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Driving in Mexico

Mexican insurance for Autos from Mexican Insurance – Borrowing a Vehicle for Travel in Mexico

If you are planning on driving a car into Mexico that is not your own, you may wonder about legalities and other issues. You will still need Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance to ensure that you are in compliance with the law of the land. Additionally, your Mexico insurance for cars is important in case of an accident that might result in loss to the owner of the vehicle.

Do I Need a Letter of Permission?

Although you might never be stopped as you drive in Mexico, some recent changes Mexico insurance for cars laws could increase the possibility of questions. Mexico recently enacted legislation requiring all motorists to carry appropriate coverage, and only half of motorists in Mexico are estimated to be in compliance. Enforcement could occur through checkpoints, authority questioning and verification at traffic stops, and other methods. If you will drive a vehicle that is not your own, it is wise to have proof of permission with you as you travel across the border. If you are in an accident, this proof might need to be produced, especially if the vehicle is impounded. It is also important to understand that the vehicle can only be released to its legal owner if there is a serious accident. If you are traveling without the owner’s permission or knowledge, you could face some dramatic consequences when you get back home.

Financed Vehicles

If your vehicle is owned but financed, you will need to be sure that your Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance is satisfactory for your finance company’s requirements. In the event of a total loss, you don’t want to discover that your coverage falls short. Liability coverage in Mexico is similar to that at home, and for your own damages to be covered, you need to opt for full-coverage Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance

Rental Vehicles

You may choose to rent a car to drive during your Mexican vacation. You still need appropriate Mexico insurance for cars to travel legally in the country. You will need to have specific details about the vehicle in question before you buy your Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance This can be handled conveniently from a wireless device after your rental is completed.

Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • There’s an emergency roadside help and assistance for all clients like me. Your insurance company will protect me while driving in Mexico. Mexico insurance roadside assistance I can use the moment I need it.

  • Elke Marten
    March 5, 2015 4:34 pm

    Some prefer to borrow a car to drive down South. It is easier to get fairer terms of Mexican auto insurance if the car is borrowed than when it is rented.

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