Mexican Insurance and How To Prepare for Mexico!

When the idea of traveling down to Mexico for a vacation first hits you, you may be a little lost about how to proceed. You know that you need to make some plans, but it’s easy to be left spinning your tires. One way to get the ball rolling is by creating a checklist. A checklist will help you stay organized while making the necessary preparations. One thing that needs to be included on the list is Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance You shouldn’t drive south of the border without valid Mexican auto insurance. If you’re caught without Mexico car insurance, you could be put in jail.


One section of your checklist should be dedicated to transportation needs. Mexican insurance is one example that’s already been mentioned. You’re also going to need to have plenty of current maps. If you have access to a GPS unit, you should take advantage of it too. Check to see if you need to buy or download special software. In some cases, special maps are needed. Take your car to the shop and have it looked over before you head to Mexico. You want it to be in good shape to reduce the risk of having mechanical problems.


In addition to needing Mexican auto insurance, you’re going to need other types of paperwork. The big, obvious one is a valid passport. Make sure that it’s not due to expire while you’re south of the border, or you could be in for some major trouble when you try to get back into the U.S. Get your car registration ready to go. If you’re still paying on a loan, or if you lease your vehicle, get a notarized letter of permission from the lending company. That way, you don’t have to worry about any issues while you’re crossing the border.


In most cases, you should make hotel reservations ahead of time. Print out the confirmations that you receive. Keep everything neatly organized in a folder or binder. Get driving directions to each destination to keep things as streamlined as possible. The point of making all of these preparations is to keep things as simple as you can. You don’t want to be left hanging while you’re south of the border, and making these arrangements early is a good way to keep issues to an absolute minimum. Before you know it, you’ll be lazing about on a Mexican beach!

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