Drinking Alcohol in Mexico – Mexican Insurance Exclusion

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Mexican Insurance ExclusionDrinking Alcohol in Mexico

Most visitors to Mexico are going to want to take advantage of the very affordable and sometimes unique alcoholic beverages offered in Mexico. While the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, enforcement is not nearly as strict as in the United States. Requests for proof of age are on the rise in Mexico; however, anyone that appears to be of age will likely not be bothered.

Drinking and driving is a very serious crime in Mexico and all (100%) of Mexican Insurance policies are invalid if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. You certainly do not want to be caught driving under the influence. Taxis are not expensive in most areas of Mexico, so be safe and take a cab if you have been drinking. The Mexican authorities have been increasing their campaign against drunk-drivers recently, and even the best quality Mexican Insurance will not help you.

Those caught driving drunk often face stiff penalties, including the prospect of prison time. Foreigners with Mexican car insurance coverage are not provided any leniency from the local police when it comes to drunk driving, so be safe and just don’t do it. If you were to hurt or kill somebody, you could end up spending the rest of your vacation or many weeks in a Mexican jail.

Mexican stores, restaurants, and bars are permitted to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, so you will be able to find alcohol at just about anytime. It is illegal to drink on the street in Mexico, but this is rarely enforced. You are most likely safe to walk down the street with a cold beer, just don’t get out of control or do anything stupid.

Most of us know our alcohol tolerance levels and can manage our drinking based on our past experiences. It is important to remember that many places in inland Mexico are situated at high altitudes, including Mexico City. Alcohol will have a much stronger effect on a person at these altitudes compared to drinking at sea level. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are from an area of low altitude yourself.

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Drinking Alcohol in Mexico – Mexican insurance policy exclusions

Mexico Insurance – Combined Single Limits Or Split Limits?

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Even among experienced Mexican insurance agency personnels, I find confusion reigns on the definition and application of the two types of Liability Limits. I see agents warning buyers to Beware of Split Limits as if we might need to wash our hands after purchase. Please note: This Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com article is being updated based on the new Fatality Compensation limits generated by the Federal 502 Laws in Mexico.

Mexican insurance reminder

Explaining Combined Single Limits 

Combined Single Limits i.e. CSL Limits of $50,000 or $100,000 apply to either Bodily Injury OR Property Damage. In other words, the maximum the Mexico car insurance company will pay for covered damages that have been deemed to have been caused by you, (your fault) is $50,000 or $100,000. The loss can be all Bodily Injury or all Property Damage or any combination of the two, but the maximum amount covered is $50,000 or $100,000 depending on the amount of coverage you decide to purchase. Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com Combined Single Limits help cover you against the new Federal 502 laws.

Mexico car Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com policy Split Limits such as $100,000 bodily injury per person/$300,000 bodily injury per accident/$100,000 property damage means that the insurance company is obligated to pay up to $300,000 in bodily injury claims depending on how many persons are injured and the extent of their injuries AND up to $100,000 in property damage claims.

So insider fans, hypothetically, which Mexico Insurance  limits would you rather have,

A. $50k CSL or B. Split Limits of $50k per person/$50k per accident/$50k Property Damage? My new preference at the bottom

TIP: We recommend a minimum limit of $100,000 CSL for all Mexico car insurance policies in case you knock heads with someone else’s brand new SUV, however as of 2013 you may need $300,000 or even $500,000 in the Yucatan or Nayarit especially because liability limits in case of a fatality have increased for dependents of the deceased.

My Preference: B because I would have $50K BI AND $50K PD, a maximum of $100,000 protecting against loss versus $50k to protect against all potential loss in example A.

If you are confused or unsure in any way about how much exposure you are willing to assume, consult your personal financial or legal adviser. The information above is meant to be used for general educational purposes only.

Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com

Split Limits Or Combined Single Limits?

!Mexican Insurance – Touring Mexico by Motorcycle!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

One of the best ways to visit and explore Mexico is by motorcycle. Some of the most stunning scenery is not easily accessible by car, but a motorcycle can take you down the beaten path and away from the hectic cities. For many riders, touring Mexico on a bike is an unforgettable experience. If you want to fully experience the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Mexico, a trip by motorcycle is ideal.

