Mexican Insurance Is Required, But Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Youve probably heard about travel insurance before. Like many people, you probably decided you dont really need it. If youre heading down to Mexico, you dont necessarily need travel insurance. One thing that you absolutely do need though, is Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance for Canadians. It doesnt matter if you have the best car insurance that money can buy, in order to drive safely and legally down in Mexico, you have to have Mexican auto insurance. Its true enough that you dont have to buy special insurance for driving in the U.S., but the laws are different in Mexico. The Mexican authorities cant process insurance policies from other countries, which is why its so critical to drive with Mexican car insurance before heading south of the border.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

To hear some travel insurance providers talk about it, youd think that everyone who goes to Mexico needs to have this type of coverage. Definitely not true though. There are certain situations in which it definitely pays to buy travel insurance, however. If youre going to be in Mexico during hurricane season, its in your best interest to buy travel insurance. Keep in mind that travel insurance is not designed to take the place of Mexican insurance or vice versa. Each type of coverage is designed to accommodate different things. If you must choose one or the other, always go with Mexican auto insurance.

Other Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Another good reason to buy travel insurance is if you suffer from ill health or have a decent chance of requiring medical care while you are in Mexico. Nothing is more stressful than worrying about a medical condition when youre in a foreign country. The right travel insurance will allow you to seek top quality care without spending exorbitant amounts of money. It may also allow you to cut your trip short without financial penalty if you fall ill and must return home. Some types of Mexican car insurance include medical assistance, which can also help.

It Pays to Be Prepared

You want to have a great time on your vacation to Mexico, right? If so, you definitely need to arm yourself with the right Mexican insurance coverage. At the absolute minimum, you are going to need liability only Mexican auto insurance. In most cases, youll want to upgrade to full coverage. Several policies can be enhanced by extras like medical assistance, roadside assistance and other perks. Dont rule out travel insurance, but dont feel obligated to buy it either.

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  • Sunni Peebles
    March 17, 2022 6:50 pm

    There’s no problem driving my car for more than 8 hours. I normally take breaks of 12 minutes every couple of hours of driving. So far, my car has been running in good condition.

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