Why You Need Mexican Car Insurance!

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Driving with Car Insurance.

Mexico is a fascinating country to explore. In addition to its hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, this south-of-the-border nation is bursting at its seams with exceptional cultural and historical attractions. The most convenient way to experience Mexico is by car; however, you have to make sure that you arrive in the country with quality Mexican Car Insurance already in hand. Why is it so important to have a topnotch policy before arriving in Mexico? Read on below to find out.

More than a Slap on the Wrist

In most parts of the U.S., it’s technically not legal to drive around without valid insurance. If you are stopped, though, you’ll usually just receive a ticket. If you can produce proof of insurance at a later date, additional punishments are generally waived. The same is hardly true in Mexico. Without valid Mexican Insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com, you run the risk of facing serious criminal charges. If you get into a car accident in Mexico without Mexico Insurance, you could spend significant time behind bars. Considering how easy it is to get decent insurance for driving in Mexico, it’s foolhardy to go without it.

The Typical Costs of an Accident in Mexico

To give you an idea about what can happen to you if you’re involved in a minor fender-bender in Mexico without insurance, consider these points. Your car will usually be impounded by the police right away. You will be taken to the local police station; at minimum, you will be retained until somebody arrives to post your exorbitant bail. In some cases, you may not even be eligible to bond out. Before you can get your car out of impound, you’ll have to pony up the cash to pay for the necessary repairs of your victim’s car. Needless to say, the truth is often stretched in terms of cost – and you could be out-of-pocket thousands of dollars before everything is said and done.

Don’t Risk It!

Before you even think about planning a trip into Mexico, it’s imperative to procure first-rate Mexican car insurance for driving in that country. U.S. car insurance is not valid in Mexico, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re covered. An insurance policy for driving in Mexico shouldn’t cost very much money at all; the main thing to keep in mind is to purchase it from a reputable online dealer. Buying your Mexican insurance online is vastly preferable to buying it from the shacks along the border, where you run the risk of buying insufficient or invalid insurance. Protect yourself and your family by investing in quality Mexico insurance.

Top Things to Consider when Buying Mexican Auto Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Insurance Policy.

Before heading south of the border, it’s important to plan ahead and cover all of your legal bases. Mexico is a safe, inviting country – especially for those who travel with the right Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. If you’ve never purchased it before – or if you’ve been burned in the past – it helps to study up before leaving. Below, you’ll find a quick and easy selection of tips regarding what to look for when buying Mexican car Insurance for Mexico travel.

Are the Policies Paper-Generated or Online?

Thanks to great advancements in modern technology, information can be transmitted in the blink of an eye. Why invest in a Mexico auto insurance policy that’s hand written on paper – and difficult for authorities to verify – when you can buy one online and rest assured that it’s been instantly transmitted? Skip over any Mexican auto insurance company who can’t guarantee an online policy, and be wary of those who insist on handing you a hand written policy. The reality is, online insurance is always the best course of action.

What Kinds of Ratings Does the Company Have?

Another pitfall that many visitors to Mexico encounter when buying insurance is dealing with less-than-reputable agencies. The last thing that you want to do is invest in Mexican car insurance, only to discover that the agency who provided it has rock-bottom ratings. Topnotch companies will be very transparent about their ratings with prestigious organizations like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. There’s no reason to risk your freedom, or the quality of your trip, by dealing with any company that isn’t up to par with its ratings.

How Many Drivers are Approved Per Policy?

All too often, insurance providers reel prospective customers in by advertising remarkably low rates for their insurance polices for Mexico. Upon signing up, these customers are informed that their policies only cover one driver – additional drivers add significant amounts of money to the original policy. Who needs that? It’s more than possible to find an insurance policy for travel in Mexico that covers any and all drivers that you’ll need – without costing you any extra money.

What Kind of Experience do They Have?

When it comes to buying insurance for driving in Mexico, experience counts. When a Mexico auto insurance company has plenty of years of it, they are much more likely to provide sound service and quality policies. Fly-by-night organizations are generally only in it to make some quick cash – and if they disappear, so does your policy. By keeping all of these points in mind, you should be able to find a topnotch insurance policy for your next Mexican adventure!

Discover Mexico’s Colonial Past in Saltillo!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Matehuala-Saltillo highway.

