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Bad Information About Racing

Some legitimate races draw crowds and money to places like Baja California. The Baja 500 and the Baja 1000 are famous examples held annually. You’ll also find that there are automotive racing tracks in various states in Mexico. You’ll even find racing information on the NASCAR Mexico website as you look at news about national interest in racing. However, off-road or on-the-road racing on an amateur level could put you right in the middle of Mexican news stories. Additionally, it could wreak havoc on your bank account, career, or education. Even if you remember to carry the best Mexico car insurance coverage for driving in Mexico, reckless driving could result in accident damages that exceed the coverage provided by your Mexico insurance policy for foreigners.

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Los Cabos ATV off-road adventure

Off-Road Incidents and Your Top Mexico car insurance coverage in Mexico

An off-road accident could leave you in a dire medical situation, especially if you are far from wireless towers. Therefore, a satellite-based communication device may be a wise investment if you plan to be away from developed areas. An emergency on conventional roads allows you to get help through your Mexico insurance policy. However, your top Mexico car insurance coverage does not include off-road travel. Therefore, you could lose coverage if you have a wreck in an off-road environment. While some travelers ignore this news, it is helpful to weigh the consequences.

Other Hazards To Avoid

Aside from issues with your top Mexico car insurance coverage, you may want to think through personal hazards that could arise from off-road and road racing activity. For example, a motocross competitor in recent years died because of an encounter with an animal during a race. Another situation in the recent history of the Baja 500 involved a driver losing control of his vehicle, which caused the death of a bystander. Even when driving in the wrong conditions on conventional roads, you could face serious dangers. This is one reason that experts are not recommending night driving for tourists. In addition, a lack of information and familiarity with a road could lead to an animal encounter, a wrong turn, or other problems. Keep up with the latest news and information about your top Mexico insurance policy in Mexico to avoid serious travel troubles.





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  • Don’t take risk. If you drive without Mexican insurance, you can quickly end up behind bars. This is how important car insurance is.

  • Lucinda Needham
    November 11, 2018 6:36 pm

    You may know how to change your tire and that is already good. However, experiencing flat tire happens when you least expect it.

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