Baja California, Mexico and Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance

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Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance

San Felipe, Baja California Scenery at Crystal Cove

Baja California and Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance

Baja California is actually in Mexico, the most northern and western area of the country. It’s home to both Tijuana and Mexicali, which contains around 75% of the population of the entire state. It’s one of the most visited parts of Mexico, mainly because it’s easily accessible from both California and Arizona.

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People love going to Baja because of its weather and its beauty. It’s entire west coast is along the Pacific Ocean, which helps keep the temperature from getting too hot or too cold. There are desert areas that still have vegetation, and coastal areas with lots of green grass, beaches, and mountains in the horizon. There are also lots of islands one can see along the shore, including Guadalupe Island, where people can see lots of sea lions. There are also areas along the Baja coastline where people can actually take boating tours and end up being next to gray whales and dolphins. Just dont forger t when driving in Mexico, you need a good quality  Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance, offering best quality Mexican auto insurance protection at affordable rates!

One of the most popular beaches in Baja is the Sea of Cortez beach, which offers two different sides to visitors. There’s the eastern side, which is less rocky, more sandy, and nearer the desert areas, which include mountains and sand dunes, and the western shore, which surfers love. That’s one of the strange and exciting things about visiting Baja; within minutes, one can experience all sorts of different environments and sights. Some of the world’s top golf courses are in Baja also, and will border both the Pacific Ocean and the desert. Loreto National Marine Park is also here, and it offers whale watching tours, sea kayaking trips, snorkeling, scuba diving, and camping and cave paintings tours. And while you’re in Baja, you can enjoy the sunset on the Malecon in La Paz, Rosarito Beach and its carnival attractions, the arches at Land\’s End, which are some of the most photographed landmarks in the world, and the rock gardens of Catavina.

And if you want to stay in luxury while you’re in Baja, there’s the Esperanza in Baja California Sur, with oversized guest rooms and views of the ocean, Las Ventanas al Paraíso in San Jose del Cabo, with many of the rooms containing Jacuzzis, and the Palmilla, also in San Jose del Cabo, one of the oldest five star hotels in Mexico.

And there’s plenty more in Baja. So, if you want to visit, give yourself some time to see it all.

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Visiting Mexico from July Through December

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Day of the Dead Parade in Mexico

Day of the Dead Parade in Mexico

Coming to Mexico during the second half of the year is even better than the first. Gone are the Spring Break crowds. While June and July are generally summer vacation season, from September through December; some of the best experiences learning about Mexican culture are plentiful.

While America celebrates its Independence Day on July 4th, Mexico’s Independence Day occurs September 16th. This is the day a declaration was given to express Mexico’s desire to be a nation free and independent from Spain. If visiting during this time, expect Fourth of July festivities, Mexican-style. Remember if you drive, a Mexican Insurance policy is necessary to prevent detention in case of an auto accident.

Held November 1st and 2nd, Dia de los Muertas or Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrating the lives of the dead. Street parties with people dressed in skeleton costumes are popular. This two-day party is to remember those who have passed away, and is often accompanied with festivities held in local cemeteries. Should you see a flowered wreath floating in the water, this was in remembrance of someone who passed away.

The holiday season in Mexico is a must-see for all travelers. Spanning the months of November through January, some of the most memorable religious events occur in December and early January. The celebration of Las Posadas recreates the search Mary and Joseph endured to find a place to stay. Las Posadas is not a one-night holiday, and each night the scene is acted until the couple is finally granted shelter. Regardless of religion or personal beliefs, visitors are encouraged to walk in the procession and take part in this experience.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico

Finally, Christmas in Mexico is celebrated on December 25th. While the day it’s celebrated is the same as America’s, Navidad, is truly about the actual meaning of Christmas; therefore no gifts are exchanged. So, if you still see presents unwrapped and stores selling seasonal gifts; don’t be alarmed. Gifts will be exchanged in January. For the time being, Mexicans reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

Cancun: A Must-See Photographic Journey!

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Another view of Cancun


Known for its white-sand beaches and ancient Mayan ruins, Cancun offers photography enthusiasts a chance to capture both natural and man-made attractions. One of the best places for observing the balance of both is found at the Bridge Panoramica’s observation tower. Here, local hotels and buildings are the backdrop against natural foliage and inlet waters.

After a warm day of photographing one of Cancun’s beaches, ancient Mayan ruins or other points of interests, capturing Cancun at night is twice as fun. The city comes alive with lights and people, from still images to those with colorful movements. Locations hosting outdoor performances and long-standing neighborhoods offer some of the best vacation photography.

