Baja Bound Gear – Planning Well with Mexican insurance for Baja California

Mexican insurance for Baja
Whale Watching, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, California

Mexican insurance for Baja California  – Baja Bound Gear and Planning Well

If you are bound to head for Baja in the coming months, you may be surprised to know that you could encounter chilly conditions at times. While the summer months can be warm, evenings near the coast can be cool or even chilly, making a light jacket or sweatshirt helpful. Whether you are camping or staying at a hotel, it’s wise to prepare for a variety of issues as you pack. Your Mexican insurance for Baja is adaptable based on your needs. When you generate your Mexico auto insurance from, you can evaluate issues such as liability limits, theft coverage and towing. Mexican insurance for Baja as of October 2013 is now required in order to drive legally on all highways in Mexico.

Clothing essentials

You can dress rather casually for most settings in Baja. If you will be driving long distances, it’s wise to make sure that you are comfortable. Wear sturdy but comfy shoes, skipping fancy sandals and flip flops unless you will be relaxing at a resort or playing on the beach. You will encounter lots of dirt roads even in major cities, and sneakers are helpful for protecting your feet as you walk in such areas. Comfortable shorts and t-shirts are great, but you may prefer something slightly more formal if you are going to eat out at a fancier restaurant.


During the summer months, you may want to carry an extra fan in your vehicle for use in a motel setting, especially if you will be staying in a rural motel. Late-July and August evenings can be stuffy and uncomfortable in a motel room, and you may want to facilitate additional air movement. Unless you are camping, you shouldn’t need any other specialty gear. However, you may want to carry a laptop or tablet along so that you can keep up with communications from your hotel.

Don’t forget to purchase Mexican insurance for Baja before leaving! Not only is Mexico auto insurance from important, but it’s actually required when driving on toll roads. Going without Mexican insurance for Baja California driving is not only dangerous, it could cause you to be delayed on the road as well.

Laundry facilities

While you may find a lavandería in the town you visit, you may want to carry enough clothing that laundry activities aren’t a priority. Although a motel may offer such services, it is common for laundry equipment to be adapted for area use, including the disabling of agitation in a washer so that hand washing can be completed in a washtub.

Mexican insurance for Baja California is now required!

Mexico auto insurance from is important, but without completing your purchase, you may place yourself at risk of serious problems. Mexican insurance for Baja California is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Mexican insurance for Baja by comes with FREE Roadside Assistance! 

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