Mexican Auto Insurance Advice; Buy Online and Dont Drink the Water!

If you were to ask people for advice about traveling to Mexico, you would probably get a lot of interesting responses. Practical types will tell you that you should always buy Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance before you leave home. They will warn you that buying Mexico car insurance at the border is not a smart move to make. In addition to getting advice and reviewing and comparing Mexican insurance, you will probably be warned about drinking the water in Mexico. Find out more about these points below.

Why Mexican Auto Insurance is Mandatory

It is easy to shrug off advice about buying Mexican auto insurance. After all, you are a careful driver, and you dont expect to be involved in any accidents. Even if you have never been in an accident in your life though, there is no way to know for sure whether youll be safe while in Mexico. Another driver could completely ruin your plans and get you involved in a wreck. If you dont have Mexican insurance, the police might decide to take you to jail. Avoiding this unhappy circumstance is as simple as buying the right coverage.

You Really Shouldnt Drink the Water

It truly is unwise to drink the water down in Mexico. Parasites and other things are found in the water that is available south of the border. Those who live there are used to the bacteria and the parasites. As a result, they can drink the water without suffering from any ill effects. Your stomach and digestive system probably arent used to encountering those impurities. At any rate, you dont want to push the envelope while you are in Mexico. Just stick with bottled water and request no ice cubes in your drinks. Also avoid fresh salads washed in local tapwater.

Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe in Mexico

Its amazing how much better your Mexican vacation will be when you keep these simple pieces of advice in mind. By avoiding the water, you will be able to avoid some very unpleasant stomach ailments. By purchasing Mexico car insurance, you will be able to keep yourself out of jail. If you were to do the wrong thing in both instances, you could end up sitting in jail with a very unhappy stomach. Luckily enough, avoiding that trouble couldn’t be easier. Scoop up great coverage and steer clear of drinking water in Mexico. Mexican insurance advice; buy online and dont drink the water!

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  • Estella Markwell
    August 6, 2014 5:50 pm

    Yes, the two most important things to consider while driving to Mexico are your clean water and valid Mexican Insurance. To be safe, observe the two.

  • Proper food handling is done with no food contamination. Wash your hands with soap and with warm running water.

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