Mexican Auto Insurance; Dont Buy At the Border!

As you approach the U.S. Mexico border, youre sure to notice the many shacks that are peddling Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. While it may seem like a convenient option to simply buy your coverage from such a place, its actually a really bad idea. There are many negatives to buying Mexican insurance online at the border. You could pay way more than you should, or you could end up with a totally worthless piece of paper. To ensure that you get a great Mexico car insurance policy for less, always buy Mexican insurance online.

Why are Prices so High at the Border?

Youre probably wondering why Mexican auto insurance prices are so inflated at the border. The main reason is greed. The shacks at the border know that people are out of options by the time they get there. If you havent already bought Mexico car insurance, you are going to be caught between a rock and a hard place. In turn, youre going to have to pony up whatever amount they want. Its not a fun thing to be backed into a corner like that, which is why its smart to buy Mexican insurance online ahead of time.

Is the Quality that Bad?

Another thing that youre probably curious about involves quality. How can Mexican auto insurance at the border be so low in quality? Arent there regulations? For the most part, you probably will at least get real insurance when you buy it at the border. However, its not going to include the great perks and features youll find with a Mexico car insurance policy that is available online. There is a very real risk of ending up with a completely worthless policy too, and theres no way to confirm whether youve got decent coverage.

Isn’t it Convenient?

Finally, you may think its okay to pay more and get less because buying at the border must be convenient. Thats not even close to true. In fact, youll probably have to sit in yet another long, aggravating line in order to buy coverage. After sitting in line for customs, youre going to get fed up after a while. The shacks at the border are in no rush to sell you Mexican auto insurance. They take their merry time, so your journey will be delayed. All around, it’s a really big hassle. There simply aren’t any good reasons to buy Mexican insurance online at the border.

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  • Anyone traveling to Mexico using his car must have Mexico car insurance. This is the best protection and security you can enjoy as a driver and car owner.

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