Mexican Auto Insurance Online and Understanding RV Permits!

Mexico is wildly popular with those who own and use RVs. The country is landscaped with exciting destinations, and RV parks are easy to find just about everywhere. If you own a motor home or an RV and would like to take it to Mexico for an extended visit, there are a few things that you need to know. First, you need to find a Mexican auto insurance online, which you can do online. Just as with a regular car, Mexico liability insurance is useful while driving your RV or motor home insurance down in Mexico.

Getting a Permit

Once you have secured top quality Mexico car insurance which can be purchased online, you need to get your hands on a temporary import permit for your RV. Doing so is quite similar to buying Mexican car insurance, because you can do it online. In fact, if you do it early enough, you can have the permit mailed to you so that you have it when you leave. You can also pre order it online and pick it up at the border. Finally, you always have the option of just waiting until the border to buy it.

What You will Need

You cant just drive down to Mexico and buy an RV permit without any paperwork. Of course, you cant cross the border without the appropriate paperwork either. You basically need the same items to buy an RV permit as you do to cross the border. A passport or birth certificate is also necessary to prove your citizenship; and you need to prove your legal ownership of the RV. If you are still paying for it, you will need a notarized permission not from the lien holder. In addition, make sure that you have your Mexican tourist card.

How Long do RV Permits Last?

The best thing about RV permits in Mexico is that they are valid for a lot longer than regular vehicle permits. Regular car permits expire after six months; RV permits, though, expire after ten years. This is perfect for those who want to spend a lot of time in Mexico or for those who plan on returning to the country with their RVs again and again. The average price for this type of permit is just $50, too, which breaks down to about $5 per year. That is one deal that cant be beat! Mexican insurance and understanding RV Permits!

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