Mexican Car Insurance at the Border: Common Pitfalls

Buying your Mexican car insurance at the border may sound like a great idea. A quick stop seems easy enough, and many travelers handle their coverage this way. However, good Mexico insurance coverage requires more than just a quick stop. In fact, if you aren’t familiar with the differences in types of policies, your quick stop could be costly.

Shack At The Border

Common Pitfalls

Being in an accident is harrowing enough, but finding out that your Mexican car insurance at the border isn’t enough coverage can be horrifying. Your Mexico insurance coverage is proof of your ability to pay if you are responsible for an accident. However, insufficient coverage could land you in a serious situation. Napoleonic law is the standard in Mexico, meaning that you are considered guilty until it is proven otherwise. A lack of sufficient coverage is a serious issue. Don’t just buy insurance without verifying the indemnity limits for the states you will visit. You can examine these at your leisure when you decide to buy insurance online.

Mexican Car Insurance at the Border – Vehicle or Personal Coverage?

Another important concept to remember when you consider Mexican car insurance at the border is that your Mexico insurance coverage is specific to your vehicle. If you plan to drive vehicles other than your own while you visit, you need to make sure that those vehicles have their own insurance coverage. It may be tempting to drive a friend’s car while you are visiting. However, an accident in a vehicle that isn’t covered could create huge legal and financial problems for you. Similarly, if you plan to return frequently to Mexico, you need to make sure that the cars you take at different times have their own policies. When you buy insurance online with Mexican Insurance, you can get quotes on different vehicles and print policies for each. This will allow you to have the proper coverage no matter which travel option you choose.

Multiple Drivers?

You will be pleased to know that more than one driver can use your Mexico insurance coverage. There is a requirement that a driver is more than 21 years of age. This is great for group trips in a single-vehicle as driving responsibility can be shared.

Mexico Insurance Coverage with Mexican Insurance provides FREE Roadside Assistance


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