Mexican Insurance for Driving to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta wasn’t always a vibrant tourist community. However, celebrity visits and attention allowed the charm of the fishing village to be communicated to the outside world, and today, the popular destination can be reached by various methods of travel. Driving in Puerto Vallarta may provide you with a richer experience by allowing you to move beyond the tourist areas to experience some of that early charm. Make sure that you get your Mexican insurance in advance. You can buy Mexican auto insurance online before you leave home. Mexican Insurance  or its equivalent is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico as of 10-1-13.

Puerto Vallarta Bay

A Few Facts About Puerto Vallarta

As of 2010, Puerto Vallarta’s population was approximately 250,000. Located on the Bay of Banderas, the area is close to mining and agricultural areas. Fishing and tourism are also important industries to the area. Many people consider Puerto Vallarta as the friendliest city in the world. Furthermore, it provides a popular getaway to both international and Mexican travelers.

Driving to Puerto Vallarta – Mexican Insurance

If you are planning a driving trip, you will need to account for many hours on the road in your travel plans. From Nogales, AZ, to Puerto Vallarta, you can expect to spend more than 22 hours in your car. You may want to break your driving in Mexico up over three or four days’ time. This is to ensure that you get there safely. Additionally, remember to buy car insurance so that it can protect your car in case of accidents or emergencies. Toll fees provide supplemental coverage, but this is only true for motorists who already have their Mexican car insurance in place before getting on a toll road.

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

Sailing and other water activities are some of the most obvious activity choices for visitors to the area. However, biking and jungle exploration are also excellent choices. Your Mexican auto insurance online at doesn’t cover any off-road driving. So reconsider your off-road adventures in light of charters or tours in the area. You may want to look for a vacation home or retirement residence during your stay if you are thinking about longer or more frequent stays in the future. If you need to extend your stay, you can buy Mexican insurance for your additional time in the country.

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  • Puerto Vallarta used to be a densely populated area, and wasn’t a tourist place at all, however as time passed this place has become the lime light of Mexico for its marine life and beaches. Get Mexican auto insurance to enjoy your trip from any grody incident.

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