Know the consequences of driving without valid Mexican auto insurance!

You can’t hope to be a safe, law-abiding traveler in Mexico without understanding the importance of valid Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Contrary to what many people think, online Mexican insurance coverage isn’t optional. Without it, you will technically be breaking the law if you operate a motor vehicle south of the border. Prior to driving into Mexico for the first time, it pays to educate yourself about the importance of checking Mexican insurance rates and the consequences of driving without it. You can learn about these things below.

What does the law say?

The first thing people often ask when they’re told about valid Mexican auto insurance for the first time is what the law says. That’s where things get a little confusing. The law doesn’t specifically list onlline Mexican insurance coverage as a requirement. It does say that all drivers have to be able to show proof that they can handle their financial obligations in the event of a car accident. Without a policy, how else are you supposed to do that? That’s precisely why you have to check Mexican insurance rates before heading to Mexico.

What will the cops do?

The cops will do more than give you a ticket and a small fine if they find out you don’t have valid Mexican auto insurance after an accident. In most instances, they will take you to jail while they investigate the incident. They can’t risk letting you go because you could flee the country without paying what you owe. If you have insurance, though, they will know that they can bill your insurance whether you’re around or not.

Showing Proof of Insurance

There’s no way to trick the cops into thinking that you have valid Mexican insurance coverage if you really don’t. If you buy insurance, make sure that you keep a copy with you at all times. Print a few extra copies to reduce the risk of misplacing them. The cops can’t look up information about your online Mexican insurance coverage, so they need to be given a physical copy. You can imagine how upsetting it would be to end up in jail despite having insurance, so make sure to keep a copy on hand at all times.

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