Unfortunately, many Americans fail to realize that U.S. insurance policies do not provide coverage for a trip to Mexico. Travelers to Mexico must plan ahead to protect themselves and their property. If you would not drive your motorcycle uninsured in the U.S., why would you risk not purchasing Mexican Insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com in Mexico?

Mexican Motorcycle Insurance does more than provide financial protection in the event of an accident. Obtaining coverage before crossing the border provides peace of mind. Some motorcycle insurance policies may even arrange to have your motorcycle transported back to the United States if it becomes inoperable or severely damaged. A comprehensive policy ensures you are protected from legal and financial liability should the worst happen. Plus, you will be covered in the event your bike is stolen.

Renting a bike once you have crossed the border does not exempt you from taking out a Mexico insurance policy. Mexican insurance is required for all vehicles operated inside Mexico, including rental cars and motorcycles. While you may be less concerned about damage done to the motorcycle because you have nothing invested in the bike, you will be held financially responsible for repairing or replacing the bike if you fail to obtain coverage. Attempts to avoid taking out a policy do nothing more than put you in legal and financial peril (jail).

As soon as you begin planning your Mexican vacation and set your travel dates, arrange for Mexico motorcycle insurance coverage. While the level of coverage you need depends on many factors, it is generally worth obtaining as much coverage limit as possible. It is important to shop around before agreeing to any policy, and to carefully read the fine print included on any policy documents before signing up.

Mexican Insurance Online is the best option for better coverage and rates.

Knowing you and your motorcycle are protected in the event of theft or damage to others will provide important peace of mind, enabling you to relax and enjoy your adventure in Mexico.

I Purchased Car Insurance For Mexico And I Had An Accident!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Car Insurance

A car accident in Mexico can become a costly nightmare if you do not have the proper documents. You should carry the following information with you.

Mexico Insurance Policy: You must have Car Insurance For Mexico by Mexican Insurance Store issued by a company recognized by the Mexican government. Additionally you should have a payment receipt, accident instructions, and ID cards to help communicate with your insurer.

Valid Driver’s License: The license should have your photo and match the name on the title or registration.

Vehicle Title or Registration Receipt: The title or registration should be up in your name or the insurance policy should identify the owner by name and the principal driver. Unregistered vehicles or vehicles with expired tags could have their vehicles confiscated.

Proof of Citizenship: Drivers License, Birth certificate, passport, or notarized proof of citizenship. (Must have passport in 2008)

Permission Letter From Bank or Lien Holder: If you do not own the title on the car, and you will be traveling beyond the border zone, (Approx. 70 miles from the border) you must have a letter of permission from the bank or lien holder for financed cars, rental cars, leased cars, or company cars (on company stationary).

Credit Card: A credit card, such as Visa or MasterCard,in your name.
Vehicle Permit: If traveling beyond the border zone, you must obtain a temporary import permit, and display it on your windshield.

Affidavit of Vehicle Return to the United States: If traveling beyond the border areas, you must sign an affidavit promising to return your vehicle back to the United States, and pay a refundable deposit.

In an event of an accident be prepared to do the following:

Do not move your vehicle until the police arrive.
Contact your insurance provider for Medical or Legal help and to report an accident.
Remain with your vehicle until the Adjuster arrives.

Complete the Accident Report.

Complete and sign a parts inventory form before having your car towed as things have been known to disappear.

You will need to obtain the following documents for insurance claims:

1. Police Report: A Copy of the original report filed by the appropriate Authorities.

2. Medical Report: Your insurance company will provide a form that must be signed by a licensed physician who provided the medical services.

3. Medical Invoices: Any invoice issued by the hospital, physicians, and pharmacy.

Finally, allow your Mexico insurance company to manage issues related to the accident. Avoid making verbal agreements or sign any written agreements with the other party. Most importantly, do not assume liability in the accident. Your insurance company will guide you through the claims process, and will inform you of any liabilities, if any, that you have incurred.

