Keep Your Furry Friend Safe with Mexican auto Insurance for Phoenix Drivers!

The drive from Phoenix, Arizona to many popular destinations in Mexico isn’t terribly long. If you live in Phoenix, you might head down to Mexico on a fairly regular basis. Whenever you do, you should always arm yourself with Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix travelers. That’s especially important when you bring along your dog. Many people bring their furry friends with them to Mexico. Without Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers, you will be exposing yourself and your pooch to all sorts of serious trouble. Learn more about Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix travelers below.

Avoiding Accidents isn’t Always Possible

You surely never want to get into a car accident, and you’re bound to be even more careful when you have a pet dog in the car with you. However, accidents can still happen. You need to be prepared for any eventuality. That’s why it’s so critical to have valid Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store for Phoenix residents with you at all times. If you choose to go without Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers and end up in an accident, you will probably go to jail. What will happen to your dog?


If you’re taken to jail while you’re in Mexico, there’s no telling what will happen to your poor pup. If you have other people with you, they will be able to take care of him. However, they will have a hard time because your car will probably be impounded until the cops’ investigation is complete just because you forgot to get Mexican car insurance for Phoenix residents. Your dog will be frightened and upset. Your other traveling companions will be too. You can completely avoid this issue by keeping valid insurance with you.

The Law

It’s legal to bring a dog to Mexico. You just need to have paperwork that shows he is current on his vaccinations, and you need to bring a report that says he is healthy. If you go into Mexico without Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix travelers, though, you will technically be breaking the law. You probably wouldn’t flagrantly break the law in other ways, so why do it in this way? It is not worth it. Your dog is depending on you, so be sure to obey the law at all times.

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  • Lucas Belisle
    June 19, 2013 5:48 pm

    Amazing tip. I was planning to go there myself with a friend. Will definitely apply for a Mexican auto insurance online before I do.

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