While many people are vaguely aware of Mexico’s recent history, many are quite unaware of its colonial past. Historians will agree that Mexico had a proud, fascinating colonial history – and Saltillo is one of the best places to get a feel for it. To pay a visit to this historic northern city, buy some Mexican Insurance online and plan a trip. The journey is relatively simple, and topnotch Mexican Car Insurance will help keep you from running into any legal trouble. After experiencing the city firsthand, you’ll see why so many people take day trips from various points in Texas to see it for themselves.

Plotting a Course to Saltillo

Saltillo is an ideal place to visit, especially if you’re looking for a convenient day trip from McAllen or Laredo. You can cross into Mexico from either point, then head south towards Monterrey via Mexico Highway 85. Make sure that you have your Mexico Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store.com in hand for the trip. Once you hit Monterrey, head west on Mexico Highway 40 for Saltillo. Simply follow the signs; you’ll arrive in the city within an hour. For best results, make plans about what you’d like to see in Saltillo prior to leaving.

Enjoy Art and Architecture in Saltillo

As a college and manufacturing town, Saltillo is definitely bustling. It’s also a prime cultural center, boasting plenty of art and architecture. The money that you spend on Mexican insurance will be well worth it, when you visit places like the Palacio de Gobierno.

This statehouse was built during the colonial era; it boasts magnificent murals by Salvador Tarazona and plenty of breezy courtyards. The Cathedral of Saltillo is another great place to visit. It was built during the middle of the 18th century – don’t miss its silver-plated altar.

Try a Local Specialty

Mexican cuisine varies considerably from place to place. In Saltillo, the dish of choice has to be pan de pulque. This light, airy bread is created using a unique process that incorporates agave juice into the batter. You can find pan de pulque all over Saltillo. After you’re completely sated, you’ll probably be ready to head back home. Double check that you have your Mexican car insurance handy, then plot a reverse course back home. You’re sure to come away with many fond memories of Saltillo.

Visit Mexico’s Second-Highest Waterfall!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Mexico is a vast, eclectic country. It abounds with plenty of amazing natural features that are worth exploring. If you’re looking to make good use of your Mexican auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, you should put Basaseachi National Park on the top of your list of possibilities. Located in the state of Chihuahua – approximately 150 miles west of the state capital – this national park is the home to Mexico’s second-highest waterfall, Basaseachi Falls. Located on the Basaseachi River, the falls are truly breathtaking to behold. Order car insurance for Mexico at mexicaninsurancestore.com and hit the road – you’ll be glad you did!

Arriving at Basaseachi National Park

People tend to be much more familiar with Copper Canyon when it comes to outdoor activities in the state of Chihuahua. However, Basaseachi National Park holds a charm all its own. You can dodge a lot of the crowds that Copper Canyon tends to draw by focusing your trip here. The best way to get there is by heading towards the capital city of Chihuahua first. It’s most easy accessible via El Paso, where you cross into Juarez then head south on Mexico 45. South of Chihuahua, follow the signs west toward Basaseachi National Park. Make sure you have your Mexican auto insurance with you at all times.

Experiencing the Falls

Waterfalls are always exciting, and Basaseachi Falls do not disappoint. At approximately 807 feet in height, the falls are anything but diminutive. Since they are in the Sierra Madre Occidental, they are framed by awe-inspiring sheer cliffs. Your investment in car insurance for Mexico will be well worth it, when you see this amazing natural phenomenon in person. Unlike the tallest waterfall in Mexico, the Cascada de Piedra Volada, Basaseachi Falls is permanent – you can enjoy it any time of year.

Exploring the Park

There’s more to Basaseachi National Park than its waterfall, though. There are plenty of great hiking opportunities throughout the park, many of which wind along the Basaseachi River. Outdoors enthusiasts will have plenty to occupy themselves with inside the park. Best of all, the park is small enough to make for a perfect one-day visit. Depending on the length of time that you’ve purchased your car insurance for Mexico for, you may want to limit your visit to a single day. Doing so is perfectly reasonable, though, since the park is modest in size. On your return trip, you might want to consider exploring the Copper Canyon region outside of the park. From there, plot a course north to get back to the U.S.

Experience Mexico’s Great Outdoors in Monterrey!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Local fair wheel located at Monterrey Mexico.

After purchasing quality Mexican Auto Insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com, the first thing that you should do when planning a trip to Mexico is map out the activities that you’d like to enjoy. Different parts of the country have different things to offer. As Mexico’s third largest city, Monterrey has a little bit of something for everyone. The drive south couldn’t be easier, and you’ll enjoy a stress-free journey by purchasing Mexican Insurance online before leaving. While the city of Monterrey has plenty of phenomenal cultural attractions to enjoy, it has a plethora of outdoor activities, too. You can learn more about them by reading on below.

