Tulum, Mexico: A Worthwhile Journey With Mexican Auto Insurance!

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Chill and relax at Tulum beach.

Many times, visitors to Mexico restrict themselves to areas right along the U.S.-Mexico border. If they decide to venture farther in, they generally travel by plane. This is unfortunate, since driving in Mexico is enjoyable and easy – as long as you have quality Mexican auto insurance. The Mexican Riviera, which includes the tourist mecca of Cancun, is one far-flung locale whose journey is definitely well worth it. If luxuriating on the beach all day isn’t going to cut it for you, though, you could always visit the ruins of nearby Tulum. Invest in topnotch Mexican insurance online , then head out on a road trip of truly epic proportions – the ultimate destination will make the driving more than worth it!

Anyone thinking of having fun driving around Mexico should learn about Mexico laws on automobile Insurance. You can find more information about Mexican Auto Insurance here. The reason for being cautious is that Mexico practices Napoleonic law, which definitely differs from other British Common Law countries. It would be wise to buy your Mexican Insurance online. This will eliminate the hassle self insuring and personally shouldering damages to pay for liabilities that you might have in case of an accident. Buying quality Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store.com is the least expensive viable option for most travelers.

Marvel at Seaside Ruins

Without a doubt, Tulum’s biggest claim to fame is its incredible ruins. The ancient Mayan ruins are the site of what used to be one of the earliest resorts in the world. Mayan royalty would visit this bucolic seaside area, basking in its glow and charm. All these years later, people from around the world continue to flock to this stunning stretch of paradise. The drive to Tulum may be long – you will have to stop at least once along the way – but it should go off without incident. Just make sure that you’ve procured first-rate Mexico auto insurance prior to hitting the road.

Go Snorkeling Through Time

While roaming around the ruins at Tulum is surely enjoyable, there are plenty of other fine ways to experience this breathtaking area. Snorkeling is one of the top activities in the greater Tulum region; if you’ve done it before, nothing should hold you back from signing up with a local outfit. The Dos Ojos cenote is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in this entire area, so be sure to put it at the top of your list. If you have your own equipment, you’ll just have to pay a very small fee to gain access to this prime undersea exploration area.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Once you’ve had your fill of undersea exploring and above-ground ruins, a trip to a local reserve is a wonderful way to wrap up your Tulum sojourn. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere is an optimal place to get a feel for the nature of the region. Guided tours are available by park staff, or you could hire a local fisherman to show you around for a very small fee. In either case, you’re sure to love the pristine condition of the reserve, and you’re bound to see some incredible wildlife. When all is said and done, you probably won’t want to leave Tulum at all!

Cozumel Mexico Fun and Entertainment!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Beach in Coast of Cozumel island, Mexico.

Are you looking for diving paradise? Cozumel might be the answer. Besides the enticing and refreshing nature and turquoise blue beach waters, the city is also famous for historical landmarks, museums and golf courses. Whatever your choice is and it is your pick to choose the starting point but the most important thing that you should not miss while preparing yourself for the trip is quality Mexican Insurance.

Obtaining quality Mexico insurance coverage from mexicaninsurancestore.com is the best alternate to enjoy vacation without any worries as foreign auto insurance policies will not be honored by Mexican government. Mexico Insurance is necessary; otherwise you’ll be detained till you pay damages that te authorities deem you have caused in any auto accident. You can buy Mexican auto insurance online at leading providers such as Mexican Insurance Store.com.This will save you time and money.

Cozumel is famous all over the world for its beaches. If you are looking for unexplored and secluded beaches, you should travel to the east coast. Punta Chiqueros is the beach that you will find on the east coast. Hang in a hammock and enjoy the nap while enjoying the sound of waves when they crash into the surrounding mountains. In case, you are missing some adventure but do not want to compromise on the serenity, Playa Uvas is an apt destination. It is just a drive away from Playa Chiqueros. Clear waters of Playa Uvas are best for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach is also offers excellent kayaking conditions. You will also find a variety store, swimming pool and restaurant on Playa Uvas.

Playa Del Sol is another area worth visiting in Cozumel. Besides swimming, snorkeling and diving; horseback riding is also quite famous in the beach area. Playa Maya is a good place to see off an adventurous day. The serene beach is one of the most sought after destinations of honeymooners who want to feel the romance in the air when sun goes down behind the waters. The city of Cozumel is heaven for sun lovers and divers. The city features over thirty reefs where you can enjoy dive of your life. To get a closer of alluring marine life, you just need to dive. Some of the notable reefs are Santa Rosa, Colombia, Palancar, El Paso del Cedral, Maracaibo and Paraiso.