Mexican Insurance Policies – Why It’s Better to Purchase Online

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Many insurance salesmen still issue paper-generated Mexican Insurance policies the old-fashioned way. They usually do these in small neighborhood offices and sent using the snail mail approach. In other words, the agent fills out all the paperwork manually, goes to the post office, and mails your policy to the company. Many agents in order to minimize costs mail nothing until they can send 5 or 6 policies at one time. So it may delay your policy for a few days. You now need a Mexican Insurance policy in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Mexican insurance online

Male hand holding smartphone with car insurance concept.

On top of this, it may take up to 10 days for the batch to get past customs and reach Mexico City. This is where most of the major insurers are located. They will then process these policies into their master computer database manually one at a time.

What happens if you have an accident and the insurer doesn’t have evidence of your Mexico Insurance coverage? What happens if you have an accident on a weekend when almost all insurance agents are closed and the ONLY company able to respond is your insurance company?

The authorities may hold you until they can confirm that you have the means to pay for any damages. Thus it’s important for your insurer to be able to verify Mexico insurance coverage quickly.

Purchasing Mexican Insurance Policies Online is a Better Choice!

Electronically generated Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance policies are available to insurers claims personnel 24 hours a day.  People who need the insurance information may verify this information in minutes. This allows for quicker response & verification time while you are on vacation.

Mexican Insurance; Evidence of Financial Responsibility!

Ensenada Mexico Travel!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

When most tourists think of Baja California, they think of Tijuana, the fourth largest city in Mexico, conveniently located just south of San Diego. There is a lot to do in Tijuana, but that city is only the beginning. If you drive just 90 miles south of the U.S. border, you arrive in Enseneda, a coastal that has been dubbed Cinderalla of the Pacific. If you have ever been on a Mexican cruise, chances are your ship took port in Enseneda. But it’s an easy drive from California, and well worth the trip.

Just don’t forget Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com! You’ll need good coverage because US or Canada insurance is invalid and Mexico auto insurance  prevents your possible detention in any at fault auto accident.


Ensenada, Mexico

Not only are the beaches of Ensenada a dream, but it’s a wonderful place for whale watching. The gray whale frequents the waters off the coast of Enseneda, making it a popular destination for naturalists and others hoping to catch a glimpse of this mammoth creature.

In addition to the ocean, Ensenada has beautiful forests and mountains, offering an infinite range of hiking and camping possibilities. You can visit the Catavina Caves and see primitive art from as long as 1000 years ago, or visit the areas many missions and view architecture from eras gone by.

Port of Ensenada

A large Mexican flag flying at the Port of Ensenada.

The mountains, valleys, beaches, and communities of Enseneda offer a wide range of sporting and outdoor activities, but Enseneda also has sites for the traveler who is looking to kick back and relax.

If you travel to Ensenada, be sure to stop by the Hussong’s Cantina, the oldest bar in the California’s, dating back to 1882. It’s a great place to kick back with a cold drink and absorb the history of Ensenada before venturing out to shop, dine, and enjoy.

For more information on Ensenada, visit www.enjoyensenada.com

Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store Online Guide!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

There are numerous differences between US, Canadian, and Mexican Insurance policies. Mexico practice of law dictates that only companies who are certified and allowed can provide liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage you are deemed to have done to others. The Republic of Mexico has no policy that dictates insurers to be tested and ranked to evaluate finances or claims paying ability

Your US or Canadian policy may extend physical damage coverage within past the US border for a limited number of miles. (Most do not) Take a minute and check with your US or Canadian insurer before you leave on vacation. Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store is sold a la carte, with numerous unrated insurers limiting coverage in order to appear to reduce price, as there is no standard policy coverage.

It should not be surprising, that the insurers with the best reputation for paying claims fairly tend to be rated companies. (Its also safer to buy from a Global Insurer) Claims for Property Damage to 3rd parties are finalized on an actual cash value basis, guided by Mexico practice of law. Review Kelly Blue Book in the US for accurate Mexico vehicle valuations.

