Mexico Travel Requirements and Mexican Insurance!

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It is important for you to know and understand about travel to Mexico requirements. You will save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money when you know what you need when traveling to Mexico. You do not want to cancel your long awaited trip to Mexico by not having all the requirements that are needed.

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Mexico Travel Requirements and Mexican Insurance!

Many have been turned away just because they didnt have all the necessary requirements. Save yourself valuable time and money by having all the necessary requirements. Save yourself the hassle of being turned away because you do not have your travel to Mexico requirements.

Your travel to Mexico requirements include a valid passport especially for those who want to travel to Mexico by plane. Those traveling by land or sea are required to have valid travel documents. These valid and legal documents are used as a substitute for a passport. They include a passport card, enhanced drivers license, SENTRI card and a tourist card.

These documents as your travel to Mexico requirements are proof of your identity and your validity as a tourist in Mexico. You will be asked to furnish them during your arrival into and departure from Mexico. You will not be allowed to enter of leave without them. Therefore, you need to have them with you at all times and keep them in a safe place during your visit in Mexico.

Your travel to Mexico requirements are what enable you to enter and leave Mexico. They have to be authentic and original and must proof that you are who you say you are. They also state your intentions in visiting Mexico. You must have a valid and legal passport when traveling by plane but a substitute will be accepted when traveling into Mexico by land or sea.

If you are driving into Mexico then you are not required to have a passport but you must provide proof of identity. You will be able to get a tourist card at the border before entering Mexico. If you are traveling by sea then you are not required to have a passport either just a substitute proof of identity.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Travel And Mexican Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Puerto Vallarta Bay

Mexico is a country entrenched in cultural flair. Whether combing through the vibrantly colored textiles at a village market or exploring their rich agricultural countryside, Mexico has much to offer.

Driving in Mexico may become a necessity for travelers who wish to explore Mexicos scenic wonders, however its important to understand that Mexico authorities do not honor US or Canadian car insurance policies. Those considering driving in Mexico, need Mexican insurance online which is available at low rates from Mexican Insurance Visit and review Mexican Car Insurance information or Mexico auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance for quality Mexican car insurance.

While gazing over the beautifully hued mountainous landscape or walking along the bright, sandy beaches on the coast, it isn’t hard to understand why Mexico is a pleasing destination for nearly any traveler.

The city of Cozumel often comes to mind when in search for a fast, fun destination in Mexico. However, if you are in search of an exotic getaway, free of the busy, party scene in Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta exhibits an engaging and beautiful alternative.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Travel And Mexican Insurance!

Puerto Vallarta is a small village nestled along side of a refreshing bay, with a picturesque view of the Sierra Madre mountain range overlooking the township. Puerto Vallarta is quickly on the rise as a must-see tourist destination. With its rich colonial history, the village maintains an authentic Mexico experience.

Now don’t get the wrong idea that you will have to manage in a make-shift historic hut during your get-a-way. The resort industry is booming all throughout Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception. Puerto Vallarta is the host of many cultural exhibits, including cinema, art galleries and authentic dining.

The unique balance of old Mexican tradition with a rich cultural arts community puts Puerto Vallarta on the list of unforgettable destinations in the country. Types of entertainment will vary but usually include traditional Mexican dancers engaging in a visual story told through music and dance, live local bands playing traditional Mariachi music through today’s rock and roll. Taking a jab at stereotypes is common, so don’t miss the comedians as well.

Drivers in Puerto Vallarta are encouraged to obtain Mexican insurance Online before travel begins. Mexican car insurance protects against accidents, theft, vandalism and other unforeseen emergencies. In Mexico, Mexico auto insurance is the only protection recognized by the government to protect both drivers and property.

Mexican Fishing Licenses – Mexican Insurance!

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Mexico is a perfect destination for anyone who loves the ocean and what it offers. The waters in this country are endowed with a wide range of sea creatures, from crabs to hundreds of fish species. Its therefore, a fishing haven for most tourists.Mexican authorities are well aware of this. Hence, they have put in place measures to conserve this natural resource in a bid to balance the ecosystem.

