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Whether you want to visit Tijuana or another destination in Mexico, it helps to know what you can and cannot bring into the country. Here is an English link for American tourists and others planning a trip to Tijuana specifically, but it also covers rules that apply country-wide. (see below)When you plan your getaway for Mexico, thinking in addition to what you’re going to pack for your trip, you also want to buy Mexico insurance to protect you while driving. You can easily compare Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store Online to get the best Mexico insurance online possible. Its important because without Mexican Insurance Online you can be detained until you pay damages in any at fault accident.

For more specific information, visit the websites of the U.S. Customs, the Mexican airport administration, and specific border crossings. For general information, keep in mind Mexico cracks down on modern problems. For example, you wouldn’t want to get caught with a bottle of pain pills without a prescription. You also shouldn’t fall for buying prescription drugs without a prescription when you travel south of the border.

Other things to keep in mind are these:

  • You shouldn’t bring foods you cooked at home.
  • You shouldn’t bring many kinds of meat products.
  • You shouldn’t bring straw or straw artifacts.

Packing for your vacation down to Mexico requires you to think about what you absolutely need and what you can buy really cheap on your vacation. For example, you would need shoes, clothes, luggage, personal care items, and prescription medicines. You might also need a map, sunscreen, money, and an umbrella. When you get around your Mexican destination on foot, you are going to come across many things to buy. Plan on eating the food as long as it is well-cooked, and consider drinking soda or alcoholic beverages instead of drinks made with local water.

Overall, you should come to Mexico to have a good time. Mexicans are famous for their hospitality to people from all over the world.

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Mexican Insurance Online

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  • Ricky Messerle
    July 12, 2013 5:24 pm

    Mexico government has published its detailed travel policy which has actually made it very easy for travelers to know what to do where. In my opinion getting complete info from state is important before visiting Mexico.

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