All claims must be placed South of the Border for insurance coverage to apply. Mexican Auto Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, coverage, liability limits, and claims paying ability vary greatly between different Mexican auto Insurance companies. You should inquire as to whether Legal Assistance, Bail Bond, or Roadside Assistance for no extra cost? Are large claims processed in the US, making it easier on the insured so that you do not need to make extra visits back to Mexico to complete legal claims issues? Does your coverage allow you to repair your damaged vehicle in the US or Canada, as well as Mexico? Are you purchasing a snail mail paper policy from a neighborhood agent? or an electronic easily verified policy? Is the broker offering un-rated insurance company policies? This information will help you tremendously in the unfortunate event of an auto accident

Most Mexico policies do not cover Vandalism or Partial Theft, but coverage may be included by with the better programs. Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store is written on a named perils basis and Full Coverage includes Physical Damage to your vehicle. 100s of US brokers, filling station, towing companies and offer coverage at the border, but how many agents specialize in Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store and nothing else? Half a dozen ?

For knowledgeable Mexican Insurance Information look directly for agents who do not sell Mexico policies as a sideline, but as a specialty. Numerous agents sell un-rated insurers who generally pay higher commissions? The only way they can afford to pay higher commissions is by limiting what is covered, or by reducing or trying to skimp on claims.

As the economy proceeds in a state of uncertainty, it might be most important to get good value for your money by buying a Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store from a financially secure insurer.

You’ll benefit by buying coverage with an experienced specialist. Everyone is always happy and thinks they got a GREAT deal, until they have an accident!

Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Shopping Guide to Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Automobile Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Shopping Guide to Mexico

From pottery and ceramics to hand-crafted leather goods and art, there’s an abundance of shopping south of the border. Everywhere you go in Mexico, you can find interesting items and great values, particularly if you know how to deal with vendors and proprietors.

Here are some Shopping Guide Tips When You are in Mexico:

Just remember before you start buy Mexican automobile insurance as your US and Canadian policies are invalid. Mexican Automobile Insurance is now required in order to drive on highways in Mexico.

Plan to shop with cash, and don’t keep all your money in one place. Before you go shopping, break down your large bills into several smaller ones, and keep your money in separate pockets or places. That way if you barter with a merchant and get the price of something you want down, you don’t have to ask them to make change for a hundred when you go to pay for it.

Store of Mexican souvenirs

Mexico Souvenir shop

When shopping, don’t ooh and ahh over an item and then try to haggle for it. If the merchant thinks you really want it, they will be less likely to drop the price. A “I don’t care if I get this or not” attitude will take you farther than a “I really want this attitude,” particularly if your objective is to get the item cheap.

Vendors in Mexico expect you to barter, but be realistic. Offer 50% of the marked price and see what happens. Typically merchants will act offended, but they aren’t. It’s really just part of the game. Just be sure you really want the item before you start bartering, and know how high you are willing to go, because chances are, they will deal with you.

Finally, don’t be afraid to walk away if you can’t get agreement on a price. Many vendors will chase you out the door in order to not lose a sale, and it’s also possible you can find the same thing just a few doors down.

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Insurance For Canadians

Mexico Vacation Rental

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Is Found Online

US and Canadian travelers take extra care in choosing an insurer at home, but fail to protect themselves adequately while driving in Mexico on vacation or business. This is understandable because even the best Mexican Insurance for Canadians and US residents can be confusing.

Mexico applies Napoleonic law, so it is critical that you protect yourself from the possibility of being “confined” in case you are determined to be at fault in an at fault automobile accident. Every US and Canadian policy has territorial exclusions for “Liability” coverage in Mexico and most domestic insurers will not pay for physical damage to your vehicle while you are driving in Mexico.

In order to secure a good quality Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online policy, smart travelers should begin by reviewing the financial strength, rating, and claims paying ability of their Mexican Insurance for Canadians carrier as a first step and then compare coverage and rates online that meet their needs as a second step.

Buying Mexican Insurance for Canadians from a independently evaluated and “A” rated insurer who provides sufficient “liability limits” with broad features and solid benefits is the preferred method to buy Mexican Insurance for Canadians. The technique discussed is not realistic if you purchase a policy at one of the border sellers. Over the past 5 years it is starting to get easier to buy quality coverage that can be more readily understood and purchased less expensively if you buy Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online, over the internet, in lieu of a retail mall or border store location.

