Things that You Should Know While Vacationing in Mexico!

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Are you planning to spend your vacation in Mexico? Before your planning takes place, you should learn what to eat; how to save few pesos; and what all you should bring in order to enjoy the Mexican Vacation to the fullest. If you are planning to visit Mexico during holidays, you will come across several discounted offers from airlines, hotels and travel companies.

The second thing that you should remember is that you are traveling in a foreign country. Therefore, you should know a little about the laws of Mexico and how they are applied as well especially if you are driving your vehicle in the country. The most important thing that you should obtain before starting off with your Mexican trip is Mexico insurance. If you want to save money and time and stay away from frustration, acquire Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance online. According to Mexican laws Canadian and US drivers must purchase quality Mexico car insurance so that you can pay off the damages in case of an at fault accident.

However, if you want to save money in real sense the best time to visit Mexico is during off season. Try to travel between Easter and Christmas and enjoy off-season rates in the hotels as well as the tourist areas you are going to visit. Canadian visitors to Mexico prefer to visit during off-season as they don’t need to face lot of crowd and high prices of traveling and staying in a foreign.

Other things that you should be aware of while choosing the time of visiting Mexico. You might refrain from visiting during elections because during this time you cant get any alcoholic beverages that are usually available all through the day and night. Don’t forget to get in touch with customs before you start off with your trip so that you learn what papers you should carry and what items you can bring back into the country.

Even if you love food, make sure you know what you should eat to stay in good health throughout your vacation. Drink only bottled beverages. Always go for well cooked food in a quality restaurant and refrain from rod side food stalls.

With these prevention measurements, you might be thinking that you will lose the real experience of authentic Mexican food however, nothing is more important than your well being on vacation in a foreign location.

Short Mexico Vacations and Mexican Auto Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Los Cabos in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

If you have ever wanted to go on an exciting holiday and experience a different culture from your own but thought that you didn’t have enough time within which to travel to another country, read on. Mexico offers you a wide range of activities to choose from in various locations and all within a manageable driving distance.

Before you make a mad rush for the border, ensure that you get the right Mexican Insurance Coverage by Mexican Insurance for you and your vehicle online. Buying at the border is fraught with uncertainty. The minimum coverage you will need to drive without worries to Baja or any other part of Mexico is a Liability Only Mexican Auto Insurance policy. This policy covers costs for injuries you do to other people other than in your vehicle. It includes coverage for medical payments and property damage caused by your vehicle.

Short Mexico Vacations and Mexican Auto Insurance!

The better Mexican Car Insurance companies allow repairs within the US, Canada or Mexico, offer car rental at no additional charge and bring the claim into the US to finish as a conveniece to their policyholders.

Your holiday may include the cultural fares of Guadalajara or the highly charged off road racing competitions in the desert in San Felipe. You may simply plan a holiday of star gazing and sun bathing while camping on the beaches of Rocky Point or a quiet weekend amongst the mountains in the outskirts of Baja.

Whatever the case may be, full Mexican insurance coverage may be more appropriate for you as it covers theft and collision for your vehicle. Full Car Insurance for Mexico includes Liability Only coverage as well as collision coverage or the total theft of your vehicle. Many metereological disasters are covered within this policy. However, in the event of vandalism you will only receive compensation only if you purchase a broadening endorsement in addition to full coverage.

Policies can be taken daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Therefore if you are planning a short weekend stay on a beach in Rocky Point or an excursion in Baja, you can purchase full coverage for the short period you will be in Mexico. Ensuring you have the right Mexican car insurance policy will allow you to enjoy the famous night clubs and bars of San Felipe without worrying about what’s happening to you car parked outside. However its always a good idea to make sure you car is parked securely no matter where you are.

From sunny sandy beaches in Baja to the highly esteemed International Book Fair in Guadalajara, there is something for everyone. You can plan a weekend in Mexico and get all the thrills of an international holiday.

Mexican Auto Insurance, Your Gateway To A Safe Holiday in Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Visitors entering Mexico can now get quick and reliable Mexican auto insurance thanks to online companies like Mexican insurance Store who is starting their 9th year in business. Insurance policies are available for daily, semi-annual and annual insurance of cars, trucks, RVs or motorcycles.

