Mezcala Island Mexico Jungle Trekking!

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El puente Baluarte Bicentenario es un puente atirantado localizado en la Sierra Madre Occidental en los límites de los estados de Durango y Sinaloa, sobre la Autopista Durango-Mazatlán, en México.

Do you like to hike? If you are looking to trek through secluded jungle and hills, you should visit Isla Mezcala or Mezcala Island which is located on Chapala Lake. Deep ravines and steep hillsides provide great opportunities for hiking. Every year migratory birds visit Mezcala. Therefore, it is one of the top choices for bird watchers from Canada and America. While admiring the different colors in the sky, you will come across rare birds such as White Pelican.

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The beauty of nature and history of Mexico is available in abundance in Mezcala Island. Day-trippers from US and Canada love this unique blend visit the area in large numbers. Are you an avid eco tourist? In Mezcala Island, you will not find dearth of things that are meant for your interest. Lush jungle completes the natural area of the island. While treking through the jungle you will be walking through steep trails and shadier areas will give you a feel of nigh even during day time. All the time migratory birds will be flying in the sky. The best time to visit the jungle is from June to October. The freshness of waterfalls will take away all your stress. Stretch your arms and breathe in the clean air to purify your lungs.

However you might visit the area during dry season. This is the season when waterfalls get dry and you get great challenges in terms of climbing the mountains. Rock climbers from US and Canada find their fun on Mezcala Island If you are not an expert rock climber, you should hire an expert rock climber to ensure that you are not involving in any kind of accidents.

If you are looking for aquatic adventure, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Beaches in Mezcala Island are secluded and unexplored. Therefore, once you dive into the water, you will find untouched marine beauty. Also, more and more Americans and Canadians are choosing Lake Chapala as their retirement destination because of clean and beautiful ambience which is well complimented by great variety of water sports and eco touristic pursuits.

Visit Colima Mexico Where Small Means Big by Mexican Insurance Store

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Visit Colima Mexico Where Small Means Big by Mexican Insurance Store

Enjoying the Scenic of the Panama Coast.

Do you think small destinations can offer what you can get at large tourist areas? If you think so you might wish to visit the Mexican state of Colima which is quite small in size however, has lot to offer.

For those who drive to Colima, you need to learn that in case you get into an auto accident, the Mexican government will not consider your US or Canadian auto insurance policies. Therefore, a Mexican Insurance policy is very important to obtain. According to travel experts, you should buy Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance online so that you can prepare yourself for the trip beforehand. Moreover, you can avoid waiting in line and paying more fees if you buy online. Buying Mexican insurance at the border is just not as reliable with many salesmen selling unrated Mexican insurance company policies.

US visitors visit the capital city of Colima that shares the same name to drive through the narrow streets and sense the fragrance of contemporary culture. The Historic center in the downtown is worth visiting. Colima is the capital city of the state. However, the city that defines the fun, entertainment and adventure of Colima is Manzanillo. Beaches are the major highlight of the city however, attractions do not end there. You can be a part of adventurous outdoor activities such as ATVs, biking and trails. Golf is one land based activity which is famous in Mazanillo. In Colima you will find numerous golf courses that meet all the guidelines that should be there in a world class golf course. Some courses offer golf training as well.

All this makes Manzanillo one of the top diving and snorkeling destinations in the area. Scuba divers from Canada and US dive into the beaches of the exotic city to get a closer look of the rare fish species such as globe fish, and sea urchins. For best snorkeling experience, you might visit La Boquita beach which is full of reefs and a sunken ship. Do you want to increase the degree of your adventure? Visit, Boca de Pascuales beach which is the paradise for surfers as the beach is home to hollowest, fastest and biggest tubes.

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The Famous Tolantongo Canyon Mexico Heated Natural Pools!

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Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Are you traveling through the Mexican state of Hidalgo? Do you want to refresh your soul with scenic nature and by dripping in the fresh waters? No one would say no to this soothing and adventurous opportunity. You must be wondering, where you can get rivers and resort area in Hidalgo. Tolantongo is the place where you can drench yourself in the waters of canyon, excurse through grottos and spend time with nature in ecological zone.

Before starting off on your Mexican trip, you review and obtain quality Mexico Insurance. Why? If you have enough money to pay for the damages upfront in the even of an auto accident then there is no need to purchase Mexico auto insurance. Otherwise you should have comprehensive top quality Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store in order to to enjoy your vacation without worrying about Napoleonic Law.