Look for an insurer with an “A” rating or higher (By A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s) who are also admitted and accredited to sell Mexican Insurance for Canadians coverage.

A.M. Best (ambest.com) and Standard and Poor’s (who rate global, foreign, and domestic insurers) are considered to be the industry standard rating agencies in the marketplace. In fact, many Mexican Insurance for Canadians companies do business with other Mexican Insurance for Canadians insurers and the minimum standard for most insurers is an “A” rating.

When shopping for Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store , you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Am I able to purchase coverage from an insurer who has a minimum “A” Rating for financial integrity and claims paying ability or am I being asked by an agent or broker who runs a website or local agency or booth to accept and purchase coverage from an unrated/not-rated insurer who has a weaker program, but who may pay the agent more commission in order to peddle their far less than the best coverage?

Keep in mind, annual written premium or the size of an insurer as a measure of strength or claims paying ability is a questionable measure of fitness. The answer to this question when an broker does not wish to reveal the true nature of your risk might be to say; “Why they are one of the largest insurers in Mexico. Size is only one measure. Claims paying reputation, quality of coverage and financial integrity are far more important then size. Remember how BIG AIG was?

First look at the insurance company rating (“A” is Standard Minimum Acceptable), next the policy limit and features, and finally the price. Using this purchasing method will help you evaluate and compare rate quotes and policies on a clear apples to apples basis and help you get what you pay for should you ever be involved in a car accident or have a loss.

The Best Mexican Insurance For Canadians Online Is Found Online to save time, money, and frustration

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com for Travelers To Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com For Canadian Travelers To Mexico!

When traveling to Mexico from Canada, it’s important you create travel plans that avoid some of the common pitfalls visitors to Mexico often face. Aside from packing your bags and grabbing a map, knowing that your driving is covered south of the border can keep your expenses, stress levels and most importantly legal troubles down to a minimum. That’s why you need Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com .

The single most important fact Canadians need to know about driving in Mexico is that Mexican authorities do to not recognize foreign auto policies. This effectively means that if you choose to drive in Mexico without first obtaining Mexican auto insurance at Mexicaninsurancestore.com, you have absolutely no protection if an accident or theft of your vehicle occurs.

That’s why smart Canadians don’t risk driving without Mexican Insurance Online !

Buying a Mexican Insurance Online policy in Mexico is akin to buying water to drink in Disneyland – expensive. In addition to the unnecessarily inflated costs, you won’t have time to make sure your exact needs are covered. That’s why Mexico travel experts strongly suggest you obtain Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com online before your travel begins.

Buying your Mexican Insurance Online allows you to make sure you get the Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com policy you need at the best possible price. In addition, you can print your Mexican Insurance Online policy immediately, so there’s no question as to whether or not you’re covered.

When buying Mexican auto insurance:

– Make sure the company providing the insurance provides policies that are approved for use in Mexico like Mexican auto insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com policies listed here.

– Make sure you have your insurance BEFORE you decide to drive. We allow you to print your policy as soon as the purchase is made. No waiting on mail, no wondering if you’re covered. Instant policy coverage.

– Make copies of your policy and leave one with a neighbor or family member in Canada. Nothing can be predicted while on vacation so make sure someone not traveling has your policy number in case you need it.

– Avoid roadside policy sellers that inflate prices and offer bare bones policies that won’t cover what you need. All Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com policies are quite different and some shockingly so!

– Understand your coverage, what is covered and what is not and in what locations your coverage covers.

– Buy the policy regardless of your travel plans. The rates are so low, it’s best to purchase insurance even if you don’t expect to drive while in Mexico. You never know when the opportunity to explore more of Mexico may arise.

Canadians that drive in Mexico with Mexico auto insurance drive knowing they are protected in case of an incident. Those who have been in incidents, or who have friends with Mexican horror stories, know that there’s no better feeling than knowing the coverage is there when driving in Mexico.

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com for Travelers To Mexico comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican Auto insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore.com

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