Instead of looking for an open booth at the border and taking your chances, (some have closed and others sell only unrated policies) visitors can log into the simple and easy to apply Mexican Insurance website that sells quality Mexican auto insurance, fill in the required details and print out their policies within minutes.

Quality Mexican Auto Insurance At Low Cost!

Mexican Insurance Store offers comprehensive A Rated Full Coverage or Liability Only Mexican auto insurance at low cost. With numerous vacation destinations such as Acapulco, Baja, Cancun, Guadalajara, Huatulco, Isla Mujeres, Los Cabos, Mexico City, Punta Mita, Rocky Point, San Felipe , Tijuana and Veracruz among other destinations.

Mexico offers plenty of holiday destinations which have great weather the year round and bring long sun-soaked summers. Temperatures in Tenerife, for example rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius and have an average summer temperature of between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Rocky point would suit an adventurer who would like to sample its night life, dances, parties and its appetizing delicacies. If you are working within a budget on a family vacation, you could try the spacious Baja and Guadalajara hotels and resorts Mexico is endowed with sandy beaches, night clubs, Colonial cities, luxurious hotels, tourist resorts and natural features like waterfalls, ruins, lakes and lagoons.

Guadalaraja is the home of cheerful mariachi tunes and boasts broad-brimmed sombreros and smooth tequilas. As the second largest city in Mexico, it boasts of the best of the hospitality industry. The El Tapatio Hotel and Resort, Camino Real Guadalajara, City Express Tepatitlan, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Centro and Holiday Inn La Piedad are some of the best hotels and resorts Mexico can offer.

San Felipe has plush sunny beaches with a great view of the skyline at sunset. It boasts top-notch resorts and hotels overlooking the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. Baja is famous for sport fishing in Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, San Quintin, Bahia De Los Angeles among others. Baja boasts of Golf resorts like Real Del Mar and Bajamar which are some of the best.

Places to visit in Baja Mexico and Mexican Car Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Cabo San Lucas

Baja California is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. It is close enough to the US border so that getting there simply involves an easy drive along well paved roads and far enough so that the visitor feels he or she is taking a real vacation.

A note before we go on. If you do intend to drive to Baja, make sure you get Mexican car insurance as Mexican authorities do not recognize American insurance policies or Canadian auto policies for that matter either. Visit here to find quality, low cost Mexican car Insurance, or best quality Mexico auto insurance at affordable rates! For more information on Mexico Car Insurance visit Mexico Car Insurance at guide.

Places to visit in Baja Mexico and Mexican Car Insurance!

Located in the northwestern part of Mexico, it is a peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Sonora and the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortes) on the east, and the border of the US state of California to the north.

Baja has a diverse geography consisting of mountains, desert, forests, and beaches, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor recreation activities. Baja has many towns which can offer the tourist or visitor sights or activities that will make his or her vacation one to remember.

Here are some of the towns and the attractions they offer.

San Felipe

San Felipe is famous for having one of the worlds largest tidal bores. A tidal bore is a phenomenon where the leading edge of the tide forms waves as it comes in. In San Felipe, Baja the tide recedes up to a kilometer which not only allows one to witness this tidal phenomenon that occurs in very little places in the world, it also gives one the opportunity to see a portion of the sea floor that one does not usually see in even the best beaches in the world.


Tecate is home to several ranches and spa resorts. It also has the famous Tecate brewery which brews pale beer. A tour is available for those who wish to see how this beer is brewed or sample its product.

One can also choose to visit the cave paintings in Vallecito if one’s visit is during the spring. In Ensenada, one can find the starting point of one of the sanctioned off-road races—the Baja 1000. Marvel at the sand dunes or take a tour of Ensenada Bay for some dolphin and sea lion watching.

Tips for Traveling to Mexico and Mexican Auto Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

There are many helpful tips for traveling to Mexico which will ensure that you have a great time. Whether you are traveling to Mexico by road, sea or plane it is important that you prepare well. Your plans and preparations will depend on the number of people you are traveling with, their age and their preferences. You will find these helpful tips for traveling to Mexico useful and practical.

