Mexico auto insurance insurance for Baja highways and Weekend Traffic

Mexico auto insurance insurance for Baja highways
Northern Baja: Roads Less Traveled

Mexico auto insurance for Baja highways and Weekend Traffic

Weekends are some of the busiest tourist times in Baja as Californians and other tourists drive south for a day or two. Because of this, border crossings back into the U.S. can be somewhat hectic. Therefore, Mexico auto insurance for Baja highways is essential to ensure that you are financially able to meet your obligations if you are in a wreck that causes damages to another party. Additionally, your Mexican insurance coverage may be supplemented by toll insurance if you have an incident on a toll road. However, you may wonder about driving on area highways as well.

Highway Activity on Weekends

Just as in other popular areas, you can expect traffic flow to be heavier if you are traveling toward a popular tourist area. For example, in Baja Norte, a significant portion of weekend traffic may represent those seeking the typical tourist experience at the border or nearby beaches. However, the flow isn’t typically excessive if you travel just ahead of the main tourist activity.

Friday nights and weekend mornings, mainly Saturdays, can be very active. Try driving across the border in the early afternoon on a Friday to minimize your contact with heavy traffic. If you head beyond the Rosarito beach area, traffic may still be active as far as Ensenada. Beyond Ensenada, activity tends to reduce unless it is a significant holiday.

You can expect things to reverse as you return to the border. Activity reaches its height in the border zone on weekend afternoons. You may find that planning for a mid-morning crossing on a Monday will minimize your wait times. If you have the luxury of an extended weekend, remember that you could face commuter traffic if you leave early on a Monday.

Remember Your Mexico Auto Insurance for Baja Highways

Driving on a Baja highway without Mexican insurance coverage could create complications. In addition, an individual who is deemed responsible for an accident could be held in jail until financial obligations are met. This is one of the main reasons you don’t want to travel without appropriate Mexico auto insurance for Baja Highways.

Mexico auto insurance for Baja highways by Mexican Insurance Store comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico.

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