Getting to Monterrey

When it comes to road trips into Mexico from the state of Texas, Monterrey is a natural choice. Your Mexican Car Insurance will serve you well as you cross the border at one of two prime spots: the McAllen-Hidalgo/Reynose crossing or the Laredo/Nuevo Laredo crossing. It’s easy to make your way over to the main Monterrey route, Mexico Highway 85, from either place. Armed with your Mexican auto Insurance, simply head south on 85 and follow the signs to Monterrey. The journey is approximately 120 miles and usually takes around two hours. Still, it’s an easy day trip – and the many outdoor activities make it more than worth it.

Hike and Climb Your Day Away

Upon arriving in the Monterrey area, you’ll have several different options for outdoor enjoyment. Hiking areas are abundant in the Monterrey region; as long as you have quality Mexican insurance, you’ll be able to visit any one of them. Chipinque Ecological Park is a very popular destination in the area. As the home of the white-faced Chipinque Mountain, it is chock full of prime rock climbing, hiking and other activities. La Huasteca is another great option. Situated on the edge of Monterrey, it features deep canyons and many sheer, dramatic cliffs. The scenery alone is enough to completely blow you away.

Explore Mountain Streams

Another great way to enjoy time outdoors near Monterrey is by visiting Matacanes. This rough, scenic river is surrounded with rugged landscapes and plenty of cool, refreshing pools. Driving to Matacanes should be no big deal, especially if you have quality Mexico insurance. Once you arrive in the area, you can take your pick of several great activities. Cool your weary feet in a chilly mountain stream, or hike your way deep into the mountains. Be sure to exercise caution at all times, though – the terrain can be absolutely unforgiving. If you’re an outdoorsy type, though, you will be in your element at Matacanes. When you’ve had your fill, wrap up your Monterrey sojourn, grab your Mexican car insurance and head back to the States!

Indulge Yourself in Mexico’s Lobster Capital!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Lobster seafood Mexican style chili sauces tortilla food.

When most Americans think of sumptuous lobster, Maine and Louisiana generally come to mind. If you’re already buying Mexican Insurance for a south-of-the-border road trip, though, you could feast on some of the best lobster around. Indeed, Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village – which is also known as the “Lobster Capital of Baja” – is just 45 minutes south of the U.S.-Mexico border. What better way to make good use of your Mexican Auto Insurance than to indulge in some of the best pan-friend lobster in North America? Better still, Puerto Nuevo is a truly quaint and welcoming place. In addition to getting your fill of topnotch lobster, you can explore its lovely streets and gaze out at the gorgeous ocean.

Getting to Puerto Nuevo

Happily, getting to Puerto Nuevo is easy. As long as you’ve procured quality Mexican Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online, you’ll have everything you need to make the journey. Just make your way over to the 1D toll road that runs along the Pacific Coast; it’s easy to do from Tijuana. From there, just travel south for about 45 minutes, until you reach the Puerto Nuevo exit. You’ll have a stress-free trip, thanks to your first-rate Mexican insurance policy. Along the way, you’ll be treated to plenty of amazing scenery, too.

Take Your Pick from Dozens of Restaurants

Puerto Nuevo takes immense pride in its lobstering reputation. Evidence of this abounds in the tight-knit village; despite it’s small size, there are more than 30 different restaurants offering up lobster. Indeed, the economy of Puerto Nuevo revolves around the red crustaceans. After taking one bite of fresh, sumptuous lobster, you’ll be glad that you invested in Mexico insurance in order to get there. In Puerto Nuevo, pan fried lobster is the classic dish. It’s usually served with warm tortillas, refried beans, salsa, lime and rice. Is your mouth watering yet?

Experience the Wine and Lobster Festival

Lobster season runs from October to March. To kick it off, Puerto Nuevo holds a spectacular Wine and Lobster Festival every October. Snap up some quality Mexican insurance and make the journey at that time of year. You’ll revel in the delicious food, wine and arts and crafts that abound at this incredible festival. Everywhere you go, you’ll encounter easygoing people with a passion for lobster. Without a doubt, you’ll bring back some fond – and unforgettable – memories of your time in Puerto Nuevo. Chances are, you’ll want to come back again and again in the future!

Discover the Cave Paintings of La Rumorosa, Mexico!

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Petroglyph Paintings.

