Avoid Detention with Good Quality Online Mexico Car Insurance!

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Unless the idea of spending time in a Mexican jail sounds appealing to you, you should always make sure to buy high-quality Mexico car insurance before driving south of the border. Many people dismiss the threat of ending up behind bars, figuring that they wont get into any accidents while they are in Mexico. The fact is, though, that accidents can and do happen even when people are very careful. Without checking Mexican auto insurance rates at MexicanInsuranceStore.com, and purchasing a policy, the possibility of ending up behind bars is very real. In fact, people who go without checking Mexican insurance reviews and NOT buying Mexican car insurance end up being detained almost every single day. If you dont think that it can happen to you, you are simply being naive. Luckily, avoiding this type of catastrophe is as simple as buying a good policy.

Why Would You End Up in Jail?

The vague threat of jail may not be enough to convince you to buy Mexican insurance before your visit. Why would that happen, anyway? The main reason is because Mexican law is based on an entirely different set of rules than laws in Canada and the U.S. In those two countries, you are innocent until proven guilty; in Mexico, the opposite is true. If you dont have Mexican auto insurance and end up in a car accident, the authorities can detain you until you demonstrate your ability to pay for the damages that you have caused. Without Mexico car insurance, you could spend time in jail and have to fork over a ton of cash.

A Vacation Cut Short

Since youll be considered guilty right off the bat, the Mexican authorities will want proof that you can pay for damages to the other partys vehicle, along with any medical bills that are incurred. If you can produce a Mexico car insurance policy, no further action should have to be necessary. Your Mexican insurance will prove to them that you will be able to handle any costs. If they ask you for proof of your Mexican auto insurance, though – and you cant produce it – you could end up in a world of trouble.

Why Risk It?

Think about it: Mexican auto insurance is very affordable. For the small amount of money that the typical Mexican insurance policy costs, you can eliminate the fear of ending up in a Mexican jail. Dont the benefits of a Mexican auto insurance policies far outweigh its expense? After all, youll be visiting Mexico to have a good time; a night or two in jail definitely doesn’t mesh with that. Always buy Mexican insurance before entering Mexico and enjoy yourself. Thats what its all about.

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