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Mexican Chicken Soup/Stew

Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store and Chicken Soup Guide for the Mexico Traveler

Chicken soup may seem like a standard dish to the traveler from the U.S. or Canada. However, caldo de pollo can come in various forms as you cross the border into Mexico. Before you set out to try Mexican variations, make sure that you get Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store for top-rated Mexican insurance policies. With Mexico insurance quotes from Mexican Insurance, you can find the best Mexican insurance policies available and get started on your trip quickly.

Mexican Chicken Soup/Stew

Caldo de Pollo – Pastas and Veggies Abound

While vegetable soups might not be standard fare on a fancy restaurant’s menu, you may find that if you spend time in a community, you will enjoy various soups that include local vegetables and pastas. Be prepared to show good manners if you accept an invitation to dine, because you will be expected to eat. At times, this may involve tough veggies, stringy beans, or unusual combinations. However, chickens are kept by many in rural communities, making chicken soup an easy and affordable way to entertain visitors or to feed one’s family.

One of the more popular options that has made its way north of the border is tortilla soup. This basically involves a vegetable chicken soup without pasta. The soup is topped with tortilla chips or fried tortilla pieces. Expect the veggies to include whole pinto beans on most occasions.


One of the most popular options that can include chicken is posole, which includes large pieces of deboned chicken or whole pieces of skinless chicken. Leg quarters are popular for use in a chicken posole because of their affordability. The soup is supplemented with large pieces of maiz, and it is topped with the condiments of your choice, which include chile, cilantro, onion, radish, and lime. Condiments are often offered with tortilla soup and other chicken soups as well, allowing you to adjust the flavor based on your own tastes.

Information About Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store Online

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance are important for protected driving as you tour any location in Mexico. Your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance are valid throughout the nation as you explore regional variations on caldo de pollo. You’ll want to be sure that all your Mexican insurance policies are in place before you cross the border.

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