Mexican Insurance Store Website Highlighting Unique New Vacation Destinations With Quality Online Mexican Auto Insurance!

(PRESS RELEASE) PERRIS, Calif. – Mexican Insurance, a top provider of online Mexican auto insurance, recently announced a new shift in the content that will be featured on its website. The company’s website has long been a repository of articles that provide in-depth information about finding and purchasing Mexico car insurance. The company now also plans to feature content that highlights unique vacation destinations in Mexico. “It’s easy to find information about popular tourist destinations in Mexico like Chichen Itza,” says Linden Gray, the president of Mexican Insurance Store. “We’ve traveled extensively throughout Mexico, and our goal is to bring some of the country’s most unique destinations and attractions to people who visit the site.”

Instead of providing informational overviews about destinations in Mexico like Mexico City, Acapulco and Cancun, Mexican Insurance Store will be zeroing in on more specific places. Another theme of the new content is off-the-beaten-path destinations. “Let’s face it: There’s just too much repetitive information out there about most popular Mexican vacation destinations,” says one employee. “It just doesn’t bring any real value to the site or to readers. The main purpose of the site is to keep travelers as informed as possible, and that’s what these new articles are designed to do.”

Another issue is that travelers are savvier than ever. People are increasingly looking for unique destinations and unusual places to visit. “My boyfriend and I are looking for some really offbeat places to visit during our upcoming Mexican road trip,” says one customer. “I already planned to buy my online Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, and I was happy to see that the site now features these articles. I’ve already discovered a few really interesting places. We’re definitely passing through Tijuana, and I discovered an awesome restaurant through one of these articles. We can’t wait to stop there!”

Mexican Insurance Store plans to post regularly. As far as online Mexican auto insurance articles go, they will most likely return here and there in the future. “When the need arises, we will certainly post new articles about Mexico car insurance in general,” says Gray. “We want to keep our customers informed, so they can count on us to post updated information as necessary.” In the meantime, visitors to the site can expect to see a huge array of new articles about many destinations in Mexico. “We’re going to feature specific attractions, restaurants, hotels and other places,” says Gray. “We basically want to shine the spotlight on unique places where people can enjoy different experiences while traveling in Mexico. We’re excited to see what people think.”

About Mexican Insurance
Mexican Insurance Store is the largest provider of online Mexican Auto Insurance policies in South California’s Inland Empire, the 3rd most populous metropolitan area in California. The company offers a variety of Mexico Car Insurance policies online and provides policies to Canada and US travelers nationwide. Self-service policies are purchased and printed instantly by customers or created by Mexican Insurance and emailed or faxed to customers in minutes at no additional charge.

For additional information call 888 800 9988 from US or Canada or 001-881-800-9988 from Mexico or 951-657-4220 Direct.

Mexican Insurance Store
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  • Walter Wiswall
    July 25, 2013 10:05 pm

    I really like visiting your site. It has become my go-to site whenever I want to learn more about Mexico. The pieces of information provided here are truly useful.

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