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Rosca de los Reyes – It’s Christmas!

Mexico Insurance Coverage and Information About Rosca de los Reyes – Best Mexico Treats for the Holidays

A rosca de los reyes is a sweet bread ring that is eaten in honor of Christmas day. If you plan to look for this and other holiday treats in Mexico, be sure that your Mexico insurance coverage is current. You can review your Mexican insurance policy online. You might not be familiar with the Day of the Kings celebrated in some cultures, but this can be a fun multicultural lesson and experience for your family during the holiday season. The holiday represents the visit of the Magi after the birth of the Christ child, and it is observed as children leave their shoes outside at the doorstep. The shoes are filled with gifts and treats in honor of the gifts given by the kings in the Christmas story.

Epiphany Cake, kings cake, or Rosca de reyes

What’s So Special About the Rosca de los Reyes?

Each culture has its own festive treats and dishes, and the rosca is unique because of some of the tradition used in baking and bringing it to a celebratory gathering. The bread ring includes a small figure of a baby, which is hidden in the dough before the baking process. The individual who finds the baby in their piece of the rosca will be responsible for next year’s rosca. During the holiday season, you might find a rosca in a Hispanic market, but it is also fun to consider visiting a Mexican bakery to find a fresh rosca to include in your Christmas morning breakfast or during a seasonal party. You’ll also find lots of regional Mexican cookies and pastries at a large panadería south of the border.

What’s So Special About Mexico insurance coverage?

Driving in Mexico without Mexico insurance coverage could be a disastrous hitch in your holiday plans. In a serious accident, you might be held until you are able to cover the costs for damages to other parties. Your Mexican insurance policy should be high enough to deal with the potential costs of a fatality accident, which can be massive in some Mexican states. You also want to consider whether your Mexico insurance coverage offers towing and repairs for your vehicle on either side of the border. Review these issues as you select your Mexican insurance policy online.

Best Mexico Insurance Coverage and Information About Rosca de los Reyes

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