Mexican auto Insurance for Rocky Point and Top Tips for Inshore Fishing in Rocky Point

Rocky Point, which is also known as Puerto Penasco, is a wildly popular beach resort destination in Mexico. With its prime location on the Sea of Cortez in the state of Sonora, Rocky Point boasts numerous gorgeous beaches and a phenomenal nightlife. It’s just a short drive from Arizona to Rocky Point, so it’s also a nice option for a quick weekend getaway. If you’d like to do a little fishing while you’re there, you don’t necessarily have to charter a boat. Many people engage in inshore fishing in Rocky Point, and you can too. Pick up a few great tips for doing so successfully below.

Whether you are driving a car, truck, van, RV or SUV, anyone thinking of driving around Rocky Point, Mexico during your fishing vacation should understand some basic information about Mexican auto insurance laws and Mexican auto Insurance for Rocky Point. You can find more info about Mexican auto Insurance for Rocky Point here. The reason for being cautious about Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point is that Mexico practices a Napoleonic law in lieu of English Common Law, which definitely differs from other countries. It would be wise to buy your Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online. This will eliminate the hassle of personally shouldering and processing your papers to pay for any damages that you might need to indemnify against in case of accident. You can be sure that the Mexican traveling insurance is reliable enough to meet all the protection and coverage you require while driving around Mexico. Be advised that Mexican auto insurance law does not consider US or Canadian insurance policies as valid within the territory of Mexico. You might find it inconvenient to be detained if you have no Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point in case you have an accident.

When and Where to Try Inshore Fishing in Rocky Point

Although you can try your hand at inshore fishing in Rocky Point at just about any time of year, you’ll have the best luck if you do so between the end of the spring and the end of the summer. That’s when the weather is warmest, so fish tend to be particularly active. Throughout the rest of the year, local fish species tend to go into hiding. As far as where to do it, stick with estuaries and ports along the shore. Piers are also great locations.

Keep the Tide in Mind

As with any type of inshore fishing, it’s important to keep the tide in mind when doing so in Rocky Point. Arm yourself with a current tide chart to ensure that you know what’s going on. You don’t have to restrict yourself to certain times of day, but you’ll have the highest odds of success if you try to fish when the tide goes out at night or when it comes in during the morning hours. With any luck, you’ll have enough time at your disposal to give both options a try.

Use the Right Bait

You can bring your own lures along with you to Rocky Point, or you can buy them at a local fishing supply store. Don’t attempt to bring live bait across the border; the customs officials are sure to take exception to that. You can get live bait in town as well. In that case, you should stick with night crawlers, small shrimp and minnows. Trolled lures tend to work quite well too. For best results, you should try switching between both types of bait. When you hit on a winning combination, stick with it.

Catch Plenty of Fish

If you keep the preceding tips in mind, you should enjoy a reasonable amount of success while inshore fishing in Rocky Point. If you restrict yourself to the shore or to local piers, you can expect to catch sierra and triggerfish. Take care when handling triggerfish; they have really sharp teeth that can easily puncture the skin. You may also catch bass or trout while fishing along the shore in Rocky Point. Just before heading out to fish, check with a few locals to see if they have any advice.

Enjoy an Amazing Vacation in Rocky Point

After inshore fishing in Rocky Point once, you’re sure to want to return again and again. Of course, fishing isn’t the only exciting thing about visiting Rocky Point. You should also set aside time to lay out on the beach. Sleep in so that you can enjoy Rocky Point’s vibrant nightlife too.

This information has been brought to you by Mexican Insurance You can buy the Mexican car insurance that you need to get down to Rocky Point safely at Stick a copy of your policy in your glove box and hit the road. You’ll be fishing in Rocky Point in no time.

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  • Myrwyn Simons
    June 3, 2013 6:59 pm

    Whether you are driving a car, truck, SUV or any other vehicle around Rocky Point Mexico, it is recommended that you fully understand the basic information about Mexican auto insurance laws. This will help you to avoid the hassle of having to process your papers to pay for damages to indemnify an accident.

  • Not sure exactly what you mean, but if you have adequate coverage from a rated Mexican insurer and you carefully check whats covered and whats not, then you should be OK.

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