Tolantongo Canyon is just few kilometers away from city of Pachuca. After enjoying incredible sight seeing in Pachuca, visit Tolantongo to admire grottos. American and Canadian travelers visit the area especially to excurse through grottos. Karst Cave is one of the largest grottos, you will find in Tolantongo. There is a volcanically heated river in the cave. You will also come across tunnel which is 15 meters deep. Once you go down into the tunnel, showers of warm waters will welcome you. Tolantongo is one of the top choices of adventure enthusiasts as it features great variety of outdoor activities such as rappelling, spelunking and hiking. Heated pools are another attraction of Tolantongo Canyon and you can find them at the bottom of the steep box canyon.

Apart from heated pools, you will also find fresh pools where you can swim along with your friends and family. They are not too deep and therefore, safe for swimming. The area is known for it tranquility which makes it one of the more perfect destinations for honeymooners. While you feel the serenity of nature sitting by the breathtaking waterfalls, you will find soothing sound of water falling from the mountains. Tolantongo Canyon is home to a river with same name. You might not be able to resist diving into the warm and enticing indigo blue waters of the river. The resort area also features an ecological zone.

There are several rock formations in and around the zone. Once you reach at the higher elevations, you will find pine tress in addition to cactuses and semi-arid vegetation. Rugged peaks are full of biodiversity. Flora lovers from Canada and American prefer visiting the Canyon to explore rare species of plants such as Yucca, Mesquite, Raccoons, Gumbo-limbos and hooded skunks.

Baja Mexico Travel and Car Insurance For Mexico!

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Beautiful Santa Maria beach by Cabo San Lucus.

Baja Mexico Travel When we hear someone say Baja, one of the things that immediately enters our mind is vacation. Indeed, because of its distance from the United States, it is a popular destination during spring break, long weekends, honeymoons, and those rare and brief leaves from work. Situated just south of the border of the US, it is near enough to drive while the charming Mexican culture is enough to make you think you are a world away.

On this note, it would be appropriate to remind the traveler to acquire Car insurance for Mexico should he or she plan to drive to Baja. This is because Mexican authorities do not recognize American insurance policies. Anybody thinking of having fun driving around Mexico during the visit should learn about Mexico laws as respects Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. You can find more information about Car Insurance for Mexico here. The reason for being cautious is that Mexico practices Napoleonic law, which differs from English Common Law countries. It would be wise to buy your Mexico traveling insurance online as it is more reliable and less expensive. This will eliminate the hassle of personally shouldering the payment for any damages that you might have caused in case of an accident in Mexico.

Baja Mexico Travel

Baja California is the northernmost state of Mexico and is a peninsula bordered in the north by the US states of California and Arizona, in the east by Sonora and the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortes) and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The state is populated by Caucasians, Mestizos , east Asians, and Native Americans.

Baja has a diverse geography too. It has forests, deserts and beaches—all of which provide opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities for tourists and visitors which Baja has in abundance. It is the venue for the Baja 1000, a popular sanctioned off-road race which occurs during the fall. It has beaches for those wishing to chill out by the sea and soak in the sun as well as rich fishing grounds for those whose idea of fun involves a boat and a fishing pole.

There are long mountain ranges and forests suitable for camping, trekking, mountain biking, and hiking. There are in fact several campsites and ranches in the state where one can go horseback riding, all terrain vehicle courses and touring. If one enjoys history, Baja is full of old Spanish missions, museums, churches and cathedrals, cave paintings and other historical sites enough to satisfy the history buff in us.

Making travel arrangements to go to Baja couldn’t be easier. There are several online sites which offer information and allow you to book reservations for your stay.

Planning An All Inclusive Mexican Vacation?

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Organizing for travel.

Vacationing in Mexico is everyones dream. Every year travelers from all over the world spend their holidays in different parts of Mexico. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful country, you can choose from various all inclusive Mexican vacation packages. However, many visitors made basic mistakes while deciding all inclusive Mexican vacations. First off, if you are driving you should check for the best quality Mexican insurance you can find.

All inclusive or not, you should not start off your trip before obtaining comprehensive Mexican car insurance. Buying Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online is the best way to get the protection against any legal issues while driving which is must to enjoy a worry free Mexican trip.

