Mexican Insurance for Canadians and South Bound Snowbirds

Mexican insurance for Canadians

Mexico is a great option for Canadian and U.S. snowbirds to consider. In addition to being able to find spots with great weather, you can benefit from low pricing on many living needs. You’ll appreciate the value of a long-term policy as you research your options for Mexican insurance for Canadians . You can adjust your Mexico auto insurance for Canadians on based on issues like full coverage and liability-only protection, travel periods, liability limits, and vehicle models. Whether you are deciding which vehicle to take to Mexico or which coverage best protects you, you’ll discover outstanding value and variety in options as you research. Remember Mexican insurance for Canadians is available online in minutes and meets the new October 1, 2013 required coverage mandate.

Living Arrangements and Mexico auto insurance for Canadians

Will you be towing an RV to live in during your travels? Will you be renting a home and staying in one location throughout your snowbird months? Each case may lead to different needs as you obtain your insurance policy. An RV provides you with a lot of flexibility, especially if you aren’t sure of your exact destination. You can move from town to town as you experience a diverse variety of geographical and cultural settings. It’s especially nice if you are able to tow a car for travel in an area after establishing yourself in a travel campground. Your Mexico auto insurance for Canadians should include your towed auto on the driving policy for your RV. Additionally, you need a separate policy to cover the operation of that towed car in Mexico.

Open-Ended Travel Plans 

Many people enjoy the freedom of being able to travel on a flexible schedule. If your trip will exceed 21 days, then you will benefit more from a six-month or one-year Mexican insurance for Canadians. Fortunately, it’s easy to see this value when you enter your exact travel dates as you obtain Mexico auto insurance for Canadians. You are provided with the cost for your defined travel dates along with long-term options on the same result page.

Which Limits?

If you know exactly which states you will visit, you can make a more definite selection of liability limits. For example, Sonora’s limits are much lower than many other states, making a lower coverage amount possible. Some states have extremely high limits, making it important to have higher insurance coverage amounts for travel to these areas.

Remember that Mexican insurance for Canadians comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

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Mexican insurance for Canadians
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