Off-Road Cautions for Mexico Tourists and Mexican Insurance for Cars

Although the San Felipe 250 2016 will kick off a number of important races in Baja for the year, as a tourist, you need to realize that the off-road type of driving involved in the races is not advisable for your own vehicle. Although you will have Mexican insurance for cars, you need to understand that off-road activity is not covered. Worse, an off-road accident could terminate your car insurance for Mexico leaving you responsible for any costs incurred because of damages in an accident. As a spectator, you might enjoy the Baja races in the coming year. However, guard against coverage problems that could leave you stuck in a Mexican jail trying to figure out how to pay.

Are Accidents Common in Baja?

As a rule, accidents are not any more common in Baja than in other locations. Minor collisions are more likely in the active cities of Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali, and Ensenada. In smaller communities, there is a slower driving pace. This makes traffic on the streets of the towns easy to manage. The more serious issues in these locations are pedestrian actions and incidents, especially in agricultural communities where migrants from Southern Mexico may not be used to active traffic. Highway accidents are more serious, but driving during daylight can reduce your risk of an accident. Driving at dusk can be risky. And driving at night on unfamiliar roads with unanticipated hazards such as speed bumps and stray animals can be the most dangerous potential situations. Although your Mexico car insurance does not prohibit night driving, it is in your best interest to exercise caution.

Unexpected Off-Road Driving

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for cars is required to use the toll roads, so pick up car insurance for Mexico before leaving

If you face a situation in which off-road driving is your only option, you should proceed as cautiously as possible. This is typically not the scenario that is most likely, however. The kinds of incidents that could jeopardize your car insurance for Mexico include many things. Examples of these are exploring the desert on dirt trails, driving on the beach, and exploring hills and mountains. You might take ATVs for exploring such areas, but be aware that your policy won’t cover accidents involving such equipment. If you will use your ATVs for driving on conventional roads only, you could obtain Mexican insurance for cars.

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    What month of the year is best to see Mexico with all its stunning whales in the ocean? Can’t wait to be there and get an encounter with those whales.

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