Visiting El Centro

Visit El Centro just before sunrise or sunset to photograph many of the older buildings and still images. Here, each neighborhood is an individual square featuring quaint parks, historic buildings and educational signage. Learn about each location while capturing the soft glow of light from the sun against the buildings, or enjoy the greenery against the clearing sky by photographing one of the many parks after a rain shower.

For evening photographic journeys, explore the hotel district and locate a rooftop observation point. Plan your visit to arrive just before sunset and watch the skyline’s transition as the day gives way to the night. Cancun is unique because shades of red, orange, lavender and deep violet are all visible during this transition time.

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When finished, venture out on foot and photograph some other points of interest. Colored fountains and illuminated statuses offer contrasts of neon lights against the black darkness. If looking to be entertained while taking some great shots, watch a performance at an outdoor plaza. Here, native dancers will provide many opportunities to photograph Cancun’s people while learning about their performing arts’ culture.

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Mexican Auto Insurance – San Miguel Mexico Art Experience

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Mexican Auto Insurance – San Miguel Mexico Art Experience

San Miguel is an inland location, northwest of Mexico City. It offers visitors something out of the ordinary when it comes to travel itineraries. Relying on its years of tradition, the city entices art lovers to both enjoy and become part of the audience. From visual and performing arts to quick learning language experiences, there is something to see and do in San Miguel for everyone.

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If interested in learning Spanish, many language schools allow travelers to study local dialects. These institutes may be combined with other studies; particularly visual arts. If looking to undertake a long-term, learning vacation; accommodations very close to these schools house visiting students.

One of the most famous schools for travelers to visit is the Instituto Allende. Here, travelers can watch concerts, view exhibitions and sit in on lectures. Be prepared though, as most of the lectures are in Spanish. It may be a good idea to learn some basic Spanish first before enrolling in any program; with the exception of introductory Spanish language lectures/programs/schools.

Visiting other art schools allows travelers to watch students create paintings, make sculptures and weave textiles. These are all created using the same techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of these completed items are for sale in the school’s gift store, and if available, private instruction can allow you to make and take your own work of art.

As mentioned, most art today is made using long-time methods. Many older art; including ornate buildings has been renovated. When in San Miguel, be sure to visit some restored mansions to experience all aspects of life in colonial Mexico.

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Under the Spell of San Miguel de Allende

The Best Time to Visit Mexico

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Cancun Spring Break 2016 – Student City

If you are looking to visit Mexico and have your travel dollar stretched further, consider visiting during the off-season. Mexico experiences its seasonal tourist peaks during the months of July, August and September. It also has an influx of college-aged tourists during the Spring Break season.

Depending on whether desired, if looking to perform walking tours and outdoor activities; Mexico does experience noticeably cooler weather in the winter, but only in the northern parts of the country. Southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula maintain a rather constant temperature year-round. Also, if rain is a concern, the northern part of Mexico is much drier than the southern part.

Because many of Mexico’s attractions have been long-standing, visiting any time of year will ensure admittance. Attraction hours may be more limited during the off-season, but the money saved on vacation costs will allow travelers to mix more with the “real Mexico,” and experience its fine arts, foods, shopping, and sporting events.

Mexican football stadium

Mexican football stadium

By visiting during the off-season, travelers can take advantage of reduced crowds. This will help tourists get a better deal on most attractions and can help visitors score better seats. From viewing Mexican dances, films and musical performances, use this time to experience the country from a local’s point of view. This includes sporting events like Mexican Football, (soccer), baseball, and Charreada, the national sport of Mexico.

If able to, narrow down your hotel search to several hotels and wait to book them. You may be able to negotiate a great last-minute deal. Likewise, if looking for an all-inclusive vacation, price each item separately, as it may cost less to take advantage of off-season pricing. Book your stay for Sunday-Thursday and try to fly on a Saturday or on a late-night flight. By saving money and experiencing fewer crowds, your Mexican vacation will be twice as enjoyable. If you are planning to drive into Mexico make sure to purchase your Mexican vehicle insurance policy first before making the trip because US and Canadian insurance policies are not valid in Mexico.

Mexican Insurance – Mexico and Wonders of the World

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Mexican Insurance – Mexico and Wonders of the World

Because all but one of the Seven Wonders of the World have been destroyed or lost, a contest was devised where Earth’s citizens could vote on new ones. Mexico’s Chichen Itza, located in the Yucatan Peninsula, was one of the lucky winners.

