Mexican Insurance and the Pros and Cons of Buying At The Border!

If you plan on driving down to Mexico, you may be thinking about simply buying your Mexican insurance at the border. As convenient as this option may sound however, its actually far from ideal. The only conceivable benefit or advantage of buying Mexican auto liability insurance at the border is that you have to stop at the border anyway, however the booths and shacks are not necessarily easy to find without driving in circles until you find one. For every other option, from price, to quality, to efficiency, the customer loses out. A better option is to buy Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online. In every important way, buying Mexican insurance online is a much smarter move. If youre not convinced just yet, check out the following information.

Get Across the Border Faster

No one likes getting stuck at the border. Its bad enough when there are long lines to deal with at customs. It gets worse when youre selected for a random search. One way to make the situation even more aggravating is by waiting to buy your Mexican insurance at the border too. Like customs lines, theres no way to predict how long the lines to buy Mexican auto liability insurance will be. Unfortunately, on a typical day the odds are good youll have to wait for a while. Every minute that passes is wasted as you sit around waiting to buy Mexican insurance that you could have purchased online, even from your smartphone!

Save Money

Theres a lot to see and do down in Mexico. Why waste your money on overpriced insurance at the border when you can buy Mexican auto liability insurance online? You can use the money that you save to see and do a wide range of fun things while in Mexico. From buying souvenirs to going out to eat at some amazing restaurants, its a lot more fun to spend your money on your trip than Mexican  insurance.

Get a Policy that Truly Protects You

Is it possible to get a decent policy at the border? Sure. However, theres no way to tell for sure whether or not youre getting quality. Its all too easy to inadvertently end up with a policy that will ultimately get you into trouble. The shacks at the border often have no qualms about selling less than the best Mexican auto liability insurance to those who unwittingly end up there. One of many examples: most border policies require repair within Mexico. All Mexican Insurance Store policies allow repair in the US and Canada. Do you want to spend an addtional 2-3 weeks in Mexico while your vehicle is repaired? Which is more convenient?

Theres no way to double check the quality of a policy at the border, and theres no telling just what youre getting. Play it safe by always purchasing your Mexican insurance online.

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  • Hector Rivas
    July 1, 2013 5:55 pm

    Considering border shopping sounds cheesy but keep in mind the longer your trip is the longer you can buy so travel during holidays when prices are low.

  • Noelia Saulters
    January 9, 2022 10:17 pm

    Traveling abroad is possible regardless of age. But the perfect time to travel Mexico is when you are still young. There are many tips online for students who wish to visit Mexico.

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