Besides Mexican insurance, other thing that is being neglected while planning for Mexican vacation is immunization. Many the travelers fail to get immunized which is considered as a big blunder. No matter which destination you are choosing for vacation, safety is always the top priority. Nobody would like to spend his/her vacation in bed or cut the vacation short because of sickness. Hence, you should first get immunized and then visit Mexico so that you get help guarantee value for your money that you are paying for the trip.

Travelers visiting Mexico for the first time sometimes commit the mistake of not considering everything which is associated with the destination. Before choosing a vacation destination, you should first get to know what you are actually looking for. Does the prospective location have everything to satiate your interest? You can go for popular destinations, secluded areas or unexplored landscapes. Mexico features endless options. Therefore, you are more likely to get confused about what to choose and what to lose! Your decision will be greatly influenced by the cost as the cost varies from option to option.

Another mistake may arise while paying for the all inclusive Mexican vacation. If you don’t research for the best deals, you might end up paying more than what you might have. There are agents who will ask you for full payment. You should manage everything so that you do not need to pay a large portion of the package amount as an upfront fee. Do you drink just beer and wine? Will you be tired of the same food after a few days? Are the sodas free? Is the bottled warer free? Do you get a discount if you do not like the food? What extras do you need to pay for? What is the reputation of the location? Check a list of all inclusive providers here: Also check Or other sources?

Exploring Tepotzotlán Mexico and Mexican Insurance!

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Exploring on the map.

Exploring Tepotzotlán Mexico! Visit the town of Tepotzotlan to see a magnificent blend of culture, traditions and history. Besides this blend, the city offers immense amount of other attractions. State Parks, mountain ranges and ecological preservation zones are some of them. Museums in the city are famous for their extensive exhibitions of archeological pieces. Visit Arcos del Sitio to enjoy great combination of recreation and relaxation.

Before you leave for Mexico, you must be prepared to avoid legal issues while driving your vehicle in Mexico. Therefore, you must obtain Mexican insurance store auto insurance coverage so that you get the protection against legal issues before you step into the city. Without quality Mexican car insurance , you might spoil your Mexican trip as US and Canadian auto policies are not valid in Mexico. Therefore, visit Mexican insurance and browse through weekly, monthly and yearly Mexico Insurance at the lowest price.

Exploring Tepotzotlán Mexico And Mexican Insurance! Arcos del Sitio is ecotourism center and natural protected area of Tepotzotlan. Canadian and American travelers bring their kids to the ecotourism center to participate in environmental education program so that they can learn more about our environment and ways to protect it.

The area features excellent adventurous set up. Mountain biking and trekking are the most famous activities that you can enjoy in Arcos del Sitio. To get some freshness of nature, take a walk through lush green vegetation. The scarcity of fresh breeze is not known in the area. Xochitla is the area that you should visit to sooth your soul. Beautiful gardens, vegetable fields, nursery, forest and a small lake will make your visit a great excursion.

Spend a day in the area and you find a unique respect for the nature. Rich flora and fauna entice large number of Canadian and US visitors to the city every year. Tepotzotlan is also famous for its historical architecture. Iconic architectural structure in the city is the Temple of San Francisco Javier. The church exhibits beautiful baroque style of architecture and its gorgeous façade creates an urge in architectural lovers to visit the city again and again.

The façade is among the three most important edifices in Mexico that are built using Churrigueresco style of art. Other two are Valenciana in Guanajuato and Santa Prisca in Taxco. Temple of San Pedro Apostle is another famous structure located within the site. The temple features neoclassic altar and baroque retables.

If you want to see 16th century architectural structure, you should visit Chapel of the Virgin of Loreto which is decorated with mirrors. On the walls you will find 22 paintings created by Cristóbal de Villapando depicting different stages of life of San Ignacio de Loyola. Another 16th century building in Tepotzotlan which is worth visiting is the Temple of San Mateo Xoloc which was built in 1531. You will also find a tinge of Gothic Isabelino and Herreriano styles of architecture in the design of the building.

Travel To Aguascalientes Mexico and Mexican Insurance!

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Mexican insurance online

Aguascalientes at dusk

Safety and cleanliness are among the top priorities if you are looking for a tourist destination. Arent they? If you are looking spend your vacation in Latin America at a safe and clean destination then Aguascalientes would be a great option. The beautiful colonial city is one of the top choices for Canadians and Americans who love history and architecture. Aguascalientes has lot of options and you just need to obtain Mexican Auto insurance Online at Mexican Insurance before you start excursing through the city in your vehicle.