  • Driving in Mexico requires the most vital vacation document you can purchase for you journey which is Mexican Auto Insurance online. Mexican Car Insurance bought online will save you money and provide the only Mexican Insurance protection recognized in Mexico. For more information or to buy a low cost quality policy visit Mexican Insurance exclusive purveyors of quality Mexico Insurance online.
  • Research well on your chosen destination. It is important that you carry out comprehensive and exhaustive research on your chosen destination. Tips for traveling to Mexico advice that you find out useful information about the place you are going to visit. Find out what the weather is like, which activities are common and recommended, which hotels or resorts are the best to stay in, which restaurants are the best to eat in and which cultural activities take place during the time you plan to visit. You need to find out all you can about the place you plan to stay in as you travel to Mexico. Carrying out thorough research will enable you to plan and prepare better for your trip. It will also enable you to budget better and thus save you money.
  • Get all the necessary travel documents. You will need to have valid travel documents such as a passport or a tourist card in order to enter Mexico. You will not be able to travel by plane without a valid passport and you will not be able to enter Mexico by road without a tourist card. You need to get these documents well in advance before your travel date.
  • Plan your itinerary. Helpful tips for traveling to Mexico encourage you to plan out your itinerary for your stay in Mexico. This will ensure that you get the most out of your trip. You need to have a rough idea of what activities and places you will visit during your stay so that you don’t end up wasting precious time.
  • Enjoy your trip. Tips for traveling to Mexico are meant to ensure that you have a great time.

Children Traveling to Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

When it comes to minors traveling to Mexico there are some requirements which must be adhered to. Mexico is popular tourist destination and receives many visitors annually. It is therefore, imperative for there to be laws in regards to minors traveling to Mexico. It is important to know what these laws are when you are planning to travel to Mexico.

Dont forget Mexican insurance! While preparing to travel to Mexico, it is a good idea to get Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online before leaving. Mexico auto insurance can easily and inexpensively be acquired online by travelers who want to save money and time. Mexican law requires drivers from Canada and America to purchase Mexican Car Insurance to pay for damages in any at fault accident.

Children Traveling to Mexico!

Minors traveling to Mexico are required to have a tourist card and proof of citizenship. These documents can be obtained from government offices before your planned trip. A minor is regarded as anyone below the age of 18years of age. Anyone above 18 years of age is not considered a minor and can travel alone.

A minor traveling to Mexico with either parents or legal guardians will only be required to have the tourist card and proof of citizenship documents. Minors traveling to Mexico with either one parent or legal guardian must have an original, notarized letter of permission signed by the absent parent or legal guardian.

The letter should indicate that the parent or legal guardian is aware of the trip and has given their consent. The minor will be denied entry without this original and notarized letter of permission. In cases where the parent or legal guardian has sole custody a notarized statement to this effect must be provided.

This statement should prove that the parent or legal guardian has sole custody of the minor. In cases where minors traveling to Mexico are Mexican citizens then their passports will have a stamp that allows them to travel with one parent or legal guardian without the written permission of the other parent or legal guardian.This useful and vital information is important for those wishing to visit Mexico with minors.

There are official government sites that inform you about all the different laws that apply to American and Canadian citizens. You can find out all you need to know in order for your trip to be successful and enjoyable. If you do not adhere to the set laws and regulations you will not be allowed entry into Mexico.

Traveling to Mexico Document Requirements!

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There are essential things you need to know about traveling to Mexico requirements. It will prove helpful to your trip if you know what these requirements are. Before setting off on your journey into Mexico you need to have valid travel documents because you are not a citizen of the country.

Traveling to Mexico Document Requirements!

These Mexico documents travel tips are brought to you by Mexican Insurance, a leading online purveyor of quality Mexican Auto Insurance. One very important document you need is Mexican car insurance. By insuring with us you are putting your trust in the quality insurance. Its relatively simple, before you start your journey buy Mexican Auto Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online , as your current US and Canadian car insurance policies are not valid. Visit Mexican Insurance Store; professionals who know how to put it all together, provide more options and all at surprisingly less expense. We provide more Mexican Insurance options and comparisons. The beauty of getting your Mexican Car Insurance from us is that you benefit from affordable rates as there are no middlemen to pay for

American and Canadian citizens are required to have valid passports upon their entry into Mexico if they choose to travel by air. However, if they choose to travel by land or sea they are not required to have a passport. They can use a substitute document instead that proves their identity.

