Mexico auto insurance from – Planning to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Mexico?

Mexico auto insurance from
El Grito Mexican Independence Day

Mexico auto insurance from – Planning to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Mexico?

If you’ve thought it would be fun to experience Mexico’s version of a patriotic celebration, then you might want to plan for Mexican Independence Day, September 16. The date is a great time for viewing small communities and large in action as students and others participate in a desfila, parade. Driving may be a bit challenging if you are entering Mexico on that date, making it important to be vigilant and to have your Mexico auto insurance from up to date. With a great deal of pedestrian activity, you don’t want to fall short in coverage when you buy your Mexico car insurance. While a fatality isn’t the plan, a serious incident could leave you with a huge set of expenses. A combination of common sense and caution is appropriate. Mexico auto insurance from is now required in order to drive legally on any highway in Mexico.

Parade Protocol and Mexico car insurance

Be aware of road closures if your travel will occur at the same time as parades take place. Each community is different, but small communities along major highways often use those highways for their parades, shutting them down on either end of the designated parade route. You may need to seek side streets and circumvent the highway. If this isn’t possible, just find a good parking spot and join the fun. A small community may not have a long-lasting parade, meaning that you will be on your way again soon enough.

Park Activities

Communities also often setup vending spots in central parks, offering a wide variety of foods, trinkets for sale and beverages. You may find entertainment in the center and fun games for kids. Larger communities may even have rides and other fun attractions. These may begin the day before as locals prepare for the grita, the midnight yell for independence that takes place as the clock strikes 12 and the calendar turns from the 15th to the 16th. It may be smarter to watch this on television from a hotel room as the crowds at such evening events can be a bit rambunctious.

Remember to Have Mexico auto insurance from Ready

Driving without Mexico car insurance is risky at any time, but with zealous celebrations going on, the potential for problems is greater. Whether it’s the intoxicated highway driver or the rowdy teen, you will want to be armed with full coverage Mexico auto insurance from to limit your potential losses in an incident.

Mexico auto insurance from comes with free roadside assistance throughout Mexico for your peace of mind.

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