Mexican Insurance and Things to Look Out for!

Theres no question its extremely important to buy and use Mexican insurance correctly when driving south of the border. Some people will tell you its okay to run the risk of going without it, but its really not. The consequences of driving without valid Mexican car insurance can be quite serious. Did you know, for instance, that you could end up in jail? You need to buy Mexico car insurance at, but you should take the time to learn a few things first. Brush up on a few important facts below.

One Mexican Insurance Policy per Car

If you plan to trade off driving duties with one or more people, dont worry, you dont have to buy more than one Mexican insurance policy if you insure with Mexican Insurance Store. These policies arent written per person, they are written per vehicle. As long as a person is legally able to drive, and is over 21 years of age, he or she will be covered by the policy. This is very convenient because it allows you to save a lot of money. Carpooling is always a smart idea, and you and the other drivers can chip in to pay for Mexican car insurance.

Mexican Plated Vehicles Are Excluded

You can not buy a Mexico car insurance policy for TOURISTS driving to Mexico if the car has Mexican plates on it. Tourist coverage is designed for U.S. and Canadian vehicles. Most providers make that pretty clear, but it’s still a smart point to keep in mind. The last thing that you want is to drive around Mexico thinking that you’re covered, when you’re actually not. That false sense of security could blow up in your face, so make sure that you understand all of the fine print before you buy and use Mexico car insurance.

Get what You Need

Its tempting to get the most basic Mexico car insurance possible because it tends to be the cheapest. If you actually end up needing to file a claim, however, that strategy could really backfire. Its much better to plan for the worst. Buy a policy that will actually protect you in the event of an accident. You dont want to return home to the U.S. or Canada with huge bills to pay. It may not be fun to pay more upfront, but its much better than being slapped with a bunch of huge bills later. Take a look at to know more details on Canada.

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