Dont forget, when you head to your favorite fishing spot, you need Mexican insurance if you are driving, because US and Canadian car insurance is not valid in Mexico. Quality Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store is important because the Mexico authorities will detain you until you pay for damages they say you cause to others. Review and compare Mexico Auto Insurance online from Mexican Insurance today for comprehensive, reliable Mexican Car insurance.

Mexican Fishing Licenses – Mexican Insurance!

Going for fishing and boat rides are the two most popular activities hence they are the most regulated. Before venturing out for fishing, Mexican law requires you to have a fishing permit for all the people in the boat and one for the boat too. However this only applies when going out to fish, boat rides don’t require any permit.

These permits apply for everyone in the boat irrespective of age or whether you are fishing or not. The fishing permits can only be issued after proof of a boat permit. The law states that every one in the boat should have and use only one fishing hook and rod per person at a time. Any other fishing hooks should be in the boat as replacements only.

Using electronic fishing is only permitted for disabled persons or with permission from the ministry. However, a fishing permit doesn’t mean that you can catch any fish; you are limited to fish only and not any other marine animal.

The number of fish one can catch is limited with exception of those doing sports fishing, where one can catch as many fish as they like as long as you throw the fish back in good shape. It’s also important to ensure you have Mexican insurance if you intend to do any driving or riding.

A Mexican auto insurance cover comes in handy when riding a boat or driving a car. The boat and fishing permits are available at tackle shops usually set up by the CONAPESCA (Commission, National de Acuacultura y Pesca). These permits vary in price depending on where you acquire them.

People are therefore advised to ask around first and get the licenses at the cheapest shops since the price does not affect validity of the permits.

Ensenada Mexico: Bajas Official Tourist Destination!

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Port of Ensenada

A favorite tourist destination for years now, Ensenada, also known as De Todos Santos is located south of Tijuana and sits on Bahia de Todos Santos. A 90 minute drive from San Diego, Ensenada is one of the leading and biggest cities in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Remember though,you need a Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store before you enter Mexico and start driving. In the unlikely situation where you get into a car accident, the Mexican government will not consider or recognize any US or Canadian auto insurance policies.Mexican auto insurance is necessary. According to travel experts, you should buy Mexican insurance online as it provides you the freedom to prepare beforehand. Moreover, you can avoid delays waiting in line while visitors in front of you who are late try to figure what exactly what they are buying and why they need to pay additional fees?

Ensenada Mexico: Bajas Official Tourist Destination!

This beautiful city is also commonly known as the Cinderella of the Pacific and is accompanied with a friendly atmosphere and warm Mediterranean climate. It is usually packed over the weekends with cruise ship passengers, local residents and partying southern Californians.

Ensenada offers great night time entertainments where you can enjoy the wonderful south of the border ambiance. This second most visited port of call for pleasure boats and cruise lines is also an important commercial and fishing port. It is accessible by land, sea or air.

Driving or sailing around in your own car or boat will require you to have a Mexican auto insurance which is provided by authorized Mexican institutions. The insurance is important for any liability purposes and can be paid on a daily or monthly basis depending on your needs.

The town is coupled with various accommodation choices which include resorts, modern and major hotel chains, traditional motels, camps tailored to suit your every need. Ensenada is suitably located at approximately 110 kilometers south of the border with the US. Aside from this, the city is also coupled with quality high end tourist attraction sites which include dive spots, beautiful beaches, nice parks, vine yards and golf courses. There are many things to do, places to visit and excellent eating places.

Additionally, apart from the easy to access exciting destinations, many tourists return to this amazing place due to its thrills, calm and relaxing atmosphere. The town also has various celebrated surfing spots alongside other fun filling activities to engage. For instance there is an excellent nightlife filled with parties, exceptional shopping and fishing.

What is more, you can also enjoy fine dining from sampling various foods like eating genuine tacos, steak dinners, the freshest sea foods and also other great Mexican foods just about anywhere in the town. If you are in search for an ideal place to stay, to have real fun and collect beautiful memories, < a href=””>Ensenada</a>is the best choice for you.

Guadalajara Mexico Travel Guide!

