Insuring Your Golf Cart in Mexico

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Golf Carts in Mexico

Mexico offers many wonderful golf experiences throughout the country, making it possible to enjoy the sport whether you drive or fly. In fact, Mexico will host the 2016 World Amateur Team Championship in Cancún. You don’t have to wait until then to experience golf in a Mexican setting, and if you will drive, you will need to have top-rated Mexico insurance for travelers. If you want to tow your golf cart for use during your stay, you will need to add it to your Mexican insurance online.

Insuring Your Golf Cart in Mexico

Most Mexican insurance online options don’t include coverage for golf carts, but top-rated Mexico insurance for travelers is an exception. You can cover your golf cart, and using it on a golf course is included in the covered terms. And you may additionally want to select such coverage to cover the possibility of theft. You may store your golf cart in a location that is relatively secure. Nevertheless, full coverage is appropriate if you want to guard against the unpleasant possibility of theft. It is important to comply with terms for coverage, including appropriate plating and coverage for your home country.

top-rated Mexico insurance for travelers

Towing Your Cart with Top-Rated Mexico Insurance for Travelers

Getting your golf vehicle to Mexico will probably include towing. And it is important to recognize that in addition to coverage for use of your golf cart in Mexico, you will need to add it to your primary Mexican insurance online as a towed item. You need to understand that failure to include your towed items on your Mexican insurance online could have serious consequences. This is because they may cancel your policy in case of an accident while you are towing.

Coverage for a Mexican-Plated Cart?

Top-rated Mexico insurance for travelers is strictly reserved for foreign-plated vehicles. This means that you would need to seek other options in guarding against accidents or losses. You can use a rented or purchased golf cart or vehicle that has Mexican plates.

Additional Considerations

You need to remember that if you are including your golf cart for towing purposes on Mexican insurance online, you will need to make changes if you switch towing vehicles. Each vehicle must have its own policy, and towed items must be listed prior to any towing activity occurring.

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