Mexican Tourist Cards and Mexican Insurance for Canadians?

It’s easy to get confused when planning a trip from Canada to Mexico. While most Canadians are aware of the fact that they need passports to enter the country, many people don’t realize that they also need tourist cards and Mexican auto insurance for Canadians too. Tourist cards are available at the border. Technically, Mexican insurance by for Canadians is too, but you shouldn’t buy your policy there. It’s a lot better to get your Mexican car insurance for Canadians online before you leave home. You’ll save money and be able to avoid the hassle of standing in line even longer at the border. As far as tourist cards go, you can learn more about them below.

What is a Tourist Card?

You probably understand why you need Mexican auto insurance for Canadians, but you might be scratching your head about the need for a tourist card. Tourist cards, which are also known as FMTs, are simple forms that allow you to gain entry to Mexico for short periods of time. You need to keep one with you at all times while you’re down in Mexico. The authorities in Mexico have the right to ask for your tourist card. If you can’t produce it, you could be taken in for questioning. Tourist cards are cheap – they cost less than $30 – and you won’t be allowed into the country without one.

How it Works

If you’re going to Mexico for tourism purposes and will be there for more than 72 hours, you are going to need a tourist card. It should be noted that the FMT is only valid for up to 180 days. If you are going to be in the country longer than that, you will need one. You technically don’t need one if you’re going to stay within a certain distance of the border, but make sure to ask before you assume anything. You certainly don’t want to be without one if you need it.

Additional Tips

The best thing to do is to place your tourist card safely in your wallet. The glove box is not a great place to keep it because you may need it while you’re going around on foot. If you lost your tourist card, you’re going to need to replace it as quickly as possible. You can do so at an immigration office. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a fine as well, so be prepared to spend a little extra money. Do Canadians Need a Mexican Tourist Card and Mexican Insurance for Canadians?

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