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Cathedral in Guadalajara

Guadalajara bears the ultimate combination of both traditional and modern qualities which makes the city an ideal place to visit. The city has impressive historic centers with superb architectural designs. There are also various impressive sights, smells, and places that you can visit depending on your personal preferences be it outdoor or indoor activities.

One thing that is easy to learn is that you need Car insurance for Mexico. And its really necessary to buy the best Mexican Insurance policy. In order to drive in Guadalajara and the area, the law of Mexico requires foreign drivers to take financial responsibility in any accident and buying Mexican Car Insurance at is the least costly way to do this. Visit Mexican Insurance Store today for a reliable, A Rated, low cost Mexican Insurance auto policy.

Guadalajara Mexico Travel Guide!

The capital of the Jalisco state in Mexico, this spectacular city has many beautiful sights with the major sights best accessed on foot. For longer trips however, one may use subways, horse drawn carriages, buses or taxis. This city is also known to offer relaxed feeling due to its traditional setting.

The city is home to the famous Mexican hat dance, tequila and mariachi music where one is bound to enjoy infectious rhythms every day. Staying in Guadalajara will also enable you to experience the best entertainment choices one can find in any large city.

What is more, you can also get to dine out and enjoy the finest Mexican cuisines from the many restaurants within the city. After a long day of fun filled activities, there are many accommodation options offered at different prices. The accommodation choices range from traditional to modern settings where you will be accorded with quality services and other amenities that will make your stay much more comfortable.

If you are a first timer to this Mexican city, then you can be sure to experience a rich culture of the Mexican people. The locals have deep cultural roots which can be noticed from their colorful traditional dresses, unique music, mouth-watering traditional cuisines and also a strong devotion to the Patron Saint of Guadalajara.

Driving around the city will require you to obtain Mexican insurance auto policy which is considered a must by the Mexican law. A valid cover will be suitable for liability accidents during your visit in Guadalajara and can only be obtained from authorized institutions.

The climate makes the city an ideal place where you can enjoy a pleasant vacation with your loved ones. The climate can be described as mild in most of the year and can also be described as one of the most consistent climates in the world.

Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico Travel Destination!

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Aerial View – Toluca Mexico

The city of Toluca de Lerdo in the State of Mexico is a beautiful contemporary city full of rich culture and history. It is the main industrial center of Mexico, therefore, it is an important economic and tourist hub. You can access this city by road hence, driving down will not be a problem.

This Toluca de Lerdo Mexico travel information is offered by Mexican Insurance, leading purveyors of Mexican Insurance online. Compare Mexican traveling insurance rates quickly and easily. For more information on Mexican Car Insurance visit Mexican Car Insurance Reviews at Mexican Insurance today. Mexican Insurance Store is the leading guide and resource to Mexico traveling Insurance online.

Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico Travel Destination!

It offers stunning landscapes that will bring out the explorer in you. The fascinating history and culture of the people will also both amaze and interest you. The wonderful people of Toluca have fascinating history and traditions. By driving down to this historical city you will get to explore it at your own pace as you will be in control of your itinerary.

Being an industrial center makes this city attractive to large factories and manufacturing companies. However, these industries do not congest or take away from the city’s beauty. There are many wonderful restaurants, discos, bars, museums, markets, hotels, zoos and recreational parks for those who are looking for a cosmopolitan city.

You can sample traditional delicacies in the many wonderful first class restaurants in the town. You can also dance the night away in the modern discos in the city. The markets provide ample opportunity for you to find interesting and unique artifacts to take away as souvenirs.

The city has a French and neoclassical style which is clearly evident in the numerous archeological structures which hold a lot of history and culture. The historical sites are many and varied. The beautiful buildings of the city range from baroque, neoclassical, modernist and contemporary architecture.

You will need ample time to explore all the wonderful historical sites of this city. You can opt to drive around or walk in order to fully appreciate the rich heritage of this city. There are a variety of accommodations available no matter your budget. There are budget hotels available as well as top class luxury hotels for those looking for comfort and adventure. This city offers the ideal environment for those looking for tranquility and solitude as well as those looking to discover new exciting sites.

