Mexican Auto Insurance and Temples in Queretaro!

Queretaro is nothing less than treasure, if you are fond of history and love to explore time gone by. This is the region that feature great blend of charming natural environment and enticing architecture. Queretaro is also famous for its religious streak. There are several temples in and around the city.

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Following are some of the most important temples in Queretaro.

The Temple of La Santa Cruz

This is not only a temple but a convent as well. Therefore, sometimes it is referred as The Temple and Convent of La Santa Cruz. It was constructed in 17th century. Significant history is associated with the temple. It is built at the same place where city of Queretaro surrendered to the Spaniards. Historical legends get refreshing tinge from cross shape spines grown in the gardens of the temple. The convent is home to religious students. While walking around, you can take a closer look at small art gallery.

The Cathedral

It is also known as San Felipe Neri Temple. It is strategically located at Madero Street just few steps away from the Historic Center. this magnificent building is made from red tezontle whish is a kind of volcanic rock. According to some experts, the structure marks the transition of baroque to neoclassic style of architecture. Its construction was finished in 19th century. In 1921, Pope Benedict XV declared it a Cathedral. In front of the building, you would find inviting Zenea Garden. Mexican auto insurance can obtained online to get this important coverage before starting off with your Mexican trip.

The Temple of Santa Clara

Colloquially, this temple is known as El Real Convento de Santa Clara de Jesus. This temple was specially built for the granddaughter of city’s founder so that she can find a luxurious and tranquil place to complete her religious studies. Exterior of the temple feature eccentric baroque design which looks a little plain and corroded. However, once you step into the temple, you would come across beautiful surroundings. Altarpieces are the main highlight of the interiors. They are made from gold and stone.

There are several temples and historical buildings in the Queretaro. While driving your vehicle from one site to another, make sure you are supported by Mexican insurance. Mexico Auto Insurance and Temples in Queretaro!

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  • Chiquita Collette
    July 30, 2014 5:50 pm

    Being a person with a keen interest on the history of religion, I found out Queretaro such a great historical reminder of the advent of Christianity in this part of Mexico.

  • I remember Cancun, Mexico when I was part of my country’s delegation to the WTO Conference. It is one of those reminiscent times I hardly forget. My friend had Mexico insurance from you and it worked out OK.

  • Nichol Terrel
    January 6, 2022 6:34 pm

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