Mexican Insurance Auto Liability Policies and Common Misconceptions!

Time to dispel the worries and uneasiness of purchasing Mexican insurance auto liability policies online. If you do a quick online search about buying Mexican auto insurance from, you are certain to be presented with a lot of conflicting information. Sorting the facts from the gimmicks isnt very easy when youve never purchased  Mexican insurance auto liability policies in the past. In order to pave the way for a smooth Mexican vacation, it pays to learn the truth about Mexican car insurance; you can do that by checking out the following info.

Mexican insurance auto liability policies; Domestic Car Insurance is Not Valid

If youve been told that your regular auto insurance policy will protect you in the event of an accident down in Mexico, youve been misinformed. Some insurers do offer very limited physical damage coverage within a short distance of the border. However, it is often woefully insufficient. Travelers who rely on this idea are dreadfully surprised to learn they are fully responsible for the financial costs of an accident. Even worse, they are sometimes taken away to jail until they can satisfy the cops that they can pay. This means writing a check and waiting till it clears or wiring cash.

Yes, Mexican Auto Insurance is Required

Some people will point to the fact that there is no law in Mexico that explicitly states that Mexican car insurance is required. Dont buy into that line of reasoning. Even though the term “Mexican insurance auto liability policy” does not come up, the term “financial responsibility” does. Under Mexican law, you must be able to demonstrate that you can handle your financial responsibilities in the wake of an auto accident. The most widely accepted way to do that is by showing proof of Mexican auto insurance. The only alternative is to carry stacks of cash with you, and thats obviously not a great idea.

You Really Could End Up in Jail

Finally, you may think that those rumors about ending up in jail for not having coverage are false. People get locked up down in Mexico all of the time for this precise reason. Mexico practices Napoleonic law. If you dont give the cops proof of insurance, you are unable to prove that you can handle your financial responsibilities. To prevent you from running off without paying at some point, the police will take you to jail. You can completely avoid this unhappy situation by purchasing the best Mexican auto insurance each and every time. Mexican car insurance and common misconceptions!

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    December 5, 2021 5:37 pm

    Mud is bad in traveling. So if you can’t negotiate sand, mud and other burdens along the way, it’s unlikely that your car will overcome the struggles. There are holes and water-covered roads that can stop you or make you stuck.

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