There are plenty of rewards for venturing away from the U.S.-Mexico border while visiting Mexico. Once you have quality Mexican Insurance by mexicaninsurancestore.com in your hands, the road is completely open to you. Why not expand your horizons – and learn more about Mexico’s ancient history – by checking out some cave paintings? Whether you enter the country at Tijuana or Tecate, it’s a relatively sedate eastward drive over to the village of La Rumorosa. As long as you have purchased Mexican auto insurance online , the journey should be peaceful and easy.

Exploring Vallecito

Although the famous cave and rock paintings of northern Baja are found near La Rumorosa, they are actually located at El Vallecito. The name means “little valley,” which is definitely apt. Within this valley, several rock formations and caves abound. An easy-to-navigate loop exists; armed with your Mexico Insurance , you should be able to explore it at your own leisurely pace. Along the way, you and your traveling companions are sure to be impressed by the stark beauty of the region. It’s located smack-dab in the Sierra Juarez; the scenery alone is well worth a visit.

Don’t Miss El Diablito

Without a doubt, the most famous painting in El Vallecito is El Diablito. That name roughly translates to mean “little devil,” and it’s easy to see why. The painting consists of a human-like form with devil horns on its head. You’ll be glad that you invested in decent Mexican insurance after seeing this remarkable painting. If you’re lucky enough to be in the area around the time of the winter solstice, you’ll be able to see El Diablito’s eyes lit up by the sun. If you only have time to visit one painting while here, though, El Diablito should be it.

Experience History Firsthand

Investing in topnotch Mexican auto insurance is well worth it, since it allows you to explore this majestic country at your own pace, without fear of being locked away in jail. If you’re already planning a visit to Tijuana or Tecata, you should consider jumping on the Rumorosa-Mexicali Highway and heading over to La Rumorosa. The cave and rock paintings of El Vallecito are sure to make your journey more than worth it. Besides, most people overlook the fact that Mexico boasts a rich, ancient history of its own. The 500-year-old paintings of this part of Baja are, at turns, fascinating and mystical. Secure Mexico insurance prior to leaving, then immerse yourself in the grandeur of the region.

Discover Rosarito Beach, Mexico!

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Beach In Rosarito Baja California, Northwest MEXICO.

There’s nothing quite like hopping into a car in San Diego and heading south of the border. All too often, though, visitors to Mexico limit their explorations to the greater Tijuana area. There’s a popular misconception that driving farther afield is too complicated and dangerous.

As long as you have quality Mexican Auto Insurance coverage though, it pays to spread your wings a little. Once you have decent Mexican Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store in hand – especially through the easy online process at mexicaninsurancestore.com – you can discover the real excitement that Mexico has to offer; Rosarito Beach is a prime example.

Getting There As long as you take the correct route, getting to Rosarito Beach is an absolute breeze. Before leaving the states, get car insurance for Mexico online; waiting to purchase Mexican auto insurance from the shacks at the border is always a risky proposition. Nothing can sideline an otherwise fun trip to Rosarito Beach quite like being put in jail for not carrying proper Mexican insurance.

Of the two main routes to Rosarito Beach from Tijuana – the Transpeninsular Highway and Mexico 1D – the latter is the best option. It’s a toll road, but it runs along the coast and is relatively easy to navigate. Enjoying Your Visit When traveling south, by car, along Mexico 1D, remember that turnoff signs usually appear at the last possible second.

Keep your eyes peeled for those turnoffs and pay close attention to signs along the highway. Make sure that you have proof of the car insurance for Mexico that you bought online with you at all times. After arriving in Rosarito Beach, though, get ready for a fun-filled time. Construction abounds in the area – it was kick-started when Fox Studio Baja set up shop in 1996 for the production of Titanic. You may not find Jack and Rose lounging around on the beaches here, but you will find plenty of people who are ready for fun.

Key Sights in Rosarito Beach In addition to the glamor that the film industry has brought to the area, Rosarito Beach is bursting at its seams with ways to have fun. Its main drag, the Boulevard Juarez, is jam-packed with bars, restaurants, clubs and other types of nightlife. The stately – and historic – Hotel Rosarito is situated directly on the beach, ensuring that you’ll bring home many fond memories of your stay.

Once you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun – or when your responsibilities beckon you back home – just jump back in your car and head north. Armed with your first-rate Mexican auto insurance policy, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Ultimately, you’ll be glad that you ventured further south into this fascinating country.

Xochimilco – Venice in Mexico?