You can make your travel to Mexico a hassle free one by having your traveling to Mexico requirements. The essential requirements needed when traveling to Mexico include a valid and legal passport, an enhanced driver’s license, a SENTRI card and a tourist card.

Your traveling to Mexico requirements are documents that prove to authorities of your legitimacy as a tourist. They also prove that you are using a true identity and not a fake one. U.S and Canadian citizens are allowed to use their passports to enter Mexico by airplane. Incase you do not have a valid passport you can visit the US Department of State for issuance of a passport card.

If you are traveling by road you can use your valid drivers license to enter Mexico. A drivers license is used as proof of identity. If you frequently cross the U.S/ Mexican border then you can get a SENTRI card. This card is issued by the U.S Customs and Border Protection to pre- approved travelers. It is valid for 5 years and saves you the hassle of having to keep applying for a tourist card.

A tourist card is issued at the border into Mexico. These documents make up your traveling to Mexico requirements. It is essential that you have them. Anyone planning to travel must have their traveling to Mexico requirements.

These documents should be valid and should prove your identity. You will be denied access into Mexico if you do have these requirements with you.

Mexico Historical Sites and Mexican Automobile Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Metropolitan Cathedral and President’s Palace.

Mexico is home base for delicious tacos but also a home to an amazing number of exceptional historic treasures which are also the world’s greatest. These outstanding sites which are also easy to access due to their convenient locations also give a quick look into the countrys colorful history.

Mexico Historical Sites and Mexican Automobile Insurance!

Before deciding on which historic area is ideal for your vacation drive, Mexican Insurance online should be purchased. In order to drive, the law of Mexico requires foreign registered vehicles to have Mexican automobile Insurance or the financial ability to pay for damages you are responsible for immediately. Whether you want to drive leisurely along the streets or an want to take an adventurous ride around the state, Mexico Traveling insurance by Mexican Insurance is vital to protect yourself while driving in Mexico.

If you are looking for an interesting place you can drive to, then easy access to major historic sites will be a great advantage to you. What is more, many of these breath taking sites are well taken care of and well known.

Also, other sites are not well known to many as there is always room for new discoveries. Amazing historic sites like the magnificent Aztec Ruins of Templo Mayor and Mayan cities are excellent reminders of Mexicos earliest civilization.

These ancient civilizations have also been carried to the present life in the many museums around Mexico and this includes Montezuma feathered Headdress among others. The Aztec Ruins of Templo Mayor historic site was the foremost temple of the Aztec capital and was destroyed in the year 1521.

Over time, its significant remains have been discovered under Mexico City. Another historic site located in Plaza de la Coinstiticion is the Palacio Nacional which was built in 1693. This site was the residence of New Spain’s Viceroy and is characterized with paintings from Mexican history scenes. Many historic sites can be found in Centro Historico which is at the heart of Plaza de la Constitucion which is also one of the largest squares in the world.

It has been the center of the city’s pre historic times. In addition, this exceptional area totally stands out from the rest of the city due to its strong Europena and colonial feel to it. It is also characterized by colonial architecture and narrow and fine cobblestone streets.

This place is easy to access and is best explored on foot. Another well known historic site in Mexico City is the 44 floor first skyscraper in Mexico Known as Latinoamericana Tower. The site also allows you to view some of the most breath taking sights of the city from its 42nd floor. Other sites include Palacio de lturbide, Plaza de la Fundacion, Postal Palace, Plaza de Santo Domingo and many more.

All these outstanding historic sites have a different story to tel. Just one visit to any of these sites is enough to leave you with lasting memories. They all form a fantastic base for exploring the ever fascinating Mexico City.

Travel Mexico: The Mayan Culture Experience!

