail mail paper policy from a neighborhood agent? or an electronic easily verified policy? Is the broker offering un-rated insurance company policies? This information will help you tremendously in the unfortunate event of an auto accident.

Most Mexico policies do not cover Vandalism or Partial Theft. However, some insurers include these in their better programs. Full Coverage includes Physical Damage to your vehicle. Hundreds of US brokers, filling station, towing companies and offer coverage at the border, but how many agents specialize in Car Insurance for Mexico and nothing else? Half a dozen ?

Look for Agents Who Specialize in Mexican Auto Insurance

For knowledgeable Mexican insurance information look directly for agents who do not sell Mexico policies as a sideline, but as a specialty. Many agents sell un-rated insurers who generally pay higher commissions? The only way they can afford to pay higher commissions is by limiting what they are covering, or by reducing or trying to skimp on claims.

As the economy proceeds in a state of uncertainty, it is most important to get good value for your money. And when buying a Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store you are buying from a financially secure insurer. You’ll benefit by buying coverage with an experienced specialist. Everyone is always happy and thinks they got a GREAT deal, until they have an accident!

Mexican Car Insurance and Why Ratings Matter!

Shopping Guide to Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Automobile Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Shopping Guide to Mexico

From pottery and ceramics to hand-crafted leather goods and art, there’s an abundance of shopping south of the border. Everywhere you go in Mexico, you can find interesting items and great values, particularly if you know how to deal with vendors and proprietors.

Here are some Shopping Guide Tips When You are in Mexico:

Just remember before you start buy Mexican automobile insurance as your US and Canadian policies are invalid. Mexican Automobile Insurance is now required in order to drive on highways in Mexico.

Plan to shop with cash, and don’t keep all your money in one place. Before you go shopping, break down your large bills into several smaller ones, and keep your money in separate pockets or places. That way if you barter with a merchant and get the price of something you want down, you don’t have to ask them to make change for a hundred when you go to pay for it.

Store of Mexican souvenirs

Mexico Souvenir shop

When shopping, don’t ooh and ahh over an item and then try to haggle for it. If the merchant thinks you really want it, they will be less likely to drop the price. A “I don’t care if I get this or not” attitude will take you farther than a “I really want this attitude,” particularly if your objective is to get the item cheap.

Vendors in Mexico expect you to barter, but be realistic. Offer 50% of the marked price and see what happens. Typically merchants will act offended, but they aren’t. It’s really just part of the game. Just be sure you really want the item before you start bartering, and know how high you are willing to go, because chances are, they will deal with you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to walk away if you can’t get agreement on a price. Many vendors will chase you out the door in order to not lose a sale, and it’s also possible you can find the same thing just a few doors down.

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Insurance For Canadians

Mexico Vacation Rental

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

US and Canadian travelers take extra care in choosing an insurer at home, but fail to protect themselves adequately while driving in Mexico on vacation or business. This is understandable because even the best Mexican Insurance for Canadians and US residents can be confusing.

Mexico applies Napoleonic law, so it is critical that you protect yourself from the possibility of being “confined” in case you are determined to be at fault in an at fault automobile accident. Every US and Canadian policy has territorial exclusions for “Liability” coverage in Mexico and most domestic insurers will not pay for physical damage to your vehicle while you are driving in Mexico.

In order to secure a good quality Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online policy, smart travelers should begin by reviewing the financial strength, rating, and claims paying ability of their Mexican Insurance for Canadians carrier as a first step and then compare coverage and rates online that meet their needs as a second step.

Buying Mexican Insurance for Canadians from a independently evaluated and “A” rated insurer who provides sufficient “liability limits” with broad features and solid benefits is the preferred method to buy Mexican Insurance for Canadians. The technique discussed is not realistic if you purchase a policy at one of the border sellers. Over the past 5 years it is starting to get easier to buy quality coverage that can be more readily understood and purchased less expensively if you buy Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online, over the internet, in lieu of a retail mall or border store location.

