Mexican Insurance for Autos Coverage and Acapulco’s Top Eateries!

Like any beach resort town, Acapulco has amazing restaurants. They are all over the place, though, so it’s crucial to have a vehicle with which to get around while you’re in town. However, don’t drive a car in Acapulco without Mexican insurance for autos coverage. If you get into a crash and don’t have valid insurance, the authorities will throw you in jail. Check out Mexico car insurance prices here to ensure that you can safely visit the best restaurants in Acapulco. Mexican insurance for autos coverage is necessary because Mexico practices Napoleonic Law which means without car insurance they can detain you until the bill is paid in an at-fault accident.

Acapulco, Mexico


When you think of dining in Acapulco, Thai food probably doesn’t spring right to mind. At Zibu, however, you will enjoy an incredible array of Asian-Mexican fusion dishes that will tempt your senses. The menu features a variety of options, including filet mignon, tiger shrimp and rib-eye steak. Most dishes are also served with homemade sauces and grilled vegetables. The outdoor setting is perfect for the gorgeous scenery and weather that have made Acapulco so popular in the first place. Save room for dessert too; the coconut ice cream cake is out of this world.

La Casa de la Pasta

If you have a hankering for exceptional Italian food while in Acapulco, hightail it to La Casa de la Pasta. This cutely named restaurant offers more than just par-for-the-course Italian fare. They made the pasta from scratch daily, and the sauces are too. As a result, the flavors are absolutely amazing. You can take your pick from all kinds of tempting dishes. Risotto, lasagna, and portobello mushroom appetizers are all wildly popular. The tropical salad is rumored to be among the best in town too. Just don’t forget Mexico car insurance.

Esmirna del Mar

How does the idea of literally sitting on the beach while dining on some of the freshest seafood in Acapulco strike you? If you like the sound of that, you absolutely can’t miss Esmirna del Mar. This unique restaurant offers an experience that’s unlike anything else in Acapulco. You will sit at a table right on the sand and be served delectable dishes like lobster, red snapper and shrimp. Guitar players stroll around and add to the amazing ambiance of the place. Don’t miss it.

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Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance
Zibu Restaurante, Acapulco

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  • Fruit-based beverages are good for my health, so I love to travel around Mexico looking for the best healthy fruit juices. With Mexican auto insurance, I don’t have to worry about my car, thanks! Will use your website again.

  • Martin Wilbur
    July 29, 2013 5:46 pm

    I am amazed at the variety of restaurants available in Acapulcos. Will explore them all – after all I don’t have to worry about my vehicle as it’s protected with Mexican auto insurance.

  • Jaquelyn Batista
    December 29, 2015 6:16 pm

    In Mexico, you get a remarkable tropical setting with delightful Mex-Thai fusion food. And at Zibu restaurant, you also get Asian-Mexican fusion dishes that entice your craving senses. Use your Mexican auto insurance when driving to Zibu.

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