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Vista noturna do cemitério de San Gregório de Atlapulco, em Xochimilco, na Cidade do México.

Would you like to get a hint of Europe while traveling South of the Border? You might consider visiting the floating gardens of Xochimilco, especially if your plans will take you near Mexico City. The beautiful small town features fifty miles of Canals. Its proximity to the Mexico City makes it a good choice for Canadian and American travelers to experience the blend of Mexican culture and European ambience.

If you are thinking that your comprehensive US or Canadian insurance will keep you away from financial and legal difficulties if you get into an auto accident; be ready to get detained until you pay off the damages in full because Mexican authorities do not consider foreign auto insurance policies. Therefore, you really need Mexico auto insurance for a safe and hassle free vacation. Buy Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online which is cheaper, faster and much more reliable so that you can review, understand, and compare your Mexico car insurance policy rates, terms, and conditions immediately.

The best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Xochimilco is to take a boat ride through the canals. While excursing through the waters, you will find lush vegetation on either side which is enough to make you feel the freshness of the nature. The canal was built by the Aztecs for irrigation as well as used it as a way to cross ancient Lake Xochimilco. On the waterway there are several shops from where you can buy handicrafts and art pieces as memento of your journey. Travelers from US and Canada love to spend quality time on these ancient artificial islands. Aztecs made these artificial islands by packing plants and mud. You will find abundance of plants and vegetables on these islands.

The floating gardens of Xochimilco are divided into two parts and if you miss out on visiting any of them your trip to the Venice of Mexico would be considered incomplete. Area of Trajinera is a must while you are enjoying the European set up in Xochimilco. To add colors to your trip you should excurse through some of the canals in colorful boats. These boats are long and narrow and decorated with colorful flowers. Some of the boats have professional mariachi singers on board for your entertainment.

Canals are fenced by historical buildings and unique cafes. You will come across numerous stories about these historical buildings from the locals or travelers along with you in the boats. In the canals vendors sell handicrafts, wooden dolls, drinks and jewelry on their boats or chalupas. If you are feeling hungry while enjoying your time in boat, you would not fin any restaurants however, you can get tortillas and tacos from floating kitchens. Parque Natural Xochimilco is the ecology center in the area. Preserved area is famous among Canadians and Americans especially for the Aztec and Mayan ruins.

Art Galleries in Cancun Mexico!

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Aerial view of a Cancun resort.

Yes there are quality art galleries in Cancun! Most people visit Mexico for the exotic beach life, vibrant night life and delicious food and drink. However, there are people on this earth who find entertainment in historical pieces, traditional design and anything that can send them back in times when human beings were not aware of machines and our complicated mechanical life. If you are one of them read on! Mexico is not only about beach life. Rich culture, traditions and arts are evident from the large number of art galleries that are available in the cities such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

According to Mexican travel experts, all visitors really do need to obtain a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy from mexicaninsurancestore.com before starting off on their great adventure. Quality Mexico insurance coverage allows you to drive your vehicle without worrying about what could happen from a liability standpoint if you are unfortunately involved in a traffic mishap on your trip. Best part of buying Mexican Car Insurance online is that you will have more certain coverage and you wont need to pay any additional fees. At Mexican Insurance Store.com all fees are included within the cost, so you can save time and money with their easy to use instant print system.

While spending your vacation in Cancun, water sports, adventure and nightlife will never leave you. But you should not miss visiting the art galleries in downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone. Besides art galleries, you will also find artists selling their work in the corners of the busy street.

Art galleries are the preference of Canadian and American art lovers as the galleries represent the best work of local and internationally acclaimed artists. If you are interested in traditional art, the Cancun folk art museum might be your kind of place.

It is located in the El Embarcadero Marina. In the museum, you will find a wide range of Mexico regional and national folk art. Religious artifacts, traditional costumes and masks and handmade toys are on display in the exhibitions. You will also learn about several stories about the local culture and the history of Mexican people.

Are you interested in shopping for art? You can buy pieces from commercial art galleries and individual vendors in the area known as the Plaza Kukulcan which is famous for its upscale jewelry and clothing stores. In the Plaza, you will find the work of Sergio Bustamante, a famous local artist. In most of his works, you will find a tinge of Indian and Chinese influences.

You can easily find blend of spirituality, humor and superior workmanship. If you are looking some bargain deals, you should try the common areas of the shopping center where local artists are allowed to display and sell their work. You will find artists in abundance selling handmade jewelry, oil paintings, crafts and pottery.