Look for an insurer with an “A” rating or higher (By A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s) who are also admitted and accredited to sell Mexican Insurance for Canadians coverage.

A.M. Best (ambest.com) and Standard and Poor’s (who rate global, foreign, and domestic insurers) are considered to be the industry standard rating agencies in the marketplace. In fact, many Mexican Insurance for Canadians companies do business with other Mexican Insurance for Canadians insurers and the minimum standard for most insurers is an “A” rating.

When shopping for Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store , you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Am I able to purchase coverage from an insurer who has a minimum “A” Rating for financial integrity and claims paying ability or am I being asked by an agent or broker who runs a website or local agency or booth to accept and purchase coverage from an unrated/not-rated insurer who has a weaker program, but who may pay the agent more commission in order to peddle their far less than the best coverage?

Keep in mind, annual written premium or the size of an insurer as a measure of strength or claims paying ability is a questionable measure of fitness. The answer to this question when an broker does not wish to reveal the true nature of your risk might be to say; “Why they are one of the largest insurers in Mexico. Size is only one measure. Claims paying reputation, quality of coverage and financial integrity are far more important then size. Remember how BIG AIG was?

First look at the insurance company rating (“A” is Standard Minimum Acceptable), next the policy limit and features, and finally the price. Using this purchasing method will help you evaluate and compare rate quotes and policies on a clear apples to apples basis and help you get what you pay for should you ever be involved in a car accident or have a loss.

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Online Is Found Online to save time, money, and frustration

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com for Travelers To Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com For Canadian Travelers To Mexico!

When traveling to Mexico from Canada, it’s important you create travel plans that avoid some of the common pitfalls visitors to Mexico often face. Aside from packing your bags and grabbing a map, knowing that your driving is covered south of the border can keep your expenses, stress levels and most importantly legal troubles down to a minimum. That’s why you need Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com .

The single most important fact Canadians need to know about driving in Mexico is that Mexican authorities do to not recognize foreign auto policies. This effectively means that if you choose to drive in Mexico without first obtaining Mexican auto insurance at Mexicaninsurancestore.com, you have absolutely no protection if an accident or theft of your vehicle occurs.

That’s why smart Canadians don’t risk driving without Mexican Insurance Online !

Buying a Mexican Insurance Online policy in Mexico is akin to buying water to drink in Disneyland – expensive. In addition to the unnecessarily inflated costs, you won’t have time to make sure your exact needs are covered. That’s why Mexico travel experts strongly suggest you obtain Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com online before your travel begins.

Buying your Mexican Insurance Online allows you to make sure you get the Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com policy you need at the best possible price. In addition, you can print your Mexican Insurance Online policy immediately, so there’s no question as to whether or not you’re covered.

When buying Mexican auto insurance:

– Make sure the company providing the insurance provides policies that are approved for use in Mexico like Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com policies listed here.

– Make sure you have your insurance BEFORE you decide to drive. We allow you to print your policy as soon as the purchase is made. No waiting on mail, no wondering if you’re covered. Instant policy coverage.

– Make copies of your policy and leave one with a neighbor or family member in Canada. Nothing can be predicted while on vacation so make sure someone not traveling has your policy number in case you need it.

– Avoid roadside policy sellers that inflate prices and offer bare bones policies that won’t cover what you need. All Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com policies are quite different and some shockingly so!

– Understand your coverage, what is covered and what is not and in what locations your coverage covers.

– Buy the policy regardless of your travel plans. The rates are so low, it’s best to purchase insurance even if you don’t expect to drive while in Mexico. You never know when the opportunity to explore more of Mexico may arise.

Canadians that drive in Mexico with Mexico auto insurance drive knowing they are protected in case of an incident. Those who have been in incidents, or who have friends with Mexican horror stories, know that there’s no better feeling than knowing the coverage is there when driving in Mexico.

