Mexico Couple Retreats and Travel Tips – Mexico insurance coverage

Mexico insurance coverage

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Mexico Couple Retreats and Travel Tips – Mexico insurance coverage

Whether visiting Mexico to celebrate an anniversary, ask your loved one to marry you for the first time or all over again, or as a surprise weekend getaway, there are multiple opportunities for couples to enjoy each other’s company. Depending on time of year, activity preference and location visiting, couples can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Before reserving a hotel, inquire if the hotel offers a romance package. This can be as simple as a bottle of champagne and a delivery of roses, to a package that includes massages, meals and indoor/outdoor activity tickets. These types of packages usually include a bonus or discount and make finding romantic activities one less task to worry about; as the planning has already been done.

Before your couple retreat begins, experts urge drivers to buy Mexico insurance coverage. You can print your Mexican auto insurance policy immediately, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re covered. Learn more about Mexico insurance coverage at

So how about that mariachi band?

Dining under the stars and being serenaded by a local Mariachi band seems like a scene found in movies, but in Mexico, this is actually possible. By calling ahead of time and reserving an outdoor table during performance hours, it is possible to re-create this romantic vision. For travelers unsure which restaurant would best suit their needs or those needing assistance with securing reservations, a resort’s concierge or guest services’ department are always willing to provide reservation assistance.

Couples seeking an outdoor experience may wish to go parasailing, swim with dolphins or charter a sailing craft. These outdoor activities offer semi-private and private together time at different price points. For the ultimate romantic experience, yachts can be chartered and include the boat’s captain and a gourmet chef. Couples can also be docked at private islands to experience a private, romantic retreat. Road tip advice: Mexico insurance coverage covers multiple drivers, so share the cost of a Mexican auto insurance policy with your friends and save!

Is Mexico insurance coverage required? (Si)

If looking to stay indoors, a day at the spa is the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company while learning massage and reflexology techniques. Massage therapists provide massages and lessons at a resort’s spa or may be able to come as a team to the couple’s hotel suite. Tandem massages are a relaxing way to end a busy day or help de-stress after a busy work week. Travelers interested in booking a massage should reserve one as soon as possible and inquire regarding romance packages or couple’s massages.

Mexico insurance coverage from Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance!

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