If you want to increase the knowledge about the ecology and know about the history of the island, you should visit the “Museum of the Island” which is located in the downtown area. There are four exhibition rooms that represent the broaden look of the history of the island.

Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com; Mexico City Deserves a Visit!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com; Mexico City Deserves a Visit!

Tourists relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach on Cozumel island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Imagine a city that has the culture and nightlife of New York and the climate of L.A. Roll the two top American cities into one and you have Mexico City. It is the most populated city in Mexico and the country’s center.

You do not have to leave your car at home when you travel to Mexico as long as you purchase Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com. This special Mexican auto insurance cover takes the place of your U.S. or Canada policy which does not provide coverage south of the border. The best way to get Mexican car insurance is online before you ever leave home. Look for websites with Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com information and resources so that you can make a more educated choice. All Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com coverage is not created equal. You will save time, money and frustration buying online from leading purveyors such as Mexican Insurance Store.com.

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is located in the center of the country in what is known as the Valley of Mexico surrounded by beautiful mountains. The metro area is home to more than 20 million people and is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The city has experienced amazing growth over the last 50 years fueled in large part by hosting the Olympic games in 1968.

Number one among the must see attractions in Mexico City is Teotihuacan which is known as the place where men became gods. It is located northeast of Mexico City and is one of oldest known cities in North America. This is where you will find the pyramid of the sun built in the first century AD and the pyramid of the moon which was constructed a few years later. There are a number of other historic ruins on the site which feature murals of early leaders and tributes to the gods.

There is much more history to discover in Mexico City. The Templo Mayor located in the historic center of the city was part of an ancient Aztec city that dates back to the 1300’s. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Zocalo as it is called in Mexico is also home to the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. The place was built on the grounds of the home of Montezuma and dates back to the 1500’s.

One of the greatest collections of artifacts from Montezuma and the Aztec era is at the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City. Exploring the 100,000 square feet of exhibit space will take you all day. It is divided into time periods and features not only the Aztec story but the Mayan and Olmec civilizations as well. It is located in Chapultepec Park which is home to the Museum of Modern Art and a zoo which dates back to the 1500’s. Mexico City Deserves a Visit!

Author Linden Gray, founder of Mexican Insurance Store.com is an international online insurance veteran with over 32 years of wholesale, retail, and company insurance experience. Mr. Gray has been featured in numerous offline and online publications including RV Magazine, The Press Enterprise, PE.com, Google News, Yahoo News, Reddit, Digg and Buzzle. Visit Mexican Insurance Store.com for more fascinating information and resources about Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com

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Get Inspired in Guanajuato, Mexico!

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View of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Whether you’re a professional photographer – or just a beginner – you’re sure to appreciate places that are naturally photogenic. While some would argue that it’s possible to find beauty in nearly anything, the fact remains that certain places lend themselves better to photography than others. In Mexico, the city of Guanajuato is definitely one of them. By scooping up some topnotch Mexican auto insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com, you can head into central Mexico and visit this charming state capital. You’ll be happy that you invested in Mexican insurance cover once you lay eyes on this incredibly picturesque place.

A Unique Layout

Driving to Guanajuato from the U.S.-Mexico border is generally a two-day journey. As a result, you absolutely must have first-rate car insurance for Mexico on hand; make sure that the policy you buy will cover your entire trip, too. Review and compare Mexico Car Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.com today for comprehensive, reliable Car Insurance for Mexico. The drive down is filled with interesting sights, and the scenery becomes more and more stunning as you approach Guanajuato. You’re sure to marvel at the many tunnels that lead into and out of the city, which were put in place in order to preserve its architectural integrity – a fact that helps add to the ambiance and photogenic nature of the town.

Bold Colors and Stunning Vistas

There are plenty of exceptional attractions to enjoy in Guanajuato – from a towering statue called El Pipila to the ornate 17th-century Basilica of our Lady of Guanajuato, the town is bursting at its seams with historic sights. If you’re here to take photos, though, you’ll probably love simply roaming the picturesque streets of the town on foot. Narrow, winding roads help lend this mountain town an exotic and frozen-in-time feel. It’s practically impossible to take a bad photo, especially given the town’s propensity for brightly colored stucco buildings interspersed with ornate architectural gems.