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com for Travelers To Mexico comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com

Romantic Destinations in Mexico

Baja Mexico Insurance Cost – Avoiding Policy Coverage Mistakes

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexico Insurance through MexicanInsuranceStore.com

Mexico Scenery

Baja Mexico Insurance Cost – Avoiding Policy Coverage Mistakes

There are many differences between US, Canadian, and Baja Mexico insurance cost policies. For example, Mexico law mandates that only ins companies licensed and admitted within Mexico can provide “Liability” coverage protecting you against damages you may do to others. Mexico Law does NOT, however, mandate that Mexican Insurance companies be rated for financial strength or claims-paying ability!

Baja Mexico Insurance costs are more affordable online!

Claims for Property Damage to third parties are settled on an “actual cash value” basis, guided by Mexican Law. It may be important to understand that the liability insurance you purchase from any Mexican insurance company insurer will not respond to claims or suits brought against you in the United States or Canada for a loss that occurred in Mexico. All liability claims presented to Mexican insurance companies must be settled in Mexico for coverage to apply.

Physical Damage

A few US companies will extend physical damage coverage within a few miles past the US border, but not “Liability” protection. For this reason, it’s a good idea to check with your US or Canadian agent or insurer before you leave home for you to understand more thoroughly what is not covered.

Competitive Pricing

Baja Mexico Insurance costs through MexicanInsuranceStore.com are very competitive. Still, all Mexican insurance company policies are different. Nothing is standardized, with more than a few unrated insurers limiting coverage to reduce the price. Their obligation to pay claims as there are no “standard” Mexican Insurance company policies.

Annual Policies

For example, as unbelievable as it may sound, annual policies are still sold at the border today with an exclusion within the policy in fine print that limits an insured time to 90 days during any one policy year. Baja Mexico Insurance costs, rates, coverage, limits, deductibles, and claims-paying ability vary greatly among insurers. Is your agent selling un-rated or non-rated insurer policies? All Baja Mexico Insurance costs through MexicanInsuranceStore.com are affordable with independently rated A or A+ carriers or better.

Asking Questions

You should ask questions such as does the insurer include Legal Assistance, Bail Bond, Roadside Assistance at no extra cost? With good Mexican insurance companies, it sure does. Are the more serious claims handled in the United States, saving you the time, frustration, and expense of traveling multiple times to Mexico to fulfill your legal obligations?

Does your carrier allow you to repair your vehicle in the US or Canada, not just Mexico?  With MexicanInsuranceStore.com it sure does. Are you purchasing a snail mail handwritten paper policy from a local agent? or an electronic policy?

This knowledge will help you tremendously in the unfortunate event of an accident. Most “Standard” policies EXCLUDE vandalism and partial theft, but coverage can be added by endorsement with quality insurer programs.

MexicanInsuranceStore.com policies

MexicanInsuranceStore.com policies are written on a “named perils” basis, and “Full Coverage” includes physical damage to your vehicle, total theft, fire, and other perils. Dozens of US agents, gas stations, towing companies, and on and on offer coverage at the border, but you should ask yourself how many agents specialize in it? Half a dozen?

How many agents sell car insurance from non-rated insurers primarily because weaker insurers usually pay higher commissions? If commissions are higher than normal, how much premium is left actually to pay claims fairly?

As our worldwide economy continues in a state of uncertainty because of covid, it may be more important than ever to reduce your Baja Mexico Insurance Cost AND buy from a financially strong insurer. However, no matter how much you trust your agent, if they are placing your insurance with a non-rated carrier, you could be in for a surprise in the event of an accident.

You will benefit by purchasing Mexican insurance company coverage with an experienced specialist. Remember, everyone is always happy and thinks they got a GREAT deal until they have an accident!

All Baja Mexico Insurance costs through MexicanInsuranceStore.com come with roadside assistance at no extra charge.

Read more Baja Mexico Insurance Cost – Avoiding Policy Coverage Mistakes information here.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Mexican Insurance For Autos at MexicanInsuranceStore.com