If you are preparing yourself for a trip South of the Border, this is a gentle reminder to obtain Mexican insurance online before you enter Mexico. Driving your car in Mexico is not an issue however, if you get into an car accident without quality Mexico auto insurance then authorities could detain you as you will need to pay damages before they will let you leave. Visit Mexican Insurance online to get the best low cost Mexican auto policy and to print it immediately. Mexican insurance online policies are easily available with no extra fees and no pressure filled waiting in line like you need to do at the border.

Travel To Aguascalientes Mexico and Mexican Insurance!

You will find numerous colonial buildings all over the Aguascalientes. With the time the city has gone through many transformations that are predictable from different styles of architectures in the city. Besides rich architecture, the city also features a perfect blend between Mexican traditions and modern life. Travelers from Canada and America love the quality life of Aguascalientes. You will not find any signals in the city. Once you start strolling through the streets of the city, you will find historical buildings in abundance. House of culture is one of the oldest and amazing architectural structures in the city. The building was built in 17th century. In the exhibitions, the most important is the one that features six bronze plaques with motifs of ancient Aztec gods and kings. On the patios of the building, you can enjoy theater plays.

If you are in knowing the history of Aguascalientes, Regional Museum of History is the best place. The museum has everything to show you everything right from the evolution of the city till the present day. There are nine exhibition halls representing diverse colonial, archeological and ceramic pieces dating back to the Revolutionary Convention of 1914. Encino temple is one of the oldest temples in the city. It was built between 1773 and 1796. Bullfighters are the most devoted worshipers of Black Christ and Black Christ venerated in the temple. Therefore the temple is very important for bullfighters. While walking through the alleys of the temple, you will find collection of Andres Lopez’s paintings that were painted between 1798 and 1801.

Mexico Island Retreats!

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Sandy beach on Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Islands in Mexico are world famous for their white sand, assortment of different shades of waters, unexplored surroundings, secluded ambience and breathtaking natural beauty. Canadian and American travelers love to spend their vacation in Mexican islands as they get ample of opportunities to relax and bask under the sun.

In order to drive your vehicle in Mexico, you must purchase Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store because Mexican authorities do not honor auto policies that you have obtained in US or Canada. Quality Mexican auto insurance will allow you to eliminate or lessen any situation where you can be detained for not being able to pay for the damages in an event of an auto accident. For more information on low cost quality Mexico insurance, visit Mexican Insurance

Mexico Island Retreats!

You can lose the chaos of city life while catching fish and enjoying the thrilling excitement of water sports. Easy going and laid back atmosphere will allow you to feel the natural retreat. Besides, beach life and aquatic activities, Mexican islands offer great diversity of traditions, culture, history and archeology.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres literally means Island of Women. The small island ahs everything that assist you in getting rid of the mayhem of hustle bustle of big cities. Divers from Canada and US visit the island to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving and to peep into diverse marine life. If you love birds then Contoy Island in Isla Mujeres is for you. The island is a bird sanctuary where you will come across large colonies of wild frigates. Beautiful natural surroundings will make the bird watching activity full of soothing experiences. Daily excursions are available however, you must confirm your name beforehand because only limited visitors allowed. Isla Mujeres is also famous for its Dolphin Discovery educational program. Anyone and everyone can be a part of this safe program. Even if you don’t know swimming professional lifeguards and life jackets allow you to dive into the waters and spend quality time with friendly dolphins.


Are you looking pristine and romantic destination for your honeymoon? Holbox is one of the most romantic islands in Mexico where you can relax while enjoying the tranquility of nature. While strolling on the white sand with your soul mate, you will find different colors of waters complimenting the nature’s color on the sky. In the morning, you will find fresh breeze caressing your face and the panoramic view of sunset offers the most romantic environment you have ever seen. For cozy evening, Canadian and American lovebirds always prefer Passion Island. Visit the small and secluded island and get away from the outside world to strengthen your bond.

Espiritu Santo

One of the most beautiful islands in the Sea of Cortez is Espiritu Santo. The most famous beach in the island is Candelero Bay. Calm and unexplored beach has cascade of mountains on its one side. While spending your holiday on the beach, you would not find much of noise. The peaceful ambience gets the symphony of waves crashing at the base of the mountains.

Scuba Diving In Mexico!

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Scuba diving cenote and caves Mexico.