This is the ideal environment for nature lovers who love to stroll and those looking to sample the rich culture and history on the city. You can decide to watch the spectacular sunset or admire the wonderful and intricate architecture. Drive down this beautiful city and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation.

Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store

As a reminder, note that, under the law of Mexico, drivers or automobile owners should be covered, or must take immediate financial responsibility should they be involved in an accident in Mexico, regardless of the liable party.

Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store

As a tourist in Mexico, you can only prove financial responsibility by having a bond, presenting a wad of cash, or, simply having a Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store from an authorized and recognized Mexican insurance company. No Mexican insurance company will cover you for absolutely everything and cater for every single unforeseen occurrence, but having quality comprehensive Mexican Car insurance sure takes a whole boatload of worry away for damages you may be legally held responsible for, as you can be detained until you pay.

Pursuant to this, it’s important to have quality “A” Rated insurance that will insure your auto while you travel inside Mexico. You will find with us, Mexican Insurance Store, that you will receive a quality policy and excellent service. We help our clients conquer this seemingly insurmountable mountain.

We offer excellent Mexican car insurance to meet our visitor’s insurance needs at an affordable rate. Our Clients have access to 24/7 assistance answering their calls directly from our insurers, who have offices all over Mexico and staff working round the clock to ensure that even on the road, you are safe.

In fact we offer the ONLY roadside Assistance and Claims Assistance GUARANTEE in the Mexican Insurance Industry. For your all time Mexican insurance company needs, you are undoubtedly at the right place. In fulfilling the legal requirement in Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store, we have chosen carriers who will offer tailor made fits our clients’ specifications. In the event of a car accident, we pay in US Dollars, NOT pesos.

As a Mexican insurance Company, we understand that your car is your asset, which is why we ensure that you have the option to repair in the US, Mexico or Canada, and Not just Mexico. This gives you flexibility, so that if damage is slight, it doesn’t ruin your trip. Just remember, you must report all accidents to your Insurer before you leave Mexico or the claim will probably be denied and keep a record of the accident as well.

Try to obtain as much info as you ca. Also remember that Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store supplies you with an 800 Toll Free number that works 24/7 throughout Mexico.

While in Mexico, it is mas importante that you keep your ID cards that we provide you in your wallet or purse separate from the actual Mexican car Insurance policy which most people put in their glove compartment or in a file in their luggage. It’s also a good idea to print and bring with you a copy of your credit card receipt. Enjoy your vacation with Peace of Mind knowing that if you need assistance, it’s a phone call away! Have Fun!

Mexican auto insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Rocky Point Mexico – Take Your Vacation Now!

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Cabo de Roca

Rocky Point, Mexico houses several amazing beaches, making it the perfect spot for a spring break vacation. Thanks to its close proximity to Arizona, you can drive through.

However, you must get Mexico traveling insurance first. This is because foreign auto insurance will not cover your vehicle in Mexico as it is not valid. To avoid legal consequences that may arise in case of any auto mishaps, you need to purchase Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store first. The process is quick and easy and you can even complete it online. Try Mexico Car insurance.

Rocky Point Mexico – Take Your Vacation Now!

Rocky Point features luxury resorts, hotels as well as high rise condos that overlook panoramic views of the horizons of the Sea of Cortez. You will enjoy four-wheeling at the white sandy beaches, boating, and horseback riding in the surf, and even fishing.

Golf enthusiasts will also appreciate the lovely golf courses. The good thing is that everyone will have something to do as the activities are priced to fit any budget and you don’t have to get bored just because you are traveling on a tight budget. Rocky Point is also home to five-star restaurants as well as elegant villas even though it still retains its simplicity. It is therefore the perfect spot for travelers looking for such classic and leisure seaside activities as snorkeling and sunbathing.

Even campers abundant space to pitch their tents as they enjoy the stunning stretches of the beach. Among the activities, you can engage in include Kayaking. This gives you the chance to take pleasure in the beautiful sunset as you view the whole coast.

