Just a few short years ago, the border was the only place where you could buy Mexican auto insurance online. As a result, everyone waited until they got through customs before buying this important coverage. The rise of the Internet has changed all that. These days, you can check quality Mexican insurance rates at Mexican Insurance Store without leaving home. Unlike a few years ago, buying car insurance for Mexico at the border can and should be avoided at all costs. Learn more about Mexican auto insurance below.

No Other Options

If Mexican insurance rates at the border used to be okay, what’s changed? The only reason people used to buy car insurance for Mexico at the border was because it was the only viable option. The shacks along the border had a monopoly back then because people’s hands were tied. You can be sure that those companies along the border were dissapointed when Mexican auto insurance online became available. They now have more competition, and they still have to charge high rates.

Don’t Wait

Nowadays, the only people who buy their car insurance for Mexico at the border are the ones who forget to take care of it online ahead of time. Upon arriving at the border, they realize that they need this coverage. At that point, they have no choice but check rates from one of hundreds of stores. You can avoid being in this situation, you just need to go online prior to leaving and snap up quality Mexican auto insurance online. It only takes a few minutes, and you can take your pick from dozens of great options.

Get Better Deals and Better Coverage

At the border, you have to buy whatever is being offered. You can’t haggle to get a lower price, and there’s no way to check whether or not you are receiving quality coverage. Most of the time, people get legitimate coverage at the border. There are cases of people being totally ripped off, though, and you need to keep that in mind. If you inadvertently buy a policy that’s not legit, you could be in for a rude awakening upon trying to file a claim. Don’t subject yourself to that possibility. Always buy your Mexican auto insurance online.

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