Always Use Mexico Car Insurance!

For some reason, many people think that there’s no real need to buy Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance when they are traveling south of the border. There’s a common misconception that this type of coverage is purely optional. That is absolutely untrue. In fact, car insurance for Mexico is required by law. If you choose to drive a car without the protection of Mexican auto insurance, you will get a lot more than a slap on the wrist. The cops will probably take you to jail, which is where you will stay until their investigation is complete. There’s no doubt about it: Driving without Mexico car insurance just isn’t worth it. The best quality, lowest priced car insurance for Mexico is found online. Its much better than unrated Mexican auto insurance commonly found at the border.

You’re in for a World of Trouble Without Mexico Car Insurance

Back at home, you would probably get a ticket if you were caught driving without car insurance. You are also probably asked for a copy of your auto insurance whenever you are stopped by the police. Things are a lot different in Mexico. The cops won’t ask to see a copy of your car insurance for Mexico policy unless you’ve been involved in an accident. If you’re stopped for some other reason, they won’t bother to ask you for it. Even if you’re only involved in a minor fender-bender, though, you better hope that you have Mexican auto insurance, or you will be spending time in jail until your bill is paid.

Guilty instead of Innocent

You know how the law is supposed to treat people like they’re innocent instead of guilty back in the U.S. and Canada? It’s the complete opposite in Mexico. The law there says that everyone is guilty until they are proven to be innocent. Even if it’s abundantly clear that the other driver caused the accident in which you were involved, you could be treated like you’re guilty until the cops’ investigation is complete. That could take a long time, and you’ll be in jail until everything is resolved. Thats why a decent quality Mexico car insurance policy is vital.

Just Get Car Insurance for Mexico

Instead of hedging your bets and hoping for the best without valid Mexican auto insurance, you should always just buy a Mexican insurance policy before you head south of the border. It’s just not worth the risk. Jail time is a real possibility. Your trip could be totally ruined just because you decide not to buy car insurance for Mexico coverage. It only takes a couple of minutes to locate and purchase top-notch Mexico car insurance online. Do yourself a favor and zero in on a great policy and buy it before you go to Mexico. You’ll be very glad you did.

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