You might also run into a dolphin as you kayak along the coast. You can opt for a kayak for two people or just take one alone. The kayak rental charges are affordable and it is one of the activities that you can engage in any time of the year regardless of the season.

Other popular activities you can enjoy while in Rocky Point include snorkeling, kiteboarding, sport fishing as well as scuba diving. If you are a party bird, you will also enjoy the lively nightlife in Rocky Point, Mexico.

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Fishing Tournaments in Mexico!

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The large quantity and array of marine species in many Mexico seas has led to fishing tournaments in Mexico. The Baja region of Mexico has since become a well known fishing capital of the world.

In order to drive to any tournament, you need to learn about Mexican Car Insurance. Review the Mexican Car Insurance buying guide from Mexican Insurance today for comprehensive, reliable Mexican Insurance online. We pride ourselves on giving the best rates on Mexican Insurance Online. To buy quality comprehensive coverage at great rates, visit Mexico auto Insurance at today.

Fishing Tournaments in Mexico!

The fishing tournaments in Mexico usually take place in Mid-October and at the end of October. Many teams from around the world take place in the tournament with millions of dollars in cash prizes as the tournament series attracts world’s best fishermen. The tournaments are usually characterized with a high level experience of the team members and dedication for this exclusive sport.

There are only a handful of authorized fishing tournaments in Los Cabos. The billfish tournament usually takes place in mid October and lasts for three days. The basic entry fee for a fishing tournament in Mexico covers a certain number of participants and also other activities that follow the tournament like entertainment.

The fee is usually varies depending on the tournament’s requirements. It also varies for non participants. However, the tournament committee reserves the right to admission of individuals or organizations. Usually, all teams with an aim of participating in the competition are required to pre-register and obtain the game’s qualifications or recommendations. They will also be expected to attend all meetings in relation to the competition.

All boats taking part in the fishing tournament in Mexico are required to have one captain on board. The crew participating can be changed but communication must be made to the tournament committee before the games kick off. Guests can also be allowed on the boats but the teams are not allowed to receive any kind of assistance when releasing the caught fish.

The first three contestants who win are usually awarded cash and other prizes depending on the competitor who catches the most eligible billfish species. Also, the weight of the caught fish is also considered when determining the winner. One point is awarded for one pound for all three eligible billfish species. Catching underweight fish can lead to being penalized or to no points.

To avoid problems when traveling for your fishing tournament, ensure that you have the best Mexico auto insurance you can find if you are a foreign driver. This will give you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy yourself.

Mexican Auto Insurance; Are Online Policies Better?

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

When one is on holiday, the last thing he or she needs is problems with the authorities in the country he or she is visiting simply because of a small oversight. The failure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store for the duration of your stay. According to Mexican law and in deed laws all over the world, motorists are supposed to have insurance for their cars in case accidents occur. All foreign visitors to Mexico are therefore required to purchase Mexican Insurance from a legitimate Mexican Car Insurance company.

Mexican Auto Insurance; Are Online Policies Better?

Some border states have made arrangements with Mexican authorities to ease movement of their residents across the border. Still, Mexico does not recognize the foreign car insurance and all foreigners are required to purchase car Mexican Insurance specifically.

This is the case even though they may already have car insurance from their own countries. Most travelers make the mistake of assuming that so long as they have a car insurance policy from their own countries then they do not need to purchase another insurance cover for travel purposes.

However, the reverse is true. Mexican car insurance obtained for travel purposes should cover the entire duration of one’s visit. If one is planning to stay for several months, then it is advisable to purchase a regular Mexican auto insurance policy.

Mexican car insurance is not that hard to obtain as it can be purchased online. Mexican insurance online is a fast and convenient way for travelers to get their travel papers in order before traveling to their destination. Some travelers may opt to wait until they reach the border to purchase a Mexican car insurance policy but the downside of this is that the traveler will not end up with the best policy at the lowest rates.

This is because he/she does not have the time to compare the different rates and coverage and decide which policy is best suited for him or her. Taking your time with the selection process will ensure that you end up with the best Mexican insurance.

Accordingly, savvy travelers plan ahead and purchase Mexican auto insurance even before traveling.