Is off-road driving for you? Find out with Mexico insurance for cars from

Mexico insurance for cars from
Baja 1000

If you love bunny trails in the desert, Mexico may seem like a fun spot to visit. In fact, events like the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000 are perfect for those with a spirit of adventure. However, off-roading should be handled tactfully. You never know when you’ll end up stranded on a sand dune or straddling a gully that got a little wider than you expected. An accident or incident off-road could result in your Mexico insurance for cars from becoming ineffective. As off-road accidents are NOT covered industry wide, this will leave you facing legal issues like those connected with a collision, your repairs or replacement of your vehicle which will be your own responsibility due to Mexican auto insurance online at exclusions and industry wide restrictions.

What’s the danger of off-roading?

It’s not the off-road activity that is the particular problem. It’s going into unknown areas without a lot of certainty about conditions. It’s one thing to drive around ATV around, but don’t expect your Mexico insurance for cars from or any other policy to protect you from everything. You take a risk driving without Mexican auto insurance online at, and you take a very large risk when you leave the road. In fact, going off-road with your vehicle is the same as driving without Mexico insurance for cars from coverage.

What about the beach?

Again, remember that when you drive off-road, your Mexico insurance for cars from (as well as any other insurance coverage sold in the US or Mexico) is void. Even the beach poses risks. Soft sand can leave you trapped, high tide can leave you stranded, and other problems can arise. It’s your risk to take, but if you drive off-road, especially if you have a pedestrian accident, you are financially on your own. ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE NORMAL ACTION OF THE TIDE, EVEN WHEN FLOODING OCCURS, AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE INSURED VEHICLE BEING EXPOSED TO THE TIDE IS EXCLUDED.

Are ATVs okay?

Most Mexico insurance for cars from do not cover your use of ATVs. HDI Seguros products are an exception, particularly if you want to cover an ATV or a golf cart for full coverage. You are still not covered for off-road driving. Golf carts, however, are covered while they are on a golf course. These vehicles must be plated in the U.S. or Canada for these terms to be applicable.

Is Mexico insurance for cars from really that important?

While those who never have a claim may wonder if the investment was worth it, those who face the authorities without proper coverage realize the foolishness of the decision. Your Mexican auto insurance online at is important as a preventive measure in case you have a wreck as you can quickly and easily end up in jail until you pay for damages.

Mexico insurance for cars from gives you peace of mind!


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