Explore Mexico Far and Wide with Quality Insurance!

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Beautiful tourist travelling in Mexico.

If you think that Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is going to limit your travel options, think again. The truth is that its perfectly possible to buy affordable car insurance for Mexico that will cover you throughout the entire country. That way, you can cross the U.S.-Mexico border and venture as far – or not so far – as youd like. All the while, youll feel secure in the knowledge that your insurance policy will help protect you from serious legal trouble. While the vast majority of Mexican vacations go off without hitches, the remote possibility of trouble should be guarded against as much as possible. The right policy is one of the best ways to do just that.

Get Your Policy without a Hassle

Its natural to feel impulsive about getting away on a vacation. Sometimes, the urge to head south of the border is so strong that its tempting to jump right into a car and go. However, waiting until youre actually at the border to buy Mexico insurance is never a smart move to make. The thing is, you dont have to delay your trip by several days in order to procure a quality policy ahead of time. In fact, you can do so online in just a few quick minutes. Your information will be transmitted in seconds, and you can proceed as quickly as youd like.

Go Wherever Youd Like

Whether your ideal Mexican vacation involves a well-planned itinerary, or if youd rather just wing it, decent car insurance for Mexico will keep you protected the whole time. If you do decide to embark on a carefully planned trip, you could invest in Mexico insurance for the appropriate length of time – policies are available for one-day trips, as well as week- or month-long excursions. Not sure how long you plan on staying – or where you plan on going? A yearly policy is surprisingly affordable and will give you the wiggle room that you need.

Embark on the Vacation thats Right for You!

As dull as it may be, insurance is absolutely necessary. You wouldnt even consider driving around at home without it, so why take the even bigger risk of traveling through Mexico without it? Regardless of the length or extent of the trip that you’ll be taking, you should always obtain topnotch Mexican auto insurance first. It is, without a doubt, the smartest first move that you can make. Whether you dart over the border for a quick day trip – or if you head all the way down to the far reaches of the Yucatán peninsula – the right insurance will let you breathe easy.

Visiting Mexico from Canada? Get First-Rate Mexican Auto Insurance For Canadians!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Visiting Mexico from Canada.

In the depths of winter, the vast majority of Canada experiences extremely cold temperatures and a great deal of snow, sleet and ice. At first, this weather is enjoyable; as the months drag by, though, it can start getting pretty old. A great way to break up the monotony of a northern winter is by heading down to Mexico. By investing in topnotch Mexican insurance for Canadians at Mexican Insurance Store.com, you can ward off major trouble while traveling the road south of the border. It is mandatory to purchase Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians, too – your Canada-issued car insurance policy is null and void in Mexico. The doldrums of winter can be pushed aside for a week or two, but its always best to be as prepared as possible.

Make an Adventure Out of It

Some people look at the amount of ground that needs to be traversed between Canada and Mexico and decide that its just not worth it. Plane tickets are expensive, though, and flying doesnt allow you to experience the unique lay of the land. Mexican car insurance for Canadians is wonderfully affordable; even if youll be south of the border for several months, youre sure to be pleased with the remarkably low prices of first-rate policies. Speaking of first-rate policies, though, its essential to buy your Mexican insurance online prior to leaving. Skimping on this important detail really is a recipe for disaster.

Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance Online

Many Canadians are under the impression that they can’t buy their Mexican car insurance until they hit the U.S.-Mexico border; this simply isnt true. In fact, waiting until you’re about to enter Mexico to buy your policy is a surefire way to end up with a less than worthwhile policy. While some of the shacks along the border do sell legitimate policies, its like playing Russian roulette – you just dont know what youre going to get. If you get unlucky and end up with an inadequate policy, you could end up in jail in Mexico; suddenly, the cold and ice of Canada will sound a lot more appealing.

Hit the Mexican Highway

Theres something wonderfully freeing about driving leisurely around Mexico. Many people only experience this remarkable country when traveling with a highly regimented tourist group. By hitting the road on your own, you can see the things that you want to see; ultimately, youll have a much more enjoyable and agreeable time. Mexico is, for the most part, a very safe country. Canadian visitors are generally welcomed with open arms and most return home with fond memories of their journeys. In fact, most end up returning again and again – and you probably will, too!

