Don’t Lose Your Mexican Auto Insurance Coverage!

In all of the excitement of driving around in Mexico, it’s easy to misplace one very important thing: your Mexican auto insurance coverage by While on the road, people often dig around in cars looking for various things. What happens if the only copy of your online Mexican insurance policy is lost in the shuffle? In the event of an accident, you’ll be in hot water if you can’t produce proof of car insurance for Mexico. Find out how to avoid this situation below.

Printing Your Policy

The best, easiest and most affordable way to buy Mexican auto insurance coverage is by hitting the Internet. At the end of the checkout process, you will be given the chance to print out a copy of your online Mexican insurance policy. Why stop with one? It’s far better to print several copies to minimize the risk of misplacing them. It’s free to print extra copies too, so it’s really not such a big deal. At the very most, you’ll have to use a few extra sheets of paper. Isn’t it worth it?

Keep Them Somewhere Safe

Even if you have several copies of your online Mexican insurance policy, you shouldn’t assume you’re in the clear. If you don’t put them in safe places, you could still lose track of them. One obvious place is the glove box of your car. You should also put a copy in your wallet or purse. Stick an additional copy in your suitcase as well. If other people will be driving as well, give each one his or her own copy. It may seem a little over the top, but it’s the best way to avoid coming up empty-handed.

You Need a Valid Copy

If you lose the only copy of your Mexican auto insurance coverage, you’re going to be out of luck. The authorities can’t look up people’s policies. If you don’t have a paper copy, you essentially don’t have car insurance for Mexico. You will be handled that way as well, which means that you will most likely go to jail for at least a little while. Don’t let it happen.

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  • I lost my original documents including passport, ID and insurance certificate. It was such a daunting task to get certified copies. Any opportunities for printing multiple copies of my original documents including Mexican insurance policy is always my choice.

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