Find A Vacation Home In Mexico with Mexican Insurance Policy for Canadians

Mexican insurance policy for Canadians
San Jose del Cabo vacation home

Mexican insurance policy for Canadians – Find a vacation home in Mexico

If you’ve fallen in love with the culture and pace of a particular Mexican community, you might think about securing your own home in the area for short or long stays in the future. Whether you are considering visiting more frequently or retiring, you will still want to carry Mexican insurance policy for Canadians during your time in the country. Although coverage for motor vehicles is now mandated both for foreigners and citizens, Mexican auto insurance coverage for Canadians is the most appropriate choice as long as you are driving a foreign-plated vehicle. The duration of your Mexican car insurance online for Canadians will depend on your plans to visit and your manner of traveling into the country.

Restrictions on owning land

As a foreigner, you could face some challenges in buying your own property in certain locations. There are restricted zones, primarily withing range of the border and the ocean. Within approximately 30 miles of the coast or 60 miles of the border, land must be held in trust by a Mexican entity although there have been discussions about possibly relaxing these rules. Baja, a popular retirement location for foreigners, is one of the most affected areas. As you search for a property, keep this issue in mind, working with a reputable professional to achieve your goals. It may be helpful to consider referrals from acquaintances who have actually been through this process. Additionally, it is wise to be sure that any documents involved in your eventual purchase of a property are translated for your clear understanding.

Pick up Mexican insurance policy for Canada drivers so you can scout the area beforehand. Mexican auto insurance coverage for Canada drivers is now necessary to use the toll roads, so keep that in mind.

Challenges to consider when seeking a home

Your time spent in the country may be important as you evaluate whether having a foreign home is viable. An unoccupied dwelling may need some attention during your absence, making it important to consider locating a property manager in the area. Again, reliable references are important.

Remember that Mexican insurance policy for Canadians is required!

Mexican car insurance online for Canada drivers applies to as many legal drivers as needed. However, your Mexican insurance policy for Canada drivers only addresses the needs of one vehicle. Your selection of a policy for a personal vehicle should be based on whether you will always use that vehicle or whether you will vary your vehicles for different visits. With rental vehicles, you will be more likely to need short-term Mexican auto insurance coverage for Canada drivers.

Mexican insurance policy  for Canada drivers provides you with peace of mind, roadside assistance, repair in US or Canada and bail bond

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  • Filomena Gant
    March 18, 2015 5:36 pm

    I always have long December vacations. This is usually a perfect opportunity to move with my family to Rocky Point. It is often much easier for me to rent out a vacation home than live in hotels as we are able to retain our family outlook. I always hire a car some two days before flying out and insure it with full Mexico insurance cover.

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