Mexican Auto Insurance for Rocky Point Weekend Travel

Arizona residents looking for a refreshing weekend break may want to think about Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point. With your Mexican insurance for Rocky Point in place, you can head to the Lukeville, AZ, border crossing. After crossing the border, it will only take an hour of driving time to reach the resort community. It’s important to be sure that your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point covers the full time of your travels to limit your risk of loss in an accident.

Reliable Mexico insurance for tourists
Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point

Basics of Mexican Car Insurance for Rocky Point

You may question whether it is really necessary to have Mexican insurance for Rocky Point. People ask this question especially if their travel time is so limited. This is an especially common question for those whose only driving will be to and from their hotel. However, it’s important to note that any accident can create a lot of legal and financial red tape for a foreigner. This is especially true for one who has failed to get proper Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point.

Mexican law is based on the idea that you are guilty until proven innocent. While this may be a foreign concept, you need to remember that in spite of your visit to a resort community catering to tourists, you are a foreigner in the land. The rules are different.

You need to realize that the requirement to carry insurance is really not much different from the laws at home. Uninsured driving at home is a serious offense, especially if you are involved in an accident. Your insurance policy provides the authorities with an understanding of your ability to pay if you are responsible for a loss or fatality. Although you may only drive from Lukeville to Rocky Point, there is always the risk of an accident while you are on the road.

Types of Mexican Auto Insurance for Rocky Point

You can limit your coverage to a liability-only policy. However, you might want to invest in full coverage, especially if you can’t afford to replace your car in the event of a serious accident. Full coverage also provides for your losses in case of total theft of your vehicle.


Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point

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  • Chasidy Bischoff
    June 24, 2014 4:49 pm

    People from Arizona can easily travel to Mexico to entertain themselves at many destinations. Rocky point for instance is a Magnificent place to visit, be sure to buy Mexican auto insurance.

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