Mexican Car Insurance Policies: Electronic vs. Paper!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Insurance Policy.

Up until quite recently, you could only get Mexican car insurance policies on paper. There were many drawbacks to such scenarios; must importantly, processing these policies took considerable amounts of time. While paper policies are still in widespread use, theres a much more viable alternative available today: electronic Mexican insurance online policies. Since you actually have a choice in the matter, its always best to opt for an electronic policy. Doing so wont just save you time – it will help guarantee that your policy is being put into immediate effect. Considering the serious risks that are involved in driving without a Mexican Insurance Store.com auto insurance policy, it is imperative to make sure that yours is valid and active before you cross the border.

A Policy That Can’t Get Lost in the Mail

When you buy a paper Mexican car insurance policy, there are too many opportunities for mistakes and errors to be made. After signing up for one, the agent is supposed to send it off to Mexico right away. Unfortunately, that doesnt always happen; instead, your paperwork could very well sit there for several days. Even if the paperwork for your Mexican insurance policy is sent out right away, it could easily get lost in the mail and it takes 10 days to pass through customs and travel to Mexico city where most of the major insurers reside. An electronically-generated policy, on the other hand, is transmitted instantly and securely.

The Security of an Internet-Driven Policy

You dont have to be all that tech savvy to realize how quickly information is transmitted online. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you can send information to a person whos halfway across the world in mere seconds. That same power and speed can be tremendously beneficial when it comes to buying Mexican auto insurance. By ordering your policy online, you can rest assured that authorities south of the border are receiving your information right away. Instead of entering Mexico riddled with anxiety about your coverage, you can enter the country confident in the knowledge that you are protected.

The Downfall of a False Sense of Security

Sometimes, people feel more secure about buying insurance for Mexico when they are handed an actual piece of paper. A paper policy is tangible and can feel very official. Unfortunately, though, it can also give you a truly false sense of security. Whether youre zipping over the border for a quick one-day trip – or if you’re heading deep into the heart of Mexico – the last thing that you need is to be driving around without valid insurance. Sadly, the odds of that happening are much higher when you buy an old-fashioned, mailed-in insurance policy.

Drink, Drive and Lose in Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Woman drinking beer while riding with friends in SUV.

Just like in the States, drinking and driving can cost you dearly in Mexico. While its critical to invest in Mexican auto insurance coverage at mexicaninsurancestore.com before driving into the country, that insurance isn’t going to protect you from the consequences of driving under the influence. In fact, your Mexico insurance policy will be rendered completely null and void if you are involved in an alcohol- or drug-related accident. There is never any good reason to drive while intoxicated; since many people head south of the border to party and have a good time, though, it’s essential to have an alternate plan in place in terms of getting back to your hotel.

Unhand the Car Keys when Drinking

Sometimes, its easy to get caught up in the moment when having a blast in Mexico. Your Mexican car insurance could give you a false sense of security, making you feel like youre invulnerable to serious consequences. Just because youre insured, though, doesn’t mean that you cant get busted for drinking and driving. Since your policy will be revoked in the case of an alcohol- or drug-related infraction, its always best to err on the side of caution. If you plan on enjoying a few drinks, make it a point to give your keys to someone who wont be partaking themselves.

Plan Your Evening Responsibly

Thanks to the Internet, its really easy to map out every last detail of your Mexican vacation. If you want to “party hardy,” it makes sense to plan those nights out on the town in a logistical way. For instance, if youll be visiting a party town, choose a hotel thats within walking distance of the main drag. Promise yourself that you wont be tempted into driving farther afield in order to stay out drinking. Your car shouldnt even come into play on nights when you plan on enjoying alcoholic beverages. Smart, well-made plans well help keep you out of trouble.

Always Have a DD

If youll be in an area where it’s impossible to stay within walking distance of the local party scene, make sure that you always have a designated driver, or DD, with you. One great idea is to alternate nights – you can be the DD one night, and your friend can be the DD on the next one. That way, everyone gets a chance to let loose and have fun – and no one has to take the risk of ending up behind bars. Is it possible to party responsibly in Mexico? Absolutely. Just dont risk your fun – or your freedom – by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Another good way is to simply take a taxi, expecially at night. You wont risk getting lost and taxis arent very expensive.