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This site is representative of Mayan architecture and was home to worship and human sacrifice. In fact, one of the most reflective stops in anyone’s visit should be the Cenote Sagrado, or Sacred Well.

Because of the Yucatan’s landscape, the Mayans only form of fresh water was located in two sinkholes. This meant in order to keep the gods happy, the Mayans offered and sacrificed all of their riches, both human and material.

Probably the most famous landmark of Chichen Itza is El Castillo. If travel plans are flexible, try to visit this landmark during the spring or autumn equinox. Here, when the sunlight is just at the right angle; you may be able to see the shadow of a serpent making his way down the pyramid.

While there are other monuments and buildings located in the compound, some are open to the general public while others are only available to archaeologists.

When visiting any of the monuments, platforms or pyramids of these areas, it is important to note they are closed to the public. While visitors may take photographs and perform an outside walking expedition, any standing on or entering these ruins is forbidden; due to safety concerns.

If planning in advance, bring lots of camera film and stay as the sun rises from east to west. Photograph each monument several times during the day. Due to the effects of shadow and light, no two pictures will look the same.

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Mexican Insurance

Mexico’s Chichen Itza

Explore the Cenotes of the Yucatan

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Cenote Ik Kil

Cenote Ik Kil in the Yucatan of Mexico

If you’re looking to do something different in Mexico, why not do the Mexican version of spelunking and visit one of the cenotes, or underwater caves, of the Yucatan? There are over 3,000 of these caves, with some estimates going as high as 30,000 small cenotes, but more than half of them have yet to be explored and cataloged thoroughly.

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All cenotes aren’t necessarily underground. Some are visible, like sinkholes rather than caves, such as the Sacred Cenote at the pre-Columbian Maya archaeological site of Chichen Itza, in the northern Yucatán Peninsula. It looks like a mini-lake, only it’s almost perfectly round and sunk between rocks rather than land.

But if you can get to the underground caves through the Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll see history flashing before your eyes, along with breathtaking beauty and wonder. Most of these caves were formed when the water receded from the Peninsula, leaving behind caves that were formed by dissolving coral limestone, as the Peninsula used to be a reef. Many of the caves are full of both stalactites and stalagmites, and of course bats. In many of the caves, water has come back into them, leaving something that’s almost otherworldly different than what’s traditionally seen in the United States.

Herein are the most popular of the Yucatan’s cenotes:

Dzibilchaltún, 15 km north of Mérida, has ancient petroglyphs, is located near the Temple of the Seven Dolls, and is often used as a swimming hole for locals.

Xlacah, where more than 30,000 objects were discovered in 1958, many of them ritual objects associated with Mayan civilization.

Cuzamá, which has three cenotes are located near the village of Cuzamá, one of which, the Chelentun Cenote, has clear, blue water, with excellent visibility and lots of Stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Tunkas, which has 97 cenotes, but none accessible to tourists, and are only open to spelunkers and speleologists.

Mexico Cenote and caves

Scuba diving cenote and caves Mexico

Cenotillo, which has the most cenotes, more than 150, of all types, with the main cenotes being Kaipech, Xayin and Ucil.

Sacred Cenote of Chichén Itzá, which we already mentioned, and once was the site of human sacrifice. Human bones and jewelry of gold and jade have been recovered from its waters. Visitors are not allowed to swim or approach the waters here.

San Ignacio, more of a tourist attraction, as it’s been modified with lighting and music, along with many modern amenities.

Ik Kil, sometimes known as the “Secred Blue Cenote” because it has a 26 meters deep sinkhole with clear blue water, but also an area which allows swimming.

Zací, another popular cenote that encourages swimming in turquoise water, also has many stalactites and stalagmites and a rare species of eyeless black fish known as “lub”.

Dzitnup, which is an underground cenote with an opening at the top that allows sunlight in and illuminates the entire cenote.

Kankirixche, another cenote that encourages swimming, snorkeling, and scuba, with clear crystal water.

There are many other locations that have cenotes in Mexico also, so if you’re into caving in any form, Mexico has a lot to offer.

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The Sacred Cenote at Chichén Itzá, Mexico.

Romantic Mexico Vacation Ideas

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Tropical beach

Tropical beach setting on Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico

If you are looking to plan an engagement proposal, honeymoon or romantic getaway, Mexico is the perfect place. Offering the same charms of many European cities, Mexico is closer to home and less expensive. When planning a romantic vacation, combine elements of nature, history and relaxation to create lasting memories.