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Mayan temple in Palenque, Mexico

Experiencing the culture of the world famous Maya people can be awesome when you have no limits. Driving yourself gives you the flexibility of managing your own time and being at a place you want whenever you want.

These Mayan culture travel Mexico tips are brought to you by Mexican Insurance, simply offering the best quality and easiest to purchase Mexican Auto insurance online at low cost rates! For a complete guide on Mexican Car Insurance coverage visit Mexican Car Insurance Online at or Mexico Auto Insurance rates for the finest Mexican Auto insurance protection.

Travel Mexico: The Mayan Culture Experience! For this type of thrill, a drive into Cancun and several days stay and driving around Mexico leaves you feeling like a Mayan. Once in Cancun you can drive to the Playa del Carmen go inland to Lagartos village. Here you can have lunch and also take a boat trip that takes you into the Rio Lagartos nature reserve.

Inside the reserve you will see pelicans, flamingos and caimans .You can also take a dip into the salt lake that keeps you afloat and also softens your skin.

A four hour drive from here will take you to Chichen Itza, ancient Mayan city, home to romantic haciendas with tropical gardens round it. After enjoying a slow drive or walk around the city you can move on to Izamal a small village where Mayan descendants stayed, the village has ancient houses and other Mayan artifacts still intact.

From the Mayan Izamal village you can proceed to the Puuc Route that takes you to Campeche, you can also see more Mayan ruins along the way. Along this road you find Uxmal, known for its statue, the rain god Chac.

The next town on this highway is the Campeche an interesting coastal town. From here you can drive into a Mexican jungle, the Palenque, along the way you are sure to find pigs and cows crossing the road so be advised to be at a minimal speed. You can miss the sharp bends and the livestock as you admire the beautiful view.

A drive to Palenque is one of the most beautiful and interesting in Mexico. One can also explore ruins of the Mayan temple, chambers of Bonampak where you can find murals that are still intact after many centuries. The ruins you see here help you to depict the lives of the Mayans. The images you see on the walls painted by the Mayans give you a vivid imagination of the lives of this ancient people.

You can spend as much time as you want at one spot as there are also other attractions to see, this however depends on your itinerary. However a one day drive around Cancun gives you the ultimate Mayan experience. For many this drive turns out to be an interesting history lesson about the Mayan people.

San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide!

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San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

Mention the word spring break and one of the destinations that come to mind would be San Felipe in Baja, Mexico. One of the favorite places to go during long weekends, it is far enough so that one feels the he or she is getting away from it all and near enough so that it can be reached by easy driving. Situated about one hundred ninety kilometers south of the United States border it can be reached after a two and a half hour drive on good paved roads. Make sure however, that you acquire Mexican Auto Insurance before your trip to ensure that you are protected against possible road accidents.

This guide to San Felipe Mexico travel are brought to you by Mexican Insurance, the best quality and easiest to purchase Mexican Auto insurance at affordable rates! For more information on Mexico auto Insurance visit best Mexico auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store Online rates today!

San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide and Mexican Auto Insurance!

San Felipe’s main source of living used to be fishing as it is located near the coastline. Recently however, its main income source has become tourism and it now also has an international airport. San Felipe has one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. This is one of the few spots on the world where the desert meets the sea.

Its claim to fame however is its tidal bore. A tidal bore is a phenomenon in which the incoming tide forms waves of water. At low tide, the beaches of San Felipe recede exposing to up to a kilometer of ocean floor. This presents excellent opportunities for beach combing and an opportunity to observe a tidal phenomenon that not many are able to see—tidal waves when high tide comes back in.

The beaches south of San Felipe run uninterrupted for almost fifty miles and there are hundreds of vacation homes which have sprung up along the seaside. The influx of tourists has also spurred the creation of businesses and facilities to make sure it remains as a top tourist destination.

Nice hotels are now present in the area as well as places where one can purchase beer, gasoline, ice and food have sprung up. The citizens of San Felipe have also exerted efforts in beautifying their city for visitors.

Palm trees were planted along the popular waterfront district and palapas were also put up along the beach to provide additional shade for those who want to chill out by the beach. San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide and Mexican Auto Insurance!