A Trip to Remember

If you decide to take the trip down to Guanajuato, make sure that you bring several blank memory cards for your digital camera. You are sure to be so inspired by the town’s loveliness that you’ll probably end up taking hundreds – if not thousands – of pictures. For additional inspiration, pay a visit to a few of the area’s mines; some of the oldest ones were first excavated during the 16th century. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, Guanajuato is sure to be one Mexican vacation that you won’t soon forget!

Author Linden Gray, founder of Mexican Insurance Store.com is an international online insurance veteran with over 32 years of wholesale, retail, and company insurance experience. Mr. Gray has been featured in numerous offline & online publications including RV Magazine, The Press Enterprise, PE.com, Google News, Yahoo News, Reddit, Digg and Buzzle. Visit Mexican Insurance Store.com for more facinating information and resources about Mexico and Mexican Auto Insurance.

Tips for Driving in Mexico and Understanding Mexican Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Couple driving car and smiling.

There is nothing inherently unsafe about driving in Mexico. As long as you are armed with first-rate Mexican Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, you shouldn’t encounter any trouble. That being said, though, it’s important to recognize the fact that you will be driving in a foreign country. Like any other place, Mexico has its own unique set of rules and laws when it comes to driving. By familiarizing yourself with Mexican driving conventions and Mexico Auto insurance peculiarities, you’re sure to have a much more enjoyable time during your south-of-the-border adventure. Beyond investing in top rated Mexican auto Insurance, the following tips and bits of advice will help you be as prepared as possible for your Mexican sojourn. Mexico insurance is a very important part of any planning advise for driving in Mexico.

Topes and Vados

Speed control is a major issue in Mexico. As a result, many different means are used to promote it. In the States, speed limit signs and strategically-placed state troopers tend to be the largest extents to which speed control is enforced. In Mexico, physical features called topes – which are similar to speed bumps – are commonly used. Some topes can be exceptionally large; from time to time, they cause damage to vehicles, especially when caution isn’t being exercised. It’s just one more reason for having decent car insurance for Mexico. Vados are another thing to keep an eye out for. They are, essentially, dips in the road. They’re often caused by streams and other natural phenomenon. Cows like to congregate in vados, so be exceedingly careful no matter where you are driving. Be warned that farms and grassland areas do not use an extensive a network of barbed wire as in the United States and that it not uncommon especially at night to come across livestock right in the middle of the highway.


Checkpoints exist along most major roads and highways in Mexico. They are everyday fixtures in many parts of the country, and aren’t anything to be concerned about. At most, you will be asked to show your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Since these are military checkpoints, the authorities may have automatic weapons. Again, these are simply the government’s way of keeping the roads safe. Innocent vacationers and tourists have absolutely nothing to worry about, as long as they aren’t carrying drugs or weapons with them.

Speed Limits

As mentioned earlier, the speed limit is strictly enforced all over Mexico. If you’re fond of driving 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit back home, rein it in south of the border. Speed limits are posted in kilometers; even if you car has a kilometer gauge on it, it never hurts to know the miles-to-kilometers conversion. 100 kilometers per hour equals 60 miles per hour; simply take the posted speed limit, multiply it by six and drop the last digit off to arrive at the approximate limit. To be extra safe, you should aim to stay a little bit below the speed limit at all times.Tips for Driving in Mexico and Understanding Mexican Insurance!

Author Linden Gray founder of Mexican Insurance Store.com is an international online insurance veteran with over 32 years of wholesale, retail, and company insurance experience. Mr. Gray has been featured in numerous offline & online publications including RV Magazine, The Press Enterprise, PE.com, Google News, Yahoo News, Reddit, Digg and Buzzle. Visit Mexican Insurance Store.com for more facinating information and resources about Mexico and Mexican Auto Insurance.

Getting Away to Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Cabo San Lucas beach in Mexico.

Hop on Highway One and you will find the perfect spot for a fun filled getaway. Cabo San Lucas is a party town featuring beautiful beaches and incredible nightlife. The experience can be made even better by traveling by car over what has been called one of the most gorgeous drives in North America.

Before taking off on your car trip to Cabo get Mexican Insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com. You need to have Mexican Car Insurance to travel through Mexico because American and Canadian policies are not valid. By purchasing Mexico Auto Insurance in advance you will have legal, and financial protection if you are involved in an accident.

Baja Mexico Travel

The trip to Cabo San Lucas takes you through the Baja Peninsula. As you travel this strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Cortez Sea you will pass through amazing vistas. You will travel through mountains and desert to reach your final destination of Cabo which is known as the “Jewel of the Baja Peninsula.” Cabo is located at the southern tip of the peninsula and boasts of an average year round temperature of 78 degrees. Cabo was once a small fishing village but was turned into an exclusive resort town after tourists discovered miles and miles of beautiful deserted beaches.

