Checking Mexican Auto Insurance Rates; Can You Really Drive Without Coverage?

People are constantly gossiping about horror stories of Mexican jails. When you tell people that you are heading to Mexico, you are sure to get many comments about not getting arrested. As long as you are generally a law abiding person, you shouldnt have to worry too much about landing in jail. Driving without checking Mexican auto insurance rates and buying coverage, however, could land you in hot water. You absolutely must have valid Mexican insurance while you are driving in Mexico. If you get into a car wreck and don’t have proof of Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, you will probably be taken to jail.

Proving Financial Responsibility

Mexican auto insurance rates, can you really drive without checking first? The law in Mexico regarding Mexican insurance is a little convoluted. Some people think that they dont need to worry about coverage because the law does not explicitly state that it is required. That is too bad because its that type of backwards thinking that lands innocent tourists in jail all the time. The law doesnt state that you need Mexico car insurance, but it does say that you need to be able to handle your financial responsibilities. The quickest and most reliable way to prove that is by handing the cops a copy of your Mexico car insurance policy.

Check Mexican Auto Insurance Rates and Bring Proof of Coverage

Needless to say, it is very important to keep a copy of your policy with you at all times. If you misplace your Mexican insurance, you will still probably be detained. After all, the police have no easy way to tell if you have coverage, and they certainly arent going to just take your word for it. When you buy this insurance online, you will be able to print it out at home. Dont print out just one copy, print out several.

Keep Your Freedom

If you end up sitting in a jail cell while you are down in Mexico, you can safely assume that your vacation will be utterly ruined. That would be especially unfortunate because it is so incredibly easy to find and purchase Mexico car insurance. You cant hope to see and do everything that you want while youre in Mexico if you end up being detained by the cops. A car accident will cause some problems, but a quality Mexican insurance policy will make things a whole lot easier. Dont jeopardize your freedom. Always invest in reliable insurance before you head south of the border. Mexican auto insurance rates; can you really drive without it?

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