If you want to solve the mystery of enigmatic underwater life, you should try to be like professional scuba divers. Amazing underwater views captivate you for a lifetime. Scuba divers from Canada and America prefer Mexico because of the many options, warm waters and variety of marine flora and fauna. So, are you ready for the underwater excursion of your lifetime?

For reliable and comprehensive car insurance in Mexico, you should visit Mexican Insurance where you can review and compare Mexican insurance reviews and pick one of the many programs that offer the most suitable protection. Mexico travel experts strongly suggest that you should buy Mexican car insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store before your travel begins. Buy Mexico insurance online and avoid the uncertainty of buying it at the border and you will save a few pesos and have more reliable protection as well.

Scuba Diving In Mexico!

Whether you are professional or an avid diver, Mexican beach waters have something for everyone. Most of the beach authorities offer professional guidance. If you are diving for the first time and expert diver will accompany you and will teach you the basics of diving if you wish.

Puerto Escondido is considered as the best diving spot in Mexico. Breathtaking beauty lies on the shores of Pacific Ocean. The town features variety of beaches and most of them are calm and tranquil. There are several big wave beaches in Puerto Escondido that are famous among Canadians and Americans for surfing. However, to explore the aquatic life, you can travel to then nearest unexplored beaches and take a closer look of colorful fish, lobsters, manta rays and mother of pearls. While excursing through the gorgeous coral reefs, you will come across complete new marine world.

La Paz is another area which cannot afford to miss out on, if you really want to enjoy Mexican style scuba diving. It is the heaven for professional divers and is considered as one of the top notch diving spots in the on the planet. Besides spectacular reefs, you will also come across numerous artificial reefs while diving in the indigo waters of La Paz beaches. You would be swimming with dolphins, colorful fishes and other water species. La Paz is among very few destinations in the world where you can swim with sharks and whales. If you are just starting up with the Scuba diving, Suwanee Reef is the recommended one. Other places where you can start off with your diving experience are Islets which is located between the two gigantic rock formations. Once you dive into the islets, number of sea lions will be there to welcome you.

Northern Mexico Vacation Cities!

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Right from the morning’s fresh breeze until last sip of your drink in the night, you get endless opportunity to enjoy holiday of your life in Northern Mexico. Whether you want to enjoy beach life; explore through history; peep into folklore and traditions; or feel the thrill of adventure; cities in northern part of Mexico have everything to satisfy your urges. There is lot to explore so you cannot afford any delays in your plans. If you really want to enjoy a hassle free trip, you should not neglect to purchase Mexico insurance online while preparing for Mexico driving adventure.

According to experts, you should buy Mexico auto insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store so that you can get the document of your protection before your journey starts. For low cost comprehensive coverage online to save time and money, visit Mexican Car Insurance through Mexican Insurance today.

Northern Mexico Vacation Cities!


The exotic city is located on the longest peninsula in the world and is famous all over the world as “The beautiful Cinderella of Pacific.” Beaches are well complimented by the natural landscapes. Canadian and Americans prefer the city especially for the adventurous sports and outdoor activities. However, if you are a lethargic soul, you can bask in the sun by the beach and feel the freshness of the breeze when it caresses your face. The bay of all saints is one of the most amazing areas to visit in Ensenada where you can enjoy various aquatic and land based activities such as jogging, cycling, fishing, swimming etc. Don’t miss out on exploring through rustic paintings in the caverns cliffs in the mountainous zones. Some people say that they have been created by first tribe in the area, Cochimies.


Mexicali is border city and main business center for both Mexico and US because of its geographical location. However, this is not only a preferred city of Canadian or American businessmen. Every year thousand of travelers visit the city to enjoy tasty regional cuisine, bohemian bars, wild dance clubs and outdoor activities. While excursing through the city, you will come across huge bullring, museums, festivals, public swimming pools and professional golf courses. If you are fond of performing arts, in Mexicali you get several opportunities to enjoy experimental stage plays, orchestra concerts, professional performances rock shows in the theaters of the city. Other notable places in the city are Calafia bullring, Bol Bol bullring and Sol del Nino Museum.


Tijuana is one of the most important border cities in Mexico. The growing city creates interest in Canadians and Americans with great commercial and recreational attractions. Tijuana is also known as “The busiest border city in the world.” The features gorgeous beaches, excellent hotels and beautiful restaurants. You can also enjoy bullfighting in addition to vibrant nightlife. Casinos, bars, night clubs and wild discotheques will make your night the best night you have ever seen.