The most famous beach is Playa Medano. It is several miles long and stretches from the east side of the harbor to the town of Villa del Palmer. This is where the action is in Cabo with a variety of bars and restaurants and a wide variety of activities. In addition to swimming, this is where you can rent jet skis or kayaks, go parasailing or take a trip out on a glass bottom boat. Among the popular hangouts are The Office, Mango Deck and Billygan’s Island which feature all day happy hours.

Cabo was first a fishing village and remains one of the top spots for sport fishing in the world. Sailfish, mahi mahi and tuna are abundant in the waters off of the coast. Marlin bay is located right off of Cabo and was named for the trophy size catches that the city has become famous for. There are a number of charter services available to take you out. The latest fishing report for Cabo shows steady marlin action continues on the East Coast, north of Gordo Banks. Crews report catching billfish in the 300-700 pound range. How About Getting Away to Cabo Mexico?

For More information about Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas

The Benefits of Buying Mexican Auto Insurance Online!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Filling Car Insurance.

One common misconception that travelers have is that it’s perfectly reasonable to buy Mexican auto Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store at the shacks along the border. While it’s possible to find usable insurance at such places, you’re always running the risk of inadvertently buying a policy that’s worth less than the paper on which it is printed. Considering the fact that your Mexican Insurance online policy is designed to keep you out of legal trouble while traveling south of the border, it’s essential to invest in a policy that is reliable. The best way to do that is by purchasing your policy from a reputable online dealer; read on to learn more.

Don’t Be Put on the Spot

When you put off buying car insurance for Mexico until you’re actually at the border, you are put on the spot in a troubling way. After all, you can’t check the references or credentials of the places that peddle insurance at the border. There’s no quick and easy way to make sure that the policy you’re purchasing is being entered into an official system of any kind. Furthermore, you have no way to double check whether or not the insurance company has positive or negative ratings with organizations like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. Why risk it?

Get a Policy Lightning-Quick

When you purchase car insurance for Mexico from a topnotch online agent, (the very few who provide Mexican insurance directly to consumers are the best) you can rest assured that the information is being instantly transmitted into an official system. In the unlikely event that some sort of traffic mishap occurs, officials will be able to verify the legitimacy of your policy quickly and easily. You won’t be left hanging for hours – or days – on end, while the authorities try to determine what your policy covers and whether it’s real or not. The last thing that you need is for your fun-filled vacation to turn into a bureaucratic nightmare – or, worse still, a long stretch in a Mexican detention center.

Cover Your Bases with Online Mexican auto Insurance

Because online Mexican insurance policies are sold through the Internet, they are instantly transmitted to the appropriate places. Unlike pieces of paper, these policies can be verified instantly. You don’t have to drive around riddled with anxiety, worried about accidentally ending up in a major debacle during what should be an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. Whether you are traveling with your entire family – or just as a couple – having the right insurance can help you relax and truly enjoy yourself. Invest in reliable low cost online insurance today.

Go Back in Time to Playa del Carmen Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Beach of Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

It is a perfect spot for a beach vacation and a history lesson. Playa del Carmen, Mexico is home to the ruins of Tulum, an ancient Mayan city and miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches.

You can drive with no fear in Mexico as long as you purchase Mexican insurance at mexicaninsurancestore.com in advance. American policies are not valid south of the border so you need to get special Mexico insurance just for this excursion. Having Mexican auto insurance will give you peace of mind and avoid any hassles with the authorities.

Playa del Carmen is located on Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula about 60 miles south of Cancun. Originally founded as a small fishing village, this Mexican city is now home to a number of resorts and hotels that cater to tourists. The calm waters of the Caribbean Sea are perfect for swimming and the coastline features a number of shallow lagoons which are ideal for snorkeling.

Fun in the sun is just a small part of the experience of visiting Playa del Carmen. The city was once a part of the ancient Mayan empire and you can still explore the ruins of Tulum which are nearby. Located high on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean, the ruins which have been well preserved are just a short drive south of Playa del Carmen.

Tulum was a walled city that dates back to about 1200. One side of the city was protected by the steep cliff going down to the sea and the other side by a tall thick wall with tall watch towers. Inside the fort, the most famous of all of the structures is the Temple of the Frescoes which was used as an observatory for tracking the movement of the sun. Carved into the outside of the temple are depictions of various gods as well as sea serpents. The ruins are among the most visited of all sites in Mexico.

