Mexican insurance For Rocky Point and Turtle Watching

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point; Turtle Watch

Señor Mex says: Wildlife experiences in Mexico can vary, but now is definitely the time to enjoy the sea turtles on the Pacific Coast of the country. Early fall is the peak time for the creatures to come ashore to lay their eggs, and this article provides an overview of the experience along with some fantastic photos. There are many spots to consider if you want to have a chance to view the migration. As the article indicates, some areas are especially populated with turtles arriving. In fact, some will dig up the eggs of other turtles and use the nests for their own eggs.

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Article by The Weather Channel:

Every year, tourists flock to Mexico’s Pacific coast for its pristine, jungle-lined beaches and stunning ocean vistas, but another group of visitors arrive annually to become a common sight on the beaches’ sandy shores.

Mexican insurance For Rocky Point

Green turtle feeding on sea grass in Mexico

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