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Mexican beachRenting a small, private villa on a Mexican beach is a great way to initiate bonding. Having a room without television or other distractions allows travelers to get out and walk the coastline. Explore the beach scenery and notice how it changes with the suns rise and fall. Participate in single or multiple couples’ activities designed to bring you closer together and share your experiences. While many resorts offer suggested activities, snorkeling, diving, beachside horseback riding and private chartered tours can help facilitate your day’s schedule.

Reminiscent of old-world Spain, some of Mexico’s colonial towns are the perfect place to fall in love. Cities filled with colonial architecture, mission-style churches and historical museums help visitors experience the city’s charm. Should you fall in love with one of the churches, inquire about returning for a wedding or renewal of vows ceremony. It makes a great reason for another Mexican vacation.

Total relaxation and romance can occur when choosing a full-amenity hotel. Look for one offering a romance package which usually includes champagne, private meals, a couple’s massage and other customizable, romantic elements. Be sure to call ahead and discuss your vacation plans with the hotels concierge. The staff can arrange everything ahead of time, and if desiring, can create full-day itineraries or plan the day so you and your special partner won’t have to leave the room.

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World’s Most Romantic All-Inclusive Resorts

Packing for Your Mexican Vacation

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Mexican luggage

Mexican flag and a group of travel luggage items packed for a relaxing vacation.

The country of Mexico has a diverse climate and terrain; ranging from coastal seaside beaches to cooler mountain top areas. What a person packs is largely determined by the means of both entering and exiting the country (air, land, or sea).

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If coming by air, due to limitations on toiletry sizes and extra baggage charges, a person has to be mindful to pack allowable products and adhere to size limits. Be sure to pack your suitcase beforehand and weigh it. This will allow plenty of time for any reductions to be made and will save you from the surprise of receiving baggage overage charges.

No matter by what means a person enters Mexico, there are quantity limits imposed by customs with respect to personal products. One camera (either digital or manual), one cell phone, one computer, one CD player, five DVD’s and 20 CDs; per person may be brought into the country duty-free. If needing photographic film, a person may bring up to 12 rolls of film. Even if following the allowable limits, all items need to be declared upon entering the country to avoid the risk of seizure.

prescription medicines

Dozens of prescription medicine bottles in a jumble. This collection of pill bottles is symbolic of the many medications senior adults and chronically ill people take.

For persons requiring medication, Mexico does allow medications to enter, however they need to be your own, prescribed medications. This means you will need a copy of your original prescription bearing the physician’s contact information and signature. Be sure to declare these items and provide the required documentation if asked.

Whether entering Mexico by air, land, or sea, never bring any firearms, knives, or ammunition. Mexico imposes strict penalties for those in violation, including jail time. Be sure to leave all pocket knives at home, remove firearms from vehicles (if driving), and notify all travel party members regarding this policy.

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Mexico vacation: Guilt-free indulgence

Mexican Auto Insurance thru and Traveling with Children in Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance thru and Traveling with Children in Mexico

While often thought of as the place for Spring Break goers and honeymooners, Mexico is the perfect place for a family vacation. The diversity of its people and the vast amount of activities allow for a greater understanding and appreciation of our southern neighbors. Mexican Auto Insurance thru is now required i order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

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When booking a hotel, try to find a family-friendly resort. These may be in the form of all-inclusive resorts or those offering childcare and kids’ activities. Speak with concierge before making any reservations to grasp their understanding of your family’s needs. Listen to any idea suggestions with respect to museums, tours, sporting activities and other entertainment suited for children.

Mexican Auto Insurance thru and Traveling with Your Family in Mexico

Before heading to Mexico, make sure your child has a passport, and if traveling as a single parent with shared custody, as an extra safety measure; bring a signed and notarized statement from the other co-parent acknowledging his/her permission for your child participate in a Mexican vacation. It is also important to notify family relatives with expected trip dates and itineraries in case of emergency.

When packing, be sure to bring some of your child’s medicine in chewable form; especially if traveling by air. From a bout of swimmer’s ear to an upset stomach, having a first aid kit ready for your child will help him/her get well soon. Don’t forget about medications for motion sickness; as children are sometimes susceptible to this condition. Also pack a journal and a camera for your child (if he/she is old enough).

Once in Mexico, encourage your child to get out and mix with the locals. Together, photograph as much as possible and help your child with a journal. Whether for a future history report or as part of a school’s cultural celebration week, your child will want to share his/her experiences, and by keeping a detailed record; will make this vacation an unforgettable learning experience.

Its always easier to have fun and peace of mind if you are prepared!

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How to Plan Your Perfect Mexico Vacation