How to Handle Money in Mexico

Some people will be spending more than just a couple of days in Mexico. In that case, management of your currency may be an important consideration. While a wallet or purse is the easiest place to keep your cash organized, you may not want to access it frequently in public, especially if you will be shopping in an open-air or mall type of setting. It may be helpful to keep small amounts available in a pocket for easy access. Your Mexico insurance policy for tourists should be kept in your car for access in times of need as well. However, you may want to include a copy of your car insurance for Mexico in your main wallet or purse for access in unexpected scenarios.

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When should you tip?

As you pay for groceries in a large market or store, you may figure that your monetary transactions are complete. However, baggers in these settings often work strictly for propinas – tips. You may notice other patrons handing a few coins to these individuals and realize you should follow suit. Rather than retrieving your wallet or digging into your handbag, keep some loose change at hand in an easy-to-reach pocket so that you can oblige a hard-working youth without exposing your main supply of currency to others. Between five and 10 pesos are appropriate unless a youngster is helping with a big load of goods. Use your judgment based on how responsive and positive the helper is. And remember to pick up Mexico insurance at! There are a million scenarios in which you would need car insurance for Mexico quickly or face jail time.

You may also find that both young people and older individuals frequent store parking lots and other settings, carrying rags to wipe down vehicles. The thick dust in some settings makes this a reasonable service, and if you are willing to pay a few pesos, you can provide someone with the opportunity to earn a little bit of pocket money. Between 10 and 20 pesos are appropriate based on the quality of the work.

You may notice youngsters selling goods in store parking lots. Wrapped chicle, gum, is common. Bags of nopal are also common, cut-up pieces of cactus that can be used in fresh salads or cooked as a complement to carne asada or other meats. Pricing may vary, but between 10 and 20 pesos is common for such a bag.

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Buy Car Insurance for Mexico Before You Leave!

When you buy car insurance for Mexico from online, you shouldn’t face additional expenses down the road. However, if your policy is due to expire before you leave the country, you can log onto your account and renew your Mexico insurance online.

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