Mexican Pizza Is Better Across the Border and Mexican Insurance for Nogales

With the opening of a Mexican pizza restaurant, Gorilla Pizza, in Nogales, AZ, you may figure that you have no reason to check out the popular food in a south-of-the-border setting. However, there’s something intriguing about ordering up a table-sized pizza and eating it in a Mexican pizzeria. While you may only spend a couple of hours on the other side of the border, it’s recommended that you will carry Mexican insurance for Nogales as you cross into Mexico. You may not drive far, but an accident can be a serious legal situation if you don’t have valid car insurance. Select short-term Mexico insurance for Nogales if you will only be driving over this first time. You can always buy a longer policy for later travel plans.

Mexican Pizza Is Better Across the Border

What’s Different About Mexican Pizza?

Mexican pizza isn’t significantly different from the variety found in most United States restaurants. However, the toppings may carry some ethnic influences. Additionally, you will surprise yourself at one of the main Mexican approaches to eating the food. Some notes of interest include:

  • Spicy – jalapeños are a given on a Mexican-themed pizza. However, you’ll be happy to know that they aren’t obligatory. Even Mexicans may order their foods sin chile, without peppers. If your Spanish is a little rusty and you want to avoid excessive heat on your pizza, just say, “Sin chile!”
  • Frijoles – a Mexican-themed pizza is likely to include beans, usually whole beans that have been cooked and drained.
  • Fruit – if you love Hawaiian pizza, you may want to try a fruity counterpart in Mexico. However, not everyone enjoys banana and apple bits on their pizza. Try a small size before you jump to any conclusions.
  • Cheese – while mozzarella is the standard for pizza, many Mexican pizzerias use queso Monterrey, Monterrey Jack cheese.
  • Condiments – you may be accustomed to dipping your pizza or crust in buttery sauces or ranch dressing. Some United States pizza places even offer honey for dipping. Contrast this with ketchup, the preferred condiment of choice in a Mexican pizzeria.
    Mexican insurance for Nogales

Get Mexican Insurance for Nogales Before You Go

Be sure that you prepare yourself for anything, both in culinary settings and as you drive. Your Mexican insurance for Nogales will allow you to wade through red tape and deal with legal ramifications if you are part of an accident. Your Mexican car insurance for Nogales also enables you to get assistance if you have trouble on the road. Don’t cross the border, not even for pizza, without Mexico insurance for Nogales.

Mexican insurance for Nogales from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Jacqui Allender
    October 30, 2014 5:03 pm

    I am a resident of Nogales. When it comes to Pizza, no pizza tests better than the authentic Mexican pizza across the border down south. With Mexican insurance available online, it doesnt take long before I drive across the border to sample the best of Pizzas.

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