Another spot to visit during your trip to Playa Del Carmen is the Xaman-Ha Aviary. There you can see in their natural environment Green Parrots, Macaws, Toucans and Pink Flamingos. There are a total of 60 species of birds in the aviary which are all native to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. Your children will love seeing these exotic birds up close.

Why You Need Mexican Car Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Driving with Car Insurance.

Mexico is a fascinating country to explore. In addition to its hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, this south-of-the-border nation is bursting at its seams with exceptional cultural and historical attractions. The most convenient way to experience Mexico is by car; however, you have to make sure that you arrive in the country with quality Mexican Car Insurance already in hand. Why is it so important to have a topnotch policy before arriving in Mexico? Read on below to find out.

More than a Slap on the Wrist

In most parts of the U.S., it’s technically not legal to drive around without valid insurance. If you are stopped, though, you’ll usually just receive a ticket. If you can produce proof of insurance at a later date, additional punishments are generally waived. The same is hardly true in Mexico. Without valid Mexican Insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com, you run the risk of facing serious criminal charges. If you get into a car accident in Mexico without Mexico Insurance, you could spend significant time behind bars. Considering how easy it is to get decent insurance for driving in Mexico, it’s foolhardy to go without it.

The Typical Costs of an Accident in Mexico

To give you an idea about what can happen to you if you’re involved in a minor fender-bender in Mexico without insurance, consider these points. Your car will usually be impounded by the police right away. You will be taken to the local police station; at minimum, you will be retained until somebody arrives to post your exorbitant bail. In some cases, you may not even be eligible to bond out. Before you can get your car out of impound, you’ll have to pony up the cash to pay for the necessary repairs of your victim’s car. Needless to say, the truth is often stretched in terms of cost – and you could be out-of-pocket thousands of dollars before everything is said and done.

Don’t Risk It!

Before you even think about planning a trip into Mexico, it’s imperative to procure first-rate Mexican car insurance for driving in that country. U.S. car insurance is not valid in Mexico, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re covered. An insurance policy for driving in Mexico shouldn’t cost very much money at all; the main thing to keep in mind is to purchase it from a reputable online dealer. Buying your Mexican insurance online is vastly preferable to buying it from the shacks along the border, where you run the risk of buying insufficient or invalid insurance. Protect yourself and your family by investing in quality Mexico insurance.

Top Things to Consider when Buying Mexican Auto Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Insurance Policy.

Before heading south of the border, it’s important to plan ahead and cover all of your legal bases. Mexico is a safe, inviting country – especially for those who travel with the right Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. If you’ve never purchased it before – or if you’ve been burned in the past – it helps to study up before leaving. Below, you’ll find a quick and easy selection of tips regarding what to look for when buying Mexican car Insurance for Mexico travel.

Are the Policies Paper-Generated or Online?

Thanks to great advancements in modern technology, information can be transmitted in the blink of an eye. Why invest in a Mexico auto insurance policy that’s hand written on paper – and difficult for authorities to verify – when you can buy one online and rest assured that it’s been instantly transmitted? Skip over any Mexican auto insurance company who can’t guarantee an online policy, and be wary of those who insist on handing you a hand written policy. The reality is, online insurance is always the best course of action.

What Kinds of Ratings Does the Company Have?

Another pitfall that many visitors to Mexico encounter when buying insurance is dealing with less-than-reputable agencies. The last thing that you want to do is invest in Mexican car insurance, only to discover that the agency who provided it has rock-bottom ratings. Topnotch companies will be very transparent about their ratings with prestigious organizations like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. There’s no reason to risk your freedom, or the quality of your trip, by dealing with any company that isn’t up to par with its ratings.

How Many Drivers are Approved Per Policy?

All too often, insurance providers reel prospective customers in by advertising remarkably low rates for their insurance polices for Mexico. Upon signing up, these customers are informed that their policies only cover one driver – additional drivers add significant amounts of money to the original policy. Who needs that? It’s more than possible to find an insurance policy for travel in Mexico that covers any and all drivers that you’ll need – without costing you any extra money.

What Kind of Experience do They Have?

When it comes to buying insurance for driving in Mexico, experience counts. When a Mexico auto insurance company has plenty of years of it, they are much more likely to provide sound service and quality policies. Fly-by-night organizations are generally only in it to make some quick cash – and if they disappear, so does your policy. By keeping all of these points in mind, you should be able to find a topnotch insurance policy for your next Mexican adventure!