Enjoy the Culture of Mexicali, Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

The checkpoint for vehicles from the United States entering Mexico at the Calexico border station in California, on the border with the Mexican city of Mexicali.

Most of the time, Mexican vacations revolve around fun and relaxation. However, everybody’s idea of fun is different. Some people may turn up their noses at the idea of spending their precious free time in a museum, while others absolutely love it. If you fall into the latter category, a visit to Mexicali is well worth your consideration. With first-rate Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store in hand, you can shoot across the border and be in this compelling city in no time. Soon enough, you’ll be visiting its many different exciting museums and other attractions.

Have Kids? There are Options in Mexicali

After traveling into Mexicali, with a Mexican auto insurance policy in hand, you may need to find a way to engage the interest of your children. Luckily, the city has plenty to offer. If you’d like to combine fun with education, the Museo Interactivo Sol del Niño is a great option. This science center has plenty of hands-on exhibits for the little ones. You’ll be glad that you purchased your Mexican insurance online policy, when you see the happy faces of your kids inside the museum.

Like Art? There’s Lots to Do!

Mexico has a rich, deep and fascinating artistic tradition that spans centuries. You can learn a lot more about it by exploring Mexicali’s many different topnotch art museums. The Casa de la Cultura is a good place to start; there, you can familiarize yourself with some of the area’s more famous artists and types of art. The Centro Estatal de las Artes is another prime choice, as is the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura. The point is, you’re not going to run out of options if exploring the world of art is your primary reason for being in Mexicali.

About Mexican Culture and Mexican Insurance in Mexicali

In addition to its many fine art museums, Mexicali boasts plenty of opportunities for learning more about the culture of this amazing country. Experience a bullfight in living color at the Plaza de Toros Calafia, or get a feel for the proud theater tradition of this country by spending an evening at the Teatro del Estado. Get a little closer to nature – while giving the kids plenty to do – by whiling away an afternoon at the Bosque y Zoologico de la Ciudad. The bottom line is that a quick visit to Mexicali is more than worth your time!

Buying the Best Mexican Insurance Should be Easy!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican map under umbrella. Security and protect or insurance concept.

Unlike the old days, you don’t have to wait around in order to get your hands on the best Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. Instead of twiddling your thumbs as you wait for an agent to process your Mexican auto insurance policy, you can have it in hand – and in the system that authorities in Mexico use – in no time flat. Despite the fact that the Internet and other forms of technology has streamlined the process of issuing insurance to a remarkable degree, many providers refuse to step foot out of the dark ages. Luckily, as a consumer, you have a choice in the matter. When it’s time to shop for best Mexican insurance for your vacation, stick with companies that can get you what you need in seconds.

Why Paper is Redundant

Although everything can be transmitted online with the click of a button, it’s still reassuring – and necessary – to have that all-important slip of paper. After all, you need to have something that demonstrates that you actually have a valid Mexican insurance policy. At the same time, though, there’s no real need to contend with reams and reams of paperwork while signing up for such a policy. The very best providers allow you to get what you need online, without a whole lot of hassle – or a major paper trail.

A Streamlined Process Trumps All

If you’ve shopped for U.S. car insurance in the past ten years or so, then you’re probably already well acquainted with the process of collecting quotes online. In fact, many insurance providers will give you quotes, let you sign up and issue you your new policy, all through the Internet. Buying insurance for south of the border should be the same way. After all, you’re sure to be phenomenally busy while preparing for your trip – who has time to visit a brick-and-mortar insurance store? Furthermore, those shacks at the border are notoriously unreliable. Without a doubt, online Mexican insurance is the very best option.

Print it Out and Be on Your Way

Ideally, the company who provides you with the car insurance that you’ll use while traveling in Mexico will make the online quoting and purchasing process an absolute breeze. When it’s all said and done, the only thing left to do will be printing out your proof of insurance. With a few points and clicks of the mouse, you should end up with a sheet of paper that will keep you out of all sorts of trouble while south of the border. Better still, it will reflect information that is already easy to verify by authorities in Mexico.

Tips for Getting Around in Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Travel tips concept.

So, you’ve invested in top-quality Mexican auto insurance and are itching to get south of the border. If you plan on venturing well past the U.S.-Mexico border, though, it pays to brush up on a few basic tips for car travel in Mexico. After all, Mexico is a foreign country; different rules, laws and customs apply. After buying your Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, you should read up on a few of the quirky things about driving around in this fascinating country; a few of the most notable ones are outlined below.

Make Good Use of Technology

In the past, the only way to get decent directions in Mexico was by investing in road maps. After spending money on Mexican auto insurance, though, you might want to save as much extra cash as possible. Happily, Mexico’s Secretariat of Communication and Transport recently created a convenient map tool online. Just visit their website to check it out. It should be able to save you quite a lot of time, and you’ll be able to map out specific routes. An English version is available, too, in case you’re not well-versed in Spanish.

Invest in Decent Maps and Decent Mexican Car Insurance

Of course, online maps aren’t for everybody. Besides, you might want to have a little more freedom about where you’re going; in that case, mapping out a route beforehand may not work that well. Don’t waste your money on a North American road atlas – they just aren’t detailed enough. One of the best brands of maps to use for travel in Mexico is Guia Roji. Although these maps tend to be the priciest, their exceptional detail makes them more than worth it. After all, nothing can sideline a trip quite like getting hopelessly lost.

Be Careful at Night

When you’re in highly populated areas, it’s generally safe to travel at any time of the day or night. Even in rural areas, there’s not a lot to worry about; still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re going to be venturing into far-flung and remote parts of Mexico, you should be especially cautious when traveling after dark. In fact, you might want to avoid doing so altogether, if possible. It’s just one of those common sense things that will dramatically reduce your risk of encountering serious trouble south of the border. Remember, though, that Mexico is a mostly safe country – especially for those who use common sense and don’t take unnecessary risks. One of the most prevalent nightime risks is running into livestock in the middle of the highway. Ranches use much less barbed wire in Mexico, so animals commonly graze freely. Tips for Getting Around in Mexico and best Mexican Car insurance practices.

Your U.S. Car Insurance Policy is Not Valid in Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Two cars accident.

There’s a great deal of confusion out there about driving into Mexico. Many people take quick peeks at their regular car insurance policies, to feeling that coverage in Mexico is probably included, then figure that they are all set. The reality is, U.S. car insurance is not valid in Mexico. You always need to purchase Mexican automobile insurance when traveling by car south of the border. Why is the misconception that U.S. or Canadian car insurance may work in Mexico so widespread? There are many reasons; needless to say, though, this isn’t something that you want to be careless about. Find out why you absolutely must have Mexican Car insurance by reading on below.

You Could Land in Jail

Some U.S. car insurance policies do have provisions in the event that you damage your vehicle south of the border for a limited number of miles. However, those policies do not – and cannot – pay for damages to other peoples’ cars. If you get into an accident while in Mexico, and don’t have Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store – you will be responsible for the damages to the other person’s car, as well as their bodily injuries. To ensure that the victim gets their money, you could be detained for a very long time.

A Separate Mexico Insurance Policy is Mandatory

It’s understandable to want to save money when going on vacation. However, the amount of money that you could end up losing – and your personal freedom that you’re putting on the line – makes traveling without a Mexican car insurance policy a very bad idea. The minute you cross the border, your U.S. car insurance policy goes out of effect. Even if small provisions are available for damages to your own vehicle, they  work within a very small radius of the border – and they do nothing to protect you if you damage someone else’s car, or if you hurt someone else.

Don’t Take the Risk

There’s a ton of conflicting advice out there about traveling in Mexico, but one definite truth is that an American auto insurance policy will do you no good south of the border. The risk of ending up in jail is absolutely real – it happens to well-meaning U.S. tourists every single day. Even if you’re able to bail out quickly, you’ll end up spending exorbitant amounts of cash to do so – and your entire vacation will be completely ruined. Since a trip to Mexico is supposed to be fun and carefree – and the right Mexican auto insurance is so cost-effective – there is no good reason to take that risk.

Baja Mexico Travel to La Paz, Mexico!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Isla espiritu santo, La paz, Mexico.

While quick jaunts over the U.S.-Mexico border to nearby attractions are well and good, there’s definitely something to be said for packing up the car and heading out on an extended road trip into Mexico. As long as you equip yourself with first-rate Mexico car insurance, you shouldn’t experience any problems along the way. Choosing a destination is important, though, and La Paz – a gorgeous city in Baja California Sur, Mexico – is a worthwhile choice.

Getting to La Paz

Before packing a single thing, you should go online and buy some quality Mexico insurance. That way, you can embark on your trip without any anxiety. Once you’ve purchased car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store.com, point your car south – if you’re in California – and start working your way down to La Paz. Along the way, you’ll get to pass through towns and cities like Ensenada, Guerrero Negro, Santa Rosalia and Loreto. You’ll also get to enjoy many compelling views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

Luxuriate on a Secluded Beach

Like most visitors to La Paz, your top priority will probably be getting plenty of R&R. There are plenty of great opportunities to do so here, but Playa El Tesoro is probably your best bet. This particular beach is located on a protected bay; motorized water sports are not permitted, so it’s easy to relax without interruption. For a little bit of extra adventure, you could take a trip to one of the nearby islands and hunker down on one of their beaches for the day. In either case, you should be able to rest and rejuvenate to your heart’s content.

Get Out There!

After resting up for a day or two, you’ll probably be anxious to enjoy a little bit of action. Whale watching tours are extremely popular in La Paz; if you’d like to see these mighty creatures up close, book yourself a tour. La Paz’s nightlife is also extremely vibrant. Head out after dark to enjoy some fun-filled dancing and other types of activities. You’re sure to be impressed by the passionate way that the locals enjoy themselves after nightfall. Once you’ve experienced everything that you wanted, point your car north and begin your journey back home. There’s no doubt that memories of La Paz will stay with you for many years to come. Baja Mexico Travel to La Paz, Mexico!

Why Ratings Matter for Mexican Auto Insurance!

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Independence Monument at sunset. Reforma avenue.

When shopping for Mexican Car Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, it is critical to make sure that the company who’s selling you your policy is reputable. Although testimonials and other things should be taken into account, they tend to be unreliable. After all, what’s to stop a company from simply making them up? Since you don’t want to drive around with a worthless Mexican insurance policy, it’s imperative to double-check the reputation of the company who is selling you your policy. One of the best benchmarks to look at when investigating an insurance company is its financial strength rating from A.M. Best. Find out more about why this rating is so important by reading on below.

What is a Financial Strength Rating, Anyway?

As a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization, or NRSRO, A.M. Best is considered to be a legitimate source of financial strength ratings, or FSRs. While A.M. Best publishes other ratings – it has recently been edging in on Standard & Poor’s territory – it has always primarily focused on insurance company ratings. In simple terms, an insurance company’s financial strength rating reflects its ability to make good on its policies – i.e., to pay out on filed claims. When shopping for Mexican auto insurance online, it is smart to find out what the insurance company’s ratings with A.M. Best are so that you don’t end up with a worthless scrap of paper.

The ABC’s of Mexican Auto Insurance Ratings

If you’ve ever looked at a grade school report card, you’re already fairly familiar with how A.M. Best’s financial strength ratings work. You should only consider buying policies from companies that have ratings within the “secure” category. Secure ratings are A++, A+, A, A-, B++ and B+. Anything below that could signify a problem on the part of the company to make good on its claims. Many times, companies with “vulnerable” ratings offer slightly lower premiums and much higher commissions to agents who agree to peddle it. The trade-off, of course, is that their policies may not be any good and most certainly trying to collect what you are due will be harder, because there is less premium available in the program to pay claims.

Do Your Homework when Buying Mexican Insurance!

Sometimes, travelers feel that they don’t have to invest too much time in buying their insurance for Mexico, since they’ll only be there for a short period of time. What are the chances of anything going awry, anyway? This is a dangerous way to think, since a shoddy policy could land you in all sorts of legal trouble south of the border. A vacation in Mexico is supposed to be fun and carefree. The best way to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch is by purchasing a policy from a company that is highly rated with A.M. Best